A Manual of Machinery and Millwork

C. Griffin, limited, 1893 - 601 páginas

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Página 29 - KnOW Your Own Ship : A Simple Explanation of the Stability, Construction, Tonnage, and Freeboard of Ships. By THOS. WALTON, Naval Architect.
Página 587 - THE DESIGN OF STRUCTURES: A Practical Treatise on the Building of Bridges, Roofs, &c. By S. ANGLIN, CE, Master of Engineering, Royal University of Ireland, late Whitworth Scholar, &c.
Página 30 - Societies — Loading of Ships — Shipping Legislation, 1884 to 1894 — Statistics of Shipping. THE PERSONNEL : Shipowners— Officers— Mariners — Duties and Present Position. EDUCATION : A Seaman's Education : what it should be — Present Means of Education — Hints. DISCIPLINE AND DUTY — Postscript — The Serious Decrease in the Number of British Seamen, a Matter demanding the Attention of the Nation.
Página 58 - SEWAGE DISPOSAL WORKS : A Guide to the Construction of Works for the Prevention of the Pollution by Sewage of Rivers and Estuaries. BY W. SANTO CRIMP, M.lNST.CE. FGS, Late Assistant-Engineer, London County Council "Probably the MOST COMPLETE AND REST TREATISE on the subject which has appeared in our language.
Página 332 - Friction is that force which acts between two bodies at their surface of contact so as to resist their sliding on each other, and which depends on the force with which the bodies are pressed together.
Página 32 - Shipping World. No SHIPS' OFFICERS' BOOKCASE will henceforth be complete without CAPTAIN MACKENZIE'S ' PRACTICAL MECHANICS.' Notwithstanding my many years' experience at sea, it has told me how much more there it to acquire.
Página 37 - An Introduction to Geology Out-of-doors. BY GRENVILLE AJ COLE, FGS, MRIA, Professor of Geology In the Royal College of Science for Ireland, and Examiner in the University of London.
Página 31 - MARINE METEOROLOGY, FOR OFFICERS OF THE MERCHANT NAVY. BY WILLIAM ALLINGHAM, Joint Author of "Navigation, Theoretical and Practical." With numerous Plates, Maps, Diagrams, and Illustrations, and a facsimile Reproduction of a Page from an actual Meteorological Log-Book.
Página 26 - Road Making and Maintenance : A Practical Treatise for Engineers, Surveyors, and others. With an Historical Sketch of Ancient and Modern Practice. By THOMAS AITKEN, Assoc.M.Inst.CE, M.
Página 56 - Analysts, and others. By C. AINSWORTH MITCHELL, BA, FIC, Mem. Council Soc. of Public Analysts. With numerous Illustrations and a coloured Plate. 10s.

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