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NARRATIVE of proceed. rel. to the New HAMPSHIRE (cont.) baptist asso

bill granting relief to the mem. of the cia. Minutes of the, held in Buxton, epis. ch. in Scot. 8. Aber. 1792.

June, 1804, 12. Ports. NASON, REUBEN, Gorham, Freeport, New Haven remonstrance, Exam. of

Add. del. at the opening of the acad. the president's reply to the, with an in Gorham, 6 Sept. 1806, 8. Portl. app. cont. the president's inaug.speech,

Thanks, ser. del. in Gor. 27 Nov, etc. S. N. Y. i801. 1806, 8. Port.

remonstrance, Reply to Lucius JuNATIONAL decline and present embar- nius Brutus's exam. of the president's

rassments, War or no war, introduc- ans. to the, with an app. showing how ed with a view of the causes of our, many incumbents are republicans and by Lycurgus, 8. N. Y. 1807.

how many are federalists, by Leonidas, affairs, Report on the present 8. N. Y. 1801. alarming state of our, add to the citi- New IRELAND, Considera. on the so.. zens of Schenectady, 1808, 8.

vereignty, independence, trade, and NAVARR, A letter written by the king fisheries of, formerly known by the

of, to the three estates of Fraunce, name of Nova Scotia, etc. 12. trans, fr. the Fr. by G. R. 8. Lon. New JERSEY, Acts of the gen. assem1589.

bly of the province of, fr. the time of NAVIGATOR cont. directions for pavi. surrender to the fourth year of the

gating the Ohio, Mississippi, and reign of Geo. II. fol. Phil, 1732. other rivers with an app. 18. Pittsb. Bill in the chane ly of, at the suit 1811.

of Johu earl of Stair et al. proprietors NAVY of the U.S. Correct list of the, of the eastern division of, ag. Benj.

1800, by Charles W. Goldsborough. Bord and some other persons of Eliz. NECKER, Dis. prononcé à l'assemblée town distinguished by the name of nat, le 27 Aout, 1789.

Clinker-lot-right-men, with three large Rapport à l'assemblée nat. le 24

maps, to wh. is add. the publication of Sept. 1789.

the council of proprietors of East N. NEET, JOSEPH, Switzerland, Plila- Jersey and Nevil's speeches to the gen.

delphia, Sketches of a plan and me. assembly concerning the riots in N. J. thod of educa. founded on an analysis and the pretences of the rioters and of the hum. faculties and natural rea. their seducers, fol. N. Y. 1747. son, 12. Phil. 1808.

Acts of the gen. assembly of, fr. NEGRO plot in N. Y. See Horsmanden. the time of surrender, 2 of Anne, to Nevil's speeches in the gen. assem. che 25 of Geo. II. collected by Samuel See New Jersey.

Nevill, fol. 1752. NEWARK fire associa. Articles of asso. Acts, etc. fr. 1753 to 1761, fol.

cia. and system of regula. 12. N. 1807. Woodbridge, 1761. NEWBURGH, Charter of the bank of,

Acts, etc. compiled by Sam. Allirpassed, 22 March, 1811, 12. N.

son, fol. Burl, 1776. NEW ENGLAND judged, [imp.] with Acts, etc. fr. the estab. of the pre

an app. being certain writings of those, sent gov. to the decla. of indepenwho were there executed, also a rela- dence, with the constitu. and articles tion of the trial and execution of of confedera. compiled by Peter WilWm. Leddra, [imp.] 4. Lon. 1661. son, fol. Tren. 1784.

