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Página 193 - Marquise, si mon visage A quelques traits un peu vieux, Souvenez-vous qu'à mon âge Vous ne vaudrez guère mieux. Le temps aux plus belles choses Se plaît à faire un affront, Et saura faner vos rosés Comme il a ridé mon front. Le même cours des planètes Règle nos jours et nos nuits : On m'a vu ce que vous êtes, Vous serez ce que je suis. Cependant j'ai quelques charmes Qui sont assez éclatants Pour n'avoir pas trop d'alarmes De ces ravages du temps.
Página 196 - The poem may be tinctured with a well-bred philosophy ; it may be gay and gallant, it may be playfully malicious or tenderly ironical, it may display lively banter, and it may be satirically facetious, it may even, considering it as a mere work of art, be pagan in its philosophy or trifling in its tone, but it must never be ponderous or commonplace.
Página 111 - O, how hard he would have tried For the two! For Gerry's debonair, And innocent and fair As a rose; She's an Angel in a frock, — She's an Angel with a clock To her hose!
Página 148 - The dear old street of clubs and cribs, As north and south it stretches, Still seems to smack of Rolliad squibs, And Gillray's fiercer sketches ; The quaint old dress, the grand old style, The mots, the racy stories ; The wine, the dice, the wit, the bile, The hate of Whigs and Tories.
Página 65 - Your pietd of Marc Antoine, Fair virtue doth fair play enjoin, Fair Virtuoso ! At times an Ariel, cruel-kind, Will kiss my lips, and stir your blind, And whisper low, " She hides behind ; Thou art not lonely.
Página 75 - That good-for-nothing Time Has a confidence sublime ! When I first Saw this Lady, in my youth, Her winters had, forsooth, Done their worst. Her locks, as white as snow, Once shamed the swarthy crow By-and-by That fowl's avenging sprite • Set his cruel foot for spite Near her eye. Her rounded form was lean. And her silk was bombazine; Well I wot With her needles would she sit, And for hours would she knit, — Ah perishable clay ! Her charms had dropt away One by one : But if she heaved a sigh With...
Página 188 - I've met with wiser, better men, But I forgive him wholly ; Perhaps his jokes were sad, but then He used to storm so drolly. " I still can laugh " is still my boast, But mirth has sounded gayer ; And which provokes my laughter most, The preacher or the player ? Alack, I cannot laugh at what Once made us laugh so freely ; For Nestroy and Grassot are not — And where is Mr. Keeley ? I'll join St.
Página 196 - The tone should not be pitched high ; it should be idiomatic, and rather in the conversational key ; the rhythm should be crisp and sparkling, and the rhyme frequent and never forced, while the entire poem should be marked by tasteful moderation, high finish, and completeness...
Página 110 - I tremble when they come Pit-a-pat : This palpitation means These boots are Geraldine's — Think of that ! O, where did hunter win So delicate a skin For her feet ? You lucky little kid, You perish'd, so you did, For my sweet.
Página 113 - He read her The Rose and the. Ring. And when it was printed, and gaining Renown with all lovers of glee, He sent her this copy containing His comical little croquis; A sketch of a rather droll couple, She's pretty, he's quite t'other thing!

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