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PAINE. T.(.cont) Letter to Raynal rel. Pan, M. D. (cont.) Dangers, wh. to N. An. 8. Lon. 1783.

threaten Europe, trans. fr. the Fr. of, Letter add. to the addressers on 8. N. Y. 1795. the late proclamation, 8. Lon. 1792. PANOPLIST, fr. June 1805 to May 1809

The writings of, consisting of nine inclus. 4 vols. 8. Bos. and the Misarticles, 8. Albany, 1792.

sionary mag. and, united fr. June 1809 Rights of man, part sd. 8. N. Y. to May 1812, inclus. S vols. i. e. the 1793.

series complete to 1812, in 7 vols. 8. Age of infidelity in ans. to Age of Bos. reason by, by a layman, 12. N. Y. PANTHEON, a vision, 4. Lon. 1747. 1794, also 8. Phil. 1794.

PAPERS, List of, presented by his maProspects on the war and paper jesty's command to both houses of parcurrency, 8. Bal. 1794.

lia. 18 Mar. 1809. Disserta. on the first principles of PAPINIAN, Letters of, in wh. the congov. Paris, 3 year.

duct, present state, and prospects of Decline and fall of the Eng. system the Amer. colonies are exam. with a of finance, 8. N. Y. 1796, also 2d. ed. pref. 12. N. Y. 1799. 12. N. Y. 1796.

PARAPHRASE on the 104 psalm, by E. Letter to the people of France, and W. 4. Lon. 1741. the Fr. crimes, 4 Sept. 8. N. Y. rep. PARISH, ELIJAH, Byfield, Ora. del. 22 1798.

Feb. 1800, occ. by the d. of G. WashLetter to G. Washington, So June, ington, 8. Nbyport. 1795, 8. N. Y. rep. 1802.

Thanks. ser. 29 Nov. 1804, 8. SaLetter to, in ans. to his scurrilous lem, 1805. epistle addressed to pres. Washington, Ser. del. at Hanover, N, H. fr. Phil. by an Amer. cit. 8. N. Y. 1797.

3. 8, 8. H. 1806. Exam. of passages quoted in the N. Mass. el. ser. 30 May, 1810, with a Test. fr. the Old, concerning J. Christ, prefatory note, [stating, that this ser. 8. N. Y.

was pub. by private subscription, as Letters add. to the cit. of the U.S. the h. of rep. ag. the usage of 150 PAINE, THOMAS, [altered by the gen. years, refused to ask a copy for the court of Mass. to ROBERT TREAT

press,] 8. Bos. PAINE,JUN.] Newburyport, Boston, New system of mo:l. geography, The ruling passion, an occas. poem, etc. designed for the use of schools, 12. del. bef. the OBK of Har. coll. 20 July, Nbyport, 1810. 1797, with notes, 4. Bos.

Memoirs of Eleazer Wheelock, Ora. del. 17 July, 1799, on the dis- founder and pres. of Dart. coll. and solu, of the treaties bet. Fr. and the Moor's charity school, with a summa. U. S. A. 8. Bos.

acc. of the coll. and school, to wh. are Eulogy del. at N. 2 Jan. 1800, on add. copious extracts fr. Wheelock's G. Washington, 8. Nbyport.

correspondence, by David M'Clure of Spain, commerce, and freedom, a East Windsor and, with a portrait of national ode, 1809.

W. drawn and engraved by A. Reed, PAINE, CHARLES, Boston, Ora. del. fr. a portrait by J. Stewart, 8. Nbyport, 4 July, 1801, 8. B.

1811. PALEY, WILLIAM, Ser. fr. 2 Pet. 3. [PARKE, JOHN,] Lyric works of Ho. 15, 16. del. 15 July, 1777, 8. Camb. race, trans. into Eng. verse, with a

num. of original poems, by a native of PALMER, ELIHU, Ora. del. 4 July, at America, ded. to G. Washington, 8. N. Y. 8. N. Y. 1797.