Hist of eccles. oppressions in, and Votes and proceed. of the 18th. Vermont, 8. Rich. 1799.

gen. assem. of the state of, Oct. 1793, · patriot, being a candid comparison fol. Burl. 1794. of the principles and conduct of the Gov. Tompkins's message to the Washington and Jefferson admin. with legisla. of N. Y. enclosing the report notes, 8 Bos, 1310.

of commissioners rel. to the eastern NEW HAMPSHIRE, Constitu. and bill boundary of, fol. 1808.

of rights and form of gov. agreed up- Grants, concessions, and original on by the delegates of the people of constitu. of the province of, Acts durthe state of, in conv. held at Concord, ing the proprietary gov. Instruc. of June, 1783, 8. Ports.

surrender, Cornbury's commission, etc. Repub. add. to the clectors of, on collected by Aaron Leaming and Jaf the choice of electors of pres. and vice cob Spicer, fol Phil. 775. pres. 8. Walpole, 1804.

NEWTON, Elemens de philosophie de, Add. to the electors of, in 1304, Euvres de mon. De V***, nouv. ed. by Impartialis, 8. Ports.

12 . à Neuchatel, 1772.

New-YORK, Acts of assembly passed New-YORK, (cont.) Debates and proin, fr. 1691 to 1725.

ceed. of the conven. of the state of, Laws of, fr. 1691 to 1751, fol. N. at Poughkeepsie, June, taken in short Y. 1752.

hand, 8. N. Y. 1788. Laws of her majesty's colony of, directory and register. See Longfr. 9 Ap. 1691 to 12 Nov. 1709, fol. worth. 1710.

Dispensary, Charter and bye laws Laws of, fr. 1691 to 1773, inclus. of the, instituted 1790, 8. N. Y. 1797, fol. 1774.

also 1805, 1810, and 1813. Laws of, fr. 11 Nov. 1752 to 22 Friars tontine, Constitution of the, May, 1762, the 2d. vol. with a table instituted in the city of, 3 March, common to both vols. digested by Wm. 1792, 8. N. Y. Livingston and Wm. Smith, jun. fol. Present state of learning in the col. N. Y. 1762.

lege of, 1794. Jaws of, fr. 8. Feb. 1774 to 3 Ap. Present state of med. learning in 1775.

the city of, 1797. Laws of the state of, passed at the Histor. sketch of the origin, prog. first meeting of the 7th session of the and present state of the college of phy. legisla. fr. 12 Feb. to 12 May 1784. and surg. of the univ. of the state of,

Laws, etc. 8tlı. sess. fr. 11 Nov. with an engraving exhibiting an eleva1784 to 27 Ap. 1785.

tion of the college now building in the Laws, etc. 9th. sess. fr. 31 Jan. to city of, 8. N. Y. 1813. 5 May, 1786.

miss. soc. Add. and constitu. of the, Laws, etc. 10th. sess. fr. 26 Jan. to 8. N. Y. 1796. 21 Ap. 1787

Statement of the funds of the state Laws, etc. 11th. sess. fr. 6 Feb. to of, of the revenue thereof, of the re22 March, 1788.

ceipts and payments in 1797, with Laws, etc. 12th. sess. fr. 5 Jan. to the treasurer's acc. 8. Alb. 1798. 3 March, 1789, the foregoing laws of Journal of the conven, of the state six sess. bound in one vol. with the con- of, begun and held at Albany 13 Oct. stitu. of the state of, and the constitu. 1801, 4. Alb. of the U. S. A. as reported in cong Add. to the electors of the state of, 28 Sept. 1787.

8. N. Y. rep. 1801. Laws of the state of, comprising Add. to the freeholders of the state the constitu. and the acts of the legis- of, by Brutus, 8. N. Y. 1804. la. since the revolu. fr. the 1st. to the Letter concern. the Ten pounds 12th. sess. inclus. under the editorial

court in the city of, by Mercer, 8.N. Y. attention of Sam. Jones and Richard - hospital, Brief acc. of the, 8. N. Y. Varick, 2 vols. fol. N. Y. 1789.

