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Communion-names-institution—nature and design-the Saviour's

presence in the Eucharist-absurdity of transubstantiation-Lu-
ther's sacramental presence-influential presence—special Eu-
charistic blessing-subjects of the ordinance-qualifications


[blocks in formation]

Christ's return to judgment--Millennium-its nature—how to be

brought about—its commencement-signs of its approach-death
-intermediate state of the soul-Hades-locality-not a place
of sleep-nor of probation-

Abraham's bosom-Resurrection-




BEFORE we enter on the discussion of the doctrines of the Christian religion, it is necessary that something be said concerning the channel through which those sacred truths have reached us, as well as the pretensions which they present to our view. And prior even to this investigation, the question naturally arises, do we stand in need of any religion beyond that of reason, and are we capable of sitting in judgment on the evidences of a professed revelation. A glance, therefore, at the intellectual structure of man, the extent of the religion of reason, and the evidences of revelation must, if our subsequent investigations are to be radical, be first indulged, before we enter on the discussion of the Christian doctrines.

To beings constituted as we are, no subject can be of greater importance than that of religion. We not only possess a present capacity for pleasure and pain, which may be continued in a future existence; but it is obvious that he, who so wonderfully and fearfully made us, can with the greatest facility augment this capacity and make us eternally and indescribably miserable or happy in a future world. What subject then can be compared in regard to its importance, with the relations which

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