Phil. 1786. [-] Prospect or view of the moral PARKER, BENJAMIN, Haverhill, Ser.

world, num. 46, 47, 48, 49, wanting, ord. Jonathan Eames in Newtown, 17
and fr. num. 14 inclus. of vol. 2d. 8. Jan. 1759, 8. Ports.
N. Y. 1803 to 1805.

PARKER, SAMUEL, Boston, Mass. el.
for 1804, complete. ser. 29 May, 1792, 8. Bos.
Principles of nature, Sd.etl. 12. 1806. PARKER, JEROBOAM, Southborough,
See Temple of reason.

Ser. del. 17 Dec: 1806, at the ded. of PAN, MALLET Du, Considera. on the a new meetinghouse in S. with an add.

nature of the Fr. revolu, and the by Peter Whitney of Northborough, causes, wh. prolong its duration, trans. 8. Bos. 1807. fr. the Fr. 8. Lon. 1793.

PARKER, GEORGE, vs. Alex. M.Dou

rep. 1809.

gall, being an action for crim. con. 8. PARSONS, J. (cont.) Art. el. ser. 4 Jane, N. Y. 1808.

1744, with a ded, to Wm. Shirley, 8. ParkhURST, JABEZ, Newark, Ora. Bos. del. 4 July, 8. N. 1798.

Mass. el. ser. 31 May, 1759, 8. PARKINSON, SIDNEY, Voyage antour

Bos. du monde sur le vaisseau de sa ma- | PARSONS, JONATHAN, Newburyport, jeste Brit. l'Endeavour par, dessinateur AND D. M'GREGORE, Rejoinder to attaché a mon. Banks, trad. de l'Ang. Rob. Abercrombie's Remarks on a par le C. Henri, 2 vols. 8. à Paris, Fair nar. of the proceed. of the presby. 1797.

of Boston ag. himself, 8. Bos. 1758. PARKINSON, WILLIAM, Observa. on Dis. del 5 March, 1774. 4. N.

the trial of, for assault and battery on Parsons, Moses, Byfield, Mass. el. Eliza Wintringham, a poem, by Epa- ser. 27 May, 1772, 8. Bos.

phroditus, with a pref. 12. N. Y. 1811. Ser. ord. Obadiah Parsons in GloPARKMAN, Ebenezer, Westborough, cester, 11 Nov. 1772, c. by Sam.

Conv. ser. 28 May, 1761, 8. Bos. Chandler of G. f. by Joho Rogers of PARKINSON, RICHARD, Tour in Ame- G. 8. Salem, 1773.

rica, in 1798,9,1800,exlıibiting sketches Parsons, DAVID, Amherst, Mass. el. of society and manners, Amer. syst. of ser. 28 May, 1778, 8. Bos. agriculture, etc. 2 vols. 8. Lon. 1805.

PARTRIDGE, John, Almanack for PARLIAMENT, Considerations on the 1703, 18. Lon.

act of, laying a duty of sixpence ster. Party spirit exposed or remarks on a gal. on molasses, and five shillings a the lives with hints to the ladies by a ewt. on sugar of for. growth, etc. 8. gent. of N. Y. 12. N. Y. 1799. Bos. 1764.

PASTIME, The, a weekly publica. 2 Remarks on the principal acts of vols. 8. Schenec. 1807, 8. the thirteenth, of Gr. Brit. by the au- PASTORAL elegy, 4. Lon. 1759. thor of the Letters concerning Poland, PATESHALL, RICHARD, Letter to 1 st. vol. 3. Lon. 1775.

Wm. Hobby, being some remarks on Impar. report of the debates that Hobby's Defence of the itinerancy and occur. in the two houses of, with an conduct of G. Whitefield, 4. Bos. acc. of the speakers, notes and illustra. 1745. state papers, etc. by Wm. Woodfall PATTEN, WILI.IAM, New-Port, Dis. and assistants, 4 vols. 8. Lon. 1794.

occ. by the d. of Ezra Stiles, 8. Ex. Hints to both parties, or observa. 1795. on the proceed. in, upon the petitions Ans. to the Age of reason with an ag. the orders in council, etc. 8. N. Y.

app. in ans. to the examiners examin1808.

ed, 12. Warren, 1795. PARLIAMENTARY register, or hist. of Paul's journey to Damascus, Acts 26,

the proceed. and debates of the h. of Exposition of, with an app. on militacommons, 17 vols. &. Lon. 1775 to 1780

ry cruelty, 2d. ed. 12. Bos. 1768. inclus. printed for J. Almon.