1804. Ordinances of the conven. of the

Report of the, for 1812, fol. state of, for organizing and estab. the Health laws of, with an index, 8. the gov. agreed to by the said conven. N. Y. 1805. See Quarantine. 8. Fishkill, 1777.

miss. soc. Report of the directors of Constitu, of, 8. Phil. 1777, also 12. the, 1 Ap. 1806, 8. N. Y. Fishkill, also 8. N. Y. 1783.

Report, etc.5 Ap. 1809, Journal of the senate and assem- 8. N. Y. bly of, fr. 9 Sept. 1777 to 1810 inclus.

Report, etc. Ap. 1812, being thirty three sessions, vols. fol. 8. N Y. Fishkill, N. Y. Poughkeepsie, Alba- Report of the commissioners on ny

the controversy with the state of, resJournal of the votes and proceed. pect. the eastern boundary of the of the gen. assem. of the colony of, state of N.J. 12. Tren. 1807. begun 9 Ap. 1691 and ended 27 Sept. Add. to the electors of the state of, 1743, fol. N. Y. 1764.

pub. by order of the repub. gen. com2d. vol. fr. 8. Nov. mittee, 8. N. Y. 1803. 1743 to 23 Dec. 1765, fol. N, Y. 1766. review, or critical journal, March, fr. 17 Nov. 1767

1809, 8. N. Y. to 3 Ap. 1775, fol. N. Y.

Act to prevent frauds and perju. The commer. conduct of the pro- ries at elections and to prevent slaves vince of, considered, in a letter add. to fr, voting, 9 Ap. 1811, 8. N. Y. the soc. of arts, agricul, and economy, Law to regulate pawn brokers and 4. N. Y. 1767.


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dealers in the purchase or sale of se- liquors, etc. with the ordinances for cond hand furniture, etc. 18 July, the due observance of the Lord's day, 1812, 12. N. Y.

pub. by order of the com. council in New-YORK, (cont.) Add to the repub. the city of, S. N. Y. cit. of the state of, 8. Alb. 1813. NEW-YORK. (cont.) Act to amend an

Law for the due observance of the act to improve the police of the city Lord's day in the state of, 29 March, of, 8. N. Y. 1813, 12. N. Y.

Law to regulate hackney coaches Report of the comptroller on the passed in the com. council, March, estab. of a sinking fund for the re- 1813, 8. N. Y. demption of the city stock, in, 19 Ap. NICHOLS, ICHABOD, Portland, Ora, 1815, 8. N. Y.

del. in Salem, '4 July, 1805, 8, Salem. Statement explanatory of the re- NICHOLS, WILLIAM, JUN. Westsignation of the officers of the reg. of ford, Ora. del, 4. July, 1808, at West artillery of the city and co. of,

Cambridge, 8. Bos. On supplying the city of, with wa- NIDERBURG, Improved galvanism, 8. ter. See Browne.

N. Y. 1815. Four projects for defending the NIEB UHR, Travels through Arabia and city of, by Morgan Lewis, Jonathan other countries in the east, trans, by Williams, Joseph Young, and George Robert Heron, with a pref, and potes W. Chapman, partly printed and by the translator, illus. with engravpartly ms.

ings, 2d. ed. 2 vols. 18. Perth, 1799. Alphabetical list of the names of NILES, SAMUEL, Braintree, Tristithe towns in the state of.

tiæ ecclesiarum, or a sorrowful acc. Laws, statutes, ordinances, and con- of the present state of the chh. in N. stitutions ordained, etc. by the mayor, Eng. in ref. to G. Whitefield, with an et al. in the city of, pub. 27 Jan. 1748,

app. 4. Bos. 1745. in the mayoralty of Edward Holland NILES, NATHANIEL, Vermont, Two with an app. fol. N. Y. 1749.

ser. on the perfections of God, 24. Laws, etc. pub. 9 Nov. 1762 in Eliz. 1791. the mayoralty of John Cruger with an NILES, Samuel, Abington, Ser. del. app. fol. N. Y. 1763.

