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MADERA, G. LOPEZ, Excellencias de la ment and knowledge for 1804, 8. St*

monarchia y reyno de Espana, autor Jago De la Vega.

el licencido. 4. Valladolid, 1597. MAGAZINE, [cont.] The polit. and MADISON, JAMES, Speech in the h. of parlia. naval, mili. and lit. journal, 4

rep. of the cong. of the U. S. del, 14 vols. 8. Lon. Jan. 1794, in support of propositions for The haloyon luminary, theol. repos. the promotion of the commerce of the and monthly, 8. N. Y. 1812. U. S. in reply to Wm. Smith, 8. N. Y. -The lit. miscel. or monthly review

Letter address. to, sec. state with by C. N. Baldwin, 12 N. Y. 1811. Jefferson's proclama. of 2 July, 1807. MAGAZINES, Coll. of many different, [-] Exam. of the Brit. doo. wh. sub- but being imperfect are unnoticed in jects to cap. a neutral trade not open in

this catalogue. time of peace, 8.

MAGAZYN, ALGEMEEN, van WetenMADISON's war, Dispassionate inquiry schap, Konst en Smaak, etc. 8. te Am.

into the reasons alleged by mr. M. for sterdam, 1787. declaring an offensive and ruinous war MAGDALEN Soc. of N. Y. First ann. ag. Gr. Brit. etc. by a N. Eng. farmer, rep. of the, 8. N. Y. 1813. 8. N. Y. 1312.

MAGELLANIC premium, Conditions of MADISON, JAMES, Williamsburgh, Dis. the, 8. Phil.

occ. by the d. of G. Washington, del. MAINBOURG, Hist. of the Crusade, 22 Feb. 1800, 2d. ed. 8. N. Y.

trans. into Eng. fr. the Fr. of, by John MAGAW, SAMUEL, Philadelphia, Ser. Nalson, fol. Lon. 1685

del. at the first ord. by bp. White in MAISON, PETER R. Reply to T. Paine's Phil. 28 May, 1787, 8. Phil.

pam. entit. Exam. of passages in the MAGAZINE, The American, and histor. N. Testa. etc. 8. N. Y. 1807. chronicle, Sd. vol. Bos. 1746. MAKEN IE, FRANCIS, Nar, of a new and

The Am. and monthly chron, for the unusual Am. imprisonment of two prese Brit. colonies, 1st. vol. 8. Phil. 1757, 8. hy, ministers and prosecution of one - The new American, by Sylvanus of them for preaching one ser. in the Americanus, 2 vols. 8. Woodbridge, city of N. Y. ded. to the gen. assem. 1757, 8.

of N. Y. 4. N. Y. rep. 1755. The Penn, or Am. monthly muse. MALAGA, Ordenanzas para el real cole. um, 2 vols. 8. Phil. 1755, 6.

gio de san Telmo de, 4. Mad. 1787. The N. Jer, and monthly adverti- MALTBY, Isaac, Massachusetts, Eleser, several num. 8. N. Bruns. 1786, 7. ments of war, illus. with plates, 8. Bos.

-The Columbian, or monthly miscel. 1811. 2 vols. 8. Phil. 1786, 7, 8.

MANCINI-NIVERNOIS, Fables de, 2d. The American, 8. N. Y. 1787, 8. vol 8. à Paris, 1796.

The christian scholar's and farm- MANHATTAN comp. Act of incorpora. er's, by a num. of gentlemen, como of the, 8. N. Y. 1799. plete in 2 vols. 8. Eliz. 1789, 90.

well, Nar. of the trial for the bloody The U. S. or gen. repos. of useful and mysterious murder of the upfortu. instruc. and rational amusement, 5 nate young woman in the famous, 8. numbers being the whole pub. 8. New- N. Y. ark, 1794.

MANLEY, JAMES R. S. of New York, - The N. Y. or lit. repos. 6 vols, 8. Inaug. dis. on the Yellow fever, sub. to 1790 to 1795 inclus.

the fac. of phy. under the author. of Cont. a variety of essays, consisting the trus. of Colum. coll. 8. Nov. 1803, of 2 num. pub. by [M. N. Combs of ded. to the med, students of Colum. Newark,] 8. N. 1797.

coll. 8. N. Y. The Am. univ. for Feb. 1797 with MANN, SAMUEL, Wrentham, Ser. del. & portrait of David Rittenhouse, en- at W. 1 Jan. 1701. first pub. in 1801, graved by Houston, 8. Phil.

8. Ded. The weekly, of original essays, fu- MANNERS, NICHOLAS, A word to the gitive pieces, and interest. intel. with world in general and to the N. Amerian app. cont. state papers, 2 vols. [2d. cans in particular, 8. imp.] 8. Phil. 1798.

MANUEL of prayers and other christian The monthly and Am. review for devotions (R. Cath.] 18. 1720. 1799 and 1800, 3 vols. 8. N. Y. MANUFACTORIES of gunpowder, mus. The Jamaica, or repos. of entertain. ket barrels, musket locks and salt, Re

solu. of the provin. cong of the colony


of N. Y. for the encouragement of, 8. malignant fever at Phil. 8. N. Y. N. Y. 1776.

1793. MANUFACTURING soc. established at MASON, J. M. (cont.) Nat. thanks. ser.

Paterson in N. J. Subscription to the, del. 19 Feb. 1795, 8. N. Y. 1795. 1791.

Ora. del. 22 Feb. 1800, occ. by MARGY, WILLIAM L. Ora. del. bef. the the d. of G. Washington, 2d. ed. 8.