Pawson, John, Ser. on Heb. 5. 9, or hist. etc. 2d. 3d, 4th. vols. 12. Bristol, 1803. 8. Lon. 1781, 2, printed for J. Debrett, PAXTON-MEN, Ans. to the pam. entitsuccessor to Alason.

led the Conduct of the, 12, Phil. Journal, East Ind. papers, 8. Lon. 1764. 1793.

Conduct of, impartially representregister in 0. Cromwell's time. See ed, 12. Phil. 1764.

PAXTON-BOYS, a farce by a native of PARRISH, JOSEPH, Philadelphia, In- Donnegall, 12. Phil. 1764.

ang, dis. on the influence of the Pas- PAXTONIADE, a poem by Christopher sions upon the body, in the production Gymnast. and cure of diseases, sub. lo to the ex- (a curious coll. of tracts in 1 vol. am. of John Andrews, the trus, and for the particulars of wh. see] Read, med. fac. of the univ. of Penn. 3 June, Presbyterian played hob with, Squab

1805, ded. to Caspar Wistar, 8. Phil. ble, Trueman, Backsettlements, Eliz. PARSONS, Jos PIJ, Bradford, Ser. ord.

Paxton-men, Public affairs, Samuel Webster, in Salisbury, 12 Plain dealer, Looking-glass, Peace. Ang. 174. . c. by Cushing of S. f. by maker, Battle a squirt, Frontier, John Lowell of Newburyport, 8. Bos. Massacre, Balista, Freeholders, Dick




Pays De Vaud, Les prieres ecclesiasti- ministry, and charge by Jonathan

ques et la maniere de celebrer le ser- Dickinson, q. v. 8. Bos. vice divin, etc. pour l'usage des eglises PEMBERTON, EBENEZER, New York, du, 4. à Berne, 1778.

Boston, Mass. el. ser. 25 May, 1757, Payson, PHILLIPS, Chelsea, Mass. 8. Bos. el. ser. 27 May, 1778. with notes, 8.

Ser. occ, by the d. of G. Whitefield, Bos.

8. Bos. 1770. PEABODY, STEPHEN, Atkinson, N. Ser. ord. Isaac Story, in Marble.

H. el. ser. del. at Concord, June, 1797, head, 1 May 1771, c. by Whitaker of 8. C.

Salem, f. by Whitwell of M. with Sto. PEACE of 1783, Report of the debates ry's confession of faith, 8. Salem. in parlia. on, 8. Lon.

Salvation by grace through faith ilAuthentic copies of the

lustrated in eight ser. 8. Bos. 1774. prelim. art. of, bet. Brit. Fr. Spain, PENHALLOW, SAMUEL, Portsmouth, and the U. S. A. signed at Versailles

Hist. of wars in N. Eng. with the east20 Jan. 1789, 8. Lon.

ern Indians, 12. Bos. 1726. - Thoughts on, in a letter PENHALLOW et al. ag. Doane's adminfr. the country, 8. Lon.

istrators, Report of the opinions of Free exam. of the pre

the judges in the important cause of, lim. art. of, signed at Paris 20 Jan. 8.

del. in the sup. court of the U.S. Feb. Lon. 178.

1795. 8. Phil. PEACEMAKER, The universal, by Phi- PENN, GUILLAUME, Hist. abregé de lanthropos, 12. Phil. 1764.

la societé des quakers, Phil. 1803. PEALE, REMBRANDT, Histor. disquisi- PENNSYLVANIA, Charter, acts, etc. of, tion on the mammoth, etc. 8. Lon.

fr. 1700 to 1743, 1st. vol. fol. Phil. 1803.

1762. PEARCE, JOHN, Thoughts on Hey's

Histor. review of the constitution dis. ag. univ. salvation of all men, 8.

and gov. of, 8. Lon. 1759. Phil. 1806.