22 Feb. 1800, occ. by the d. of G. Charter of the city of, fol. N. Y. Washington, 8. Bos. 1765.

NIMBLE-CHOPS, AQUILINE, Democ. · Laws, etc. pub. 29 March, 1786, racy, an epic poem, 8. N. Y. in the mayoralty of James Duane, fol. Noble, Oliver, Coventry, Newbury, N. Y. 1786.

Newcastle, Strictures on the sacred Charter of the city of, with the story recorded in the book of Ruth, acts of the legisla. in relation thereto, del. 8 March, 1775 in commem. of 8. N. Y. 1805.

the massacre in Bos. with an add. to Laws, etc. pub. in the mayoralty of the reader and notes, 4. N'b’yport. De Witt Clinton, 8. N. Y. 1805.

Ser. ord. Silas Moody in Arundel, Law for preventing and extinguish- 9 Jan. 1771, 8. Salem. ing fires and to regulate the keeping. NOIR, JEAN LE, The democrat, or in. and transportation of gunpowder in trigues and adventures of, 2 vols. the city of, 8. N. Y.

bound in one, 12. N. Y. 1795. - Laws, etc. pub. 18 Jan. 1808, in NORFOLK monarch, Sly subscription on the mayoralty of Marinus Willett, 8. the, with the Briton's speech to sir N. Y.

Politick, 8. Lon. 1733. Laws, etc. pub. in the mayoralty North CAROLINA, Proceed. and de. of De Witt Clinton, to wh. are added bates of the conven. of, 1788, 8. Edent. the health laws of the city, 8. N. Y. 1789. 1812.


THOMAS, Washington, Report of the committee of the or liberty restored, a poem, 18. Bal. com. couneil upon the subj. of new 1809. streets in the city of, 8. N. Y.

Norton, JACOB, Weymouth, The will - Report of the com. of the corpora. of God respecting the salvation of all of, on the subj. of fortifying the har. men illus. in a ser. del. 18 Dec. 1808, bour of, 8. N. Y.

8. Bos. 1809. Extracts fr. the acts for suppress- NORWICH, Charge by George bp. of, 4. ing immorality, laying a duty on strong Lon. 1799.

Notation, Acc. of a system of, re-I OGDEN, U (cont.) Add. to persons/in

presenting the sounds of alphabet. cha- N. J. N. Y. 1785. racters by a new application of the Four ser, del. in N. Y. 8. Eliz. accentual marks in present use, etc. 1788. fr. the Monthly anthology of Feb. and Antidote to deism, ded. to G. March (by William Pelham of Bos- Washington, 2 vols. 18. Newark, ton] 12. Bos. 1809.

1795. NOTT, ELIPHALET, Albany, Sche- Letter to the epis. ch. in N. J. 8.

nectady, Dis. del. in A. 4 July, 1801, 1797. 8. A

Two dis. occ. by the d. of G. Ser. del. bef. the gen. assem. of the Washington del. 29 Dec. 1799, at N. presby. ch. in the U.S. A. 19 May, and 5 Jan. 1800 at Belleville, with 1809, 8. Phil.

notes and a portrait of Washington, Add. del. to the candidates for the 8. N. baccalaureate in Union coll. 29 July, OGDEN, John COZENS, Portsmouth, 1807, 8. Alb.

N. H. el. ser. del. at Concord June, Miscellaneous works with an app. 1790, 8.C. 8. Schenectady, 1810.

Letters occas. by the publica. of a NOUVEAU monde, Le triomphe du, 1st. private epi

correspondence bevol. 8. à Paris, 1785.

gun by Samuel Macclintock, 4. v. 8. Nugent, H. P. Letter to Wm. C. C. Bos. 1791.

Claiborne, Letter 10 James Brown and Ser. del. bef. the Columbian lodge a defence of John Rowan and Daniel at Nottingham, 7 Sept. 1790, 8. Ports. Clark, ag. the slanders of the tergi- 1791, versant redacteur of the Courier, 4. Add. del. at the opening of Benj. N. Orleans, 1808.