A true and impar. state of the PEARSON, EDWARD, Ser. on the sin prov. of, being an ans. to the pamphlet of schism, 24. Ips. Eng. 1800.

entitled A brief state, a brief view, Remarks on the controversy bet.

etc. of the conduct of, 8. Phil. 1759. the armin, and calvinistic min. of the

Votes and proceed. of the h. of ch. of Eng. 8. Lon. 1802.

rep. of the province of, fr. 14 Oct. PEARSON, ELIPHALET, Cambridge,

1767 to 26 Sept. 1776, being the 6th. Andover, Pub. lec. occ. by the d. of vol. fol. Phil. 1777. Joseph Willard, 8. Camb. 1804.

Acts of assembly of the prov. of. PEIRCE, CHARLES, Portsmouth, Ports- with an app. cont, acts and parts of

mouth miscellany or lady's library im- acts rel. to property, expired, altered, proved, with an add. to young ladies or repealed, with the royal proprieta

[by Timothy Alden] 12. P. 1804. ry city and borough charters and orig. [PELHAM, WILLIAM, Boston, New- concessions of Wm. Penn to the first

ark, Philadelphia,] See Notation. settlers, fol. Phil. 1775. PELT, PETER VAN, Ora. del. 22 Feb. Acts of the gen, assembly of the

1800 at Flatbush, occ. by the d. of G. commonw. of, wiih an app. cont. the Washington, 8. Brooklyn.

laws in force passed bet. 30 Sept. 1775 Pemberton, EBENEZER, Boston, Dis. and the revolu. fol. Phil. 1782.

del. previous to the ord. Joseph Sewall, Journal of the h. of rep. of the in Boston, 16 Sept. 1713, on the vali. commonw. ef, fr. 28 Nov. 1776 to 2 dity of presbyterian ordina. with a Oct. 1781, fol. Phil. 1782. pref. by Benj. Colman of B. 12. B. Debates of the conv. of, on the 1718.

constitu. proposed for the U. S. taken Ser. del. bef. the gen. assembly of in short hand by Tho. Lloyd, 8. Phil. Mass. 1 Nov. 1705, 12. Boston, 1706.

1788. Ser. occ. by the d. of John Walley, Collection of penal laws of, 8. Phil. 4. B. 1712.

1794. PEMBERTON, EBENEZER, New-York, PERIODICAL publications. See Port

Boston, Ser. ord. Walter Wilmot in folio, Temple of reason, Magazine, Jamaica 12 Ap. 1738, with a dis. 0 Review, Register, Evening tireside, the divine appointment of the gospel etc,

PERKINEAN institu. Acc. of the, for; PHILLIPS, JONN, Charleston, Nar.

the relief of the afflicted poor by the showing why, is not in connexion with use of the metallic tractors, 12. Lon. the epis. methodists, with a defence of 1804.

the doctrine taught by, etc. 8. C. 1796. PERKINS, JOSEPH, Salem, Ora. on ge- Summary of the doc. preached in

nius, del. at the anniv. commencement the arminian chapel, Woolwich, Eng.

of Har. univ. 19 July, 1797, 12. Bos. 19. Lon. PERKINI'S metallic instruments, Evi Pocket hymn book, 18. N. Y.

dences of the efficacy of doctor, 8. N. 1801. Lon. 177.

PHILMORE, J. Short acc. of that part PERREAU, ROBERT, DANIEL PER- of Africa inhabited by the negroes,

REAU, AND MARGARET RUDD, showing the iniquity of the slave trade, Trials of, for forgeries, with an acc. of etc. 8. Phil. 1762.

the execu.of the Perreaus, etc. 8. 1776. PAILUMELA, Ephemeron, Jonah, PESTILENTIAL diseases, Act to provide three essays [by Mather] 12. Bos.

ag. passed in the legis. of N. Y. 8 Ap. 1724. 1811.

PHocion, (Hamilton q. v.] Letter to [Peters, SAMUEL,] General hist. of the considerate citizens of N. Y. 8.

Connec. by a gent. of the province, 2d. Phil. 1784. ed. . Lon. 1782.

Second letter with remarks on Hist. of Hugh Peters, with an app. Mentor's reply, 8. Phil. 1784. giving a summary acc. of Wm. Peters PHOCIon, The num of, wh. were ori. of Boston, and his descendants, 8. N.Y. ginally pub. in the Charleston Cou. 1807.

rier, 1806, on the subject of neutral PETITION to Geo. III. rel. to the N. H. rights, 8. C. grants, 4. 1766.

PHYSICIANS and surgeons, Ordinances PETTIBONE, DANIEL, Descrip. of the of the coll. of, in the western district of

improvements of the rarifying air the state of N. Y. 8. N. Y 1813. stove, for warming and ventilating, 8. PICKERING, THEOPHILUS, Ipswich, Phil. 1810.

Letter to G. Whitefield rel. to his im. PFEFFEL, Nouvel abregé chronologique pulses, etc. with a letter to a neigh

de l'histoire et du droit public d'Alle- bouring minister, 4. Bos. 1745. magne,

O? vols. 4. à Paris, 1776. PICKERING, TIMOTHY, Salem, Penn. Puebus, WILLIAM, Apology for the sylvania, Wenham, Letter to Charles

right of ordina. in the evangelical ch. C. Pinckney, in ans. to the complaints of America, called methodists, in a let- of the Fr. minister ag. the U. S. A. ter to an epis. clergyman with a por- etc. N. Y. 1797. trait of John Wesley engraved by Letter to James Sullivan, exhibitScoles, 12. N. Y. 1804.

ing a view of the imminent danger of PHILADELPHIA, Constitii. and ordli. an unnecessary and ruinous war, with

nances of the city of, with extracts fr. remarks in continuation, 8. 1808. the minutes of the corpora. 8. Phil. Speech in the senate of the U. S. 1790.

on Hillhouse's resolution for repealing Prisons of, by an European.

the embargo act, 30 Nov. 1808. Ordinances, etc. 8. Phil. 1805.

and James Sullivan, Correspon- pursuits of literature, a satir. poem dence bet. in 1808, 8. Bos. by Juvenal Junius of N. J. with notes PICKERING, JOHN, Salem, Ora. del. by Rob. Heron, Jun. 18. Phil. 1805. 4 July, 1804, 3. Salem. See Waterworks.

PICKMAN, BENJAMIN, Salem, Ora. PHILIPS, JAMES, Statement of the case del, 22 Feb. 1797, the birth day of G.

bet. the writers for and ag. the Crafts- Washington. man, 8. Lon.

PIERCE JOHN, Brookline, Ser. instal. PHILLIPS, JOHN, Splendid shilling, 4. John Snelling Popkin in Newbury, Lon. 1743,

19 Sept. 1804, c. by Thomas Barnard PHILLIPS, KATHARINE, Crooked six- of Salem, f. by John Andrews of

pence, with a learned preface, 1. Lon. N'b'yport, 8.N. 1743.

Ser. del. at the gathering of the PHILLIPS, SAMUEL, Andover, Mass. second congregational ch, in Dorchesel. ser. 30 May, 1750, 8. Bos.

ter, 1 Jan. 1808, with the fellowship Seasonable advice to a neighbour in of the churches by Eliphalet Porter of way of familiar dialogue, &. Bos. 1761.

Roxbury and an app. cont. docu. res- | Pitt, WILLIAM, See French war. pecting the gath. of the 2d. ch. in D. PLAIN dealer, num. 1. Remarks on 8. Bos.

quaker politics, 12. Phil. num. 2. PIETAS et gratulatio coll. Cantab. apud Tickler for the author of Cool Novanglos. 4. Bostoni, 1761.

thoughts, 12. Phil. 1764, num. 3. Re. PIGOTT, CHARLES, Polit. dictionary marks on quaker politics in Penn. 12.

explaining the true meaning of words Phil. 1764. illus. and exemplified in the lives, mo- PLEASANT valley manuf. comp. Act to rals, character and conduct of illus. incorporate stockholders of the, 12. trious personsages, viz. the king, N. Y. 1809. queen, prince of Wales, Pius VI. li- PLUNDER and patriotism [title page gress of Russia, etc. 8. Lon, 1795.

wanting] 8. PIKE, JAMES, Sunmersworth, Conv. Poems on several occasions written in

ser. del. at Newington, 9 Oct. 1750. Penn. 12. Phil. 1786. 8. Bos. 1751.