Dearborn's Portsmouth academy, 8.

Ports. 1791. 0.

OGDEN, DAVID B. Ora. del. 4 July, at OAKES, URIAN, Cambridge, Mass. el. Newark, 8. N. 1798.

ser. 7 May, 1673, with an add. to the OGDEN, LEWIS MORRIS, Newark, Ora. reader by John Sherman and Thomas del. at Newark, 4 July, 1803, 8. N. Shepard, 4. Camb.

OLDSCHOOL, OLIVER. See Portfolio. OATH, Religion of an, a ser. [by Ma- OLDYS, FRANCIS, Life of Thomas ther] 12. Bos. 1719.

Paine, 8. Dub. O’BEIRNE, chaplain to Id. vis. Howe, | OLIVER, ANDREW, Essay on comets,

Ser. del. in St. Paul's ch. N. Y. 22 ded. to John Winthrop, 8. Salem, Sept. 1776, on the first sabbath after 1772. the Eng. chh. were opened on Howe's OLIVER, B. L. AND WM. CURRIE, taking possession of the city, fr. Jer. Letters on the kine pox and a variety 12. 15, 12. N. Y. 1776.

of other med. subjects, with an add. to OBSERVATIOns on the state of the na- the N. Y. reviewers, 8. Phil. 1802. tion, 8. Lon. 1769.

OMNIUM gatherum, a monthly mag. re. on the prelim. and provisional arti- cording authentic accounts of the most cles, 8. Lon. 1783.

remark. productions, events, and ocon the chronology of scripture, currences in providence, nature, and Age of reason, etc. 8. N. Y. 1795. art, 8. Bos. 1810. O'CONNOR, ARTHUR, Add. to the free ONDERDONK, HENRY U. Inaug. dis. on

electors of the co. of Antrim, 12. the Stone in the bladder, sub. to the Phil. 1797.

exam. of the fac. of phy. under the ODE printed in the streets of N. Y. See author. of the trus. of Colum. coll. 13 Federal procession.

Nov. 1810, ded. to John Onderdonk, ODLIN, JOAN, Exeter, Ser. ord. Ward Wright Post, Thomas Blizard, 8. N.

Clark in Kingston, 29 Sept. 1725, Y. with a pref. by Caleb Cushing and Na. ONONDAGA, Report of the commissionthaniel Gookin, 12. Bos. 1727.

ers for settling the titles to land in the OG DEN, UZAL, Newark, Ser. on prac. co. of, Feb. 1800. religion, 12. Chatham, 1780.

ORANGE, Benevolent snc. of the co. of, Ser. on regeneration, 12. Chatham, Constitu, of the, 1805. 1782.

ORATORIO, Selection the first under the Masonic scr. at Morris, 12. N. Y. direction of doc. Jackson at the French 1784.

ch. Du Saint Esprit in the city of N.

Y. [for the benefit of immigrants. par- OSTRANDER, EZEKIEL, S. of Newticularly for those fr. St. Domingo, ] York, Inaug. diz. on the Puerperal fe. 12. N. Y 1305.

ver, sub. to the exam. of the fac, of ORDEAL, Journal of politics and litera- phy. under the author. of the trus. of

ture, [num. 9, 16, 17, 20, wanting,] Colum. coll. 1 May, 1804, ded. to Da8. Bos. 1809.

vid Hosack, 8. N. Y. Orders in council, Abstract of the evi. OSWALD, ELE AZER, The case of the

dence taken in the h. of commons. ag. commonwealth ag. for a contempt of the, 8. N. Y. rep. 1812.

the sup. court of Penn. with an acc. ORDERs in council. See Parliament. of the proceed. of the gen. assembly ORIGINAL poems by a cit. of Baltimore, on the memorial of the def. ag. three

with an advertise. 12. Bal. 1307. of the justices of that court for the ORLEANS, NEW, Faithful picture of the judgment and sentence pronounced ag.