POETICAL wanderer, cont. disserta. on PIKE, Z. M. Acc. of an expedition to the early poetry of Greece, etc. 12.

the sources of the Missisippi and N. Y. 1796. through the western parts to the POLEMIC essay, cont. remarks on a sources of the Arkansaw, etc. per- dialogue by Noah Worcester, 8. Newformed by order of the gov. of the ark, 1799.

U. S. 1805, 6, 7, 8. Phil. 1810. POLITICAL observer, 1795, 8. PILGARLIC, Albaniad, an epic poem, greenhouse for 1798, 12. Hartf. 12. 1791.

Politics and views of a certain party PILMORE, JOSEPH, New-York, Phila. displayed, 8. N. Y. 1792.

delphia, Ser. del. 27 Dec. 1786, bef. POLITIQUE, L'esprit de la, 8. à Rot. a soc. of free masons, ded. to B. 1778. Franklin, 8. N. Y. 1793.

Poll list, Copy of the election, for rep. Ser. del. 4 July bef. the Tam. soc. for the city of N. Y. 4. 1769. and the soc. of mechanics, 8. N. Y. POLLARD, BENJAMIN, Boston, Add. 1794.

to the Mass, char. fire soc. del. 31 PINCKNEY, CHARLES, Observa. on May, 1811, with odes by L. M. Sar

plan of gov. sub. to the fed. conven- gent and John Lathrop, jun. 8. Bos. tion in Phil. 1787, 4. N. Y.

POLWHEL, R. Anecdotes of methodism, PINDAR, PETER, A pair of lyrick 24. Lon. 1800.

epistles to ld. Macartney and his ship, POMEROY, JONATHAN L. Worthing8. Dub. 1793.

ton, Report of the trus. of the Hamp. PINKERTON, John, General coll. of miss. soc. Aug. 1806, with a ser. by,

voyages and travels, illus. with nu- 8. Northampton. merous engravings, 26 numbers, 4. PONCEAU, PETER STEPHEN DU, Phil, rep. 1809, 1811.

Review of the N. Orleans batture, 8. PINTARD, JOHN M. Letter to Timo- Phil. 1809.

thy Pickering and others, 15 Nov. Poor, Soc. for bettering the condition 1799.

of the, Sketch of, the introduc. letter PINTARD, John, New-York, Re. to the 4th. vol. add. to Hen. Adding

turn of deaths in the city of N. Y. for the years, 1804, 5, 6, 7, 8.

Pope, THOMAS, Treatise on bridge, [PINTO, J.] Lettre à mons. S. B. doc- architecture, etc. illus. with plates,

teur en med. à Kingston dans la Ja- 8. N. Y. 1811. maique au sujet des troubles qui agi- | POPKIN, JOHN SNELLING, Boston, tent actuellement toute l'Amer. Sep- Newbury, Ser. fr. Rom. 12. 16. del. ten. 8. à la Haye, 1776.

10 June, 1804, 8. N'b’yport, 1805. Seconde lettre à l'occasion des PORCUPINE, Peter, [Wm. Cobhett] troubles des colonies, etc. 8. à la A rub from snub, or a cursory analyt. Haye, 1776.

epistle to, 8. Phil 1795. Observations d'un homme impar. Plain English add. to the people of tial sur la lettre de, 8. Lon. 1776. the U. S. on the treaty, etc. 8. Phil. Reponse aux observa, etc.

1795. Nouvelles observa. sur la lettre de, Prospect fr. the gallery of cong. etc. 8. Lon. 1776.

during the session begun 7 Dec. 1795, PISCATAQUA evangel. mag. for 1805, 8. Phil. 1796. 8. Ports.

Polit, censor for Nov. 1796, cont. M


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