polit. situation of, at the close of the him, 8. Phil. 1788. last, and beginning of the present year, Otis, HARRISON GRAY, Boston, Eulo1807, 8. Bos. 1808.

gyon Alex. Hamilton, del. 26 July, ORLEANS batture, New. See Ponceau. 1804, in Bos, 8. N. Y. ORPHAN asylum soc. Constitu. of the, OTSEGO county, Reasons in support of

estab. in N. Y. 1806, with the bye the opinion offered to the public reslaws, 12 N. Y. 1807, 1808, 1810. pecting the votes of 7 June, 8. N. Y.

Annual report of the, for Ap. 1792. 1811, with a list of subscribers, 8. N. Impartial statement of the contro. Y. also fr. Ap. 1813, 12. N. Y.

versy respecting the decision of the ORTON, JOB, Three dis on eternity, late committee of canvassers, cont. the 4th. ed. 12. Lon. 1797.

opinion of Edmund Randolph, et al. OSBORN's catal. of books, 12. N. Y. 8. N. Y. 1792. 1806.

OWEN, JOAN, Eshcol, a cluster of the O'SCANLAN, TIMOTEO, Practica mo. fruit of Canaan, etc. 8th. ed. 12. Bos.

derna de la inoculacion con varias ob- OXFORD, Ser. del. bef. the soc. for pro

servaciones, etc. 12. Mad. 1784. mot. christ. knowledge by the bp. Osgood, DAVID, Medford, Nat. thanks. of, with an acc. of the soc. 4. Lon. ser 11 Dec. 1783, 8. Bos. 1784.

Thanks. ser. 20 Nov. 1794, 8. Bos.
Thanks. ser. 19 Nov. 1795, 1st. and

P. 3d, ed. 8. Bos.

PACIFICUS, Add. to the pub. 16 July,
Nat. fast ser. 9 May, 1798, 8. Bos. 1768, 12. Phil.
Conv, ser. 31 May, 1798, 8. Bos. PACKARD, HEZEKIAH, Chelmsford,

Dis. occ. by the d. of G. Washing- Wiscasset, Dis. ord. Andrew Beattie, ton, del. 29 Dec. 1799, with Washing- in Salisbury, 28 June, 1797, c. by Naton's farewell add. 8. Bos.

thaniel Noyes of South-Hampton, f. Dud. lec. del. 5 May, 1802, at by Thomas Cary of Newburyport, 8. Har. coll 8. Camb.

N. Dis. del. 4 Feb. 1803, at the fun. of Two dis. on prayer, Feb. 1804, 8. Joseph Roby of Linn, 8. Bos.

Two dis. del. at Malden, 1804, occ. Ser. ord. Thomas Cochran, 11 by the setting up of a bapt. soc. in that Sept. 1805, c. by Josiah Winship of place, 8. Bos.

Woolwich, f. by Mighill Blood of Mass. el. ser. 31 May, 1809, with Buckstown, 8. Bucks. notes, also a list of those who have PAGANEL, Lettre de, à mess. les curés preached on this anniv. add. by a com- et vicaires desservants du meme dismittee of the Mass. his. soc. S. Bos. trict, 8, à Bordeaux, 1791.

Dis. del. in Cambridge 8 Ap. 1810, Pagitt, EPHRAIM, Heresiography, or 8. Camb.

a descrip. of the hereticks and sectaSolemn protest ag. the late decla- ries of these latter times, ded. to Tho. ration of war in a dis. del. on the next Atkin, 3d. ed. 4. Lon. 1646. Lord's day after the tidings were re- PAINE, THOMAS, Gr. Brit. Amer. ceived, 8. Camb. 1812.

France, Common sense, 8. Lon. rep. Osgoon, SAMUEL, New-York, Add. to 1776.

the United whig club 22 March, 1809, Plain truth in ans. to, by Candidus, 8.

20. ed. Lon. 1776.

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