Tam. soc. on the 318 anniv. of the dis- N. Y. cov. of America with a traditional acc. Pardon of sin in the blood of Jesus, of the life of Tammany, 8. Troy, a ser. del. in Phil. 31 May, 1801, 8. 1809.

N. Y. MAREDANT'S antiscorbutic drops, Ace. Living faith, a ser. del. in Edin

of the remar. cures performed by the burgh, Scot. 1 Nov. 1801, with an use of, prepared by John Norton, 8. app. giving an acc. of the soc. for the Lon 1774.

relief of the destitute sick, 8. N. Y. MARENTIILE A. Du Buc, Descrip. of 1802.

the machine invented for saving people Messiah's throne, a ser. del. bef. wrecked at sea, 8. Eliz. 1803.

the Lon. mis. soc. 13 May, 1802, 8. MARINE, Etat de la 1785, 24. à Paris. N. Y. MARINE Soc. of the city of N. Y. Charter and A. Proudfit, Letter to the asso

of the, with the bye laws and list of the ciate ref. ch. in N. America, rel. to a mem. of the, 4. N. Y. 1788.

theol. seminary, 8. N. Y. 1805. MARITIME campaigne of 1778, A coll, Review of the ora. by, on the d.

of all the papers rel. to the operation of A. Hamilton, fr. the Christian obof the Eng. and Fr. fleets, with server, 8. N. Y. 1807. strictures on the publications made in Speech rel. to the resigna, of his France,fetc. illus. with charts and plans, pastoral charge in the city of N. Y. fol. Lon. 1779.

8. N. Y. 1810. MAROT et Beze, See Geneva bible. [- and J. B. Romeyn,] Christian's MARRIAGE of a deceased wife's sister

mag. 4 vols. 8. N.Y. 1807 to 1811 inclus incestuous, in ans. to a letter fr. a cit. MASONs in the state of N. y. Constitu. to a friend, 8. N. Y. 1798.

tions of the ancient and hop. fraterniMARSH, EBENBZER GRANT, Wethers- ty of free and accepted, 8. N. Y. field, New-Haven, Ora. del. 22 Feb. 5801. 1800 on the d. of G. Washington, 8. MASSACHUSETTENSIS [by Jonathan Hart.

Sewall] 1774. MARSHALI., JOHN, Life of George MASSACHUSETTS, Charter granted by

Washington compiled under the in. William and Mary to the inhabitants inspection of Bushrod Washington fr. of the prov. of, acts and laws, fol. original papers bequeathed to him by Bos. 1726, also fol. Bos. 1759. his deceased relative, to wh. is prefix. bay, Speech intended to have been ed an introduc. cont, a compendious spoken in the Brit. parlia. on the bill view of the colonies planted by the for altering the charter of, 8. Lona English on the continent of N. Amer. 1774. fr. their setlement to the commence- Constitu. and form of gov. for, ment of the revolutionary war, with agreed upon by the conv. 28 Feb. a portrait of G. W. by Edwin, 5 vols. 1778, 8. Bos. accompanied a 4to. vol. cont. maps Report of a constitu. and form of and a list of the subscribers names, 8. gov, for the commonwealth of, 8. Bos. Phil. 1804 to 1807.

1779. MARTIN, LUTHER, Genuine informa. Add. of the conv. for framing a new

del. to the legisla, of the state of Ma. constitu. of gov. for the state of, ts ryland rel. to the proceed. of the gen. their constituents, 8. Bos. 1780. conv. lately held at Phil. with a letter Act of the legisla. of, providing to Thomas C. Deye, add. to the cit. of for the more easy payment of the the U. S. and remarks rel. to a stand- specie taxes assessed previous to 1784. ing army and a bill of rights, 8. Phil. Debates, resolu. and proceed. of 1788.

the conv. of the commonwealth of, Modern gratitude, num. 2 and 3, convened at Boston, 9 Jan. 1788, with 8.

the yeas and nays on the decision of MASON, JOHN MITCHEL, New-York, the grand question and the fede consti

Fast aer. del. 20 Sept. on ace, of a tution, 12. Bos. 1788.

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MASSACHUSETTS, (cont.) Perpetual ard's dis. del. 12 June, 1804, with an laws of, fr. the estab. of the constitu. app.

19. Thomas Gray's dis. del. 11 to 1788. 8. Wore. 1788.

June, 1805, with notes and an app. charitable fire soc. Conitstu. of the, 20. Thaddeus M. Harris's dis. del. 10 with the names of officers and mem. June, 1806, with an app. cont. the 8. 1794.

Life boat, a poem ;

21. William Defence of the legisla. of, or the Emerson's dis. del. 9 June. 1807, rights of N. Eng. vindicated with an with notes and an app.

22. Thomas app. 8. Bos. 1804.

Danforth's dis. del. 14 June, 1808, Jonrnal of the h. of rep. of the with notes and an app. 23. A ms. commonw. of fr. 27 May to 20 June, copy of Joseph M‘Kean's dis. del. 1807, 8. Bos. 1808.

June, 1809, in wh. is a handsome trifr. 6 Jan. to 12 bute of respect to the memory of March, 1808, 8. Bos.

Wm. Hawes, the founder of the RoyAdd. to the people of, fr. the state al hum. soc. 24. Appendix de signed legisla. 1809,

to accompany John T. Kirkland's dis. Bible soc. Add. to the christian pub- del. bef. the soc. in June 1810, cont. lic on the subj. of forming the, June, the names of the officers and mem. of 1809, 4. Bos.

the soc. etc. 25, Lemuel Shaw's dis. Circular add. to the Bible soc. of, del. 11 June, 1811, with an app. 26. with the constitu. list of officers, etc, Henry Colman's dis. del. June, 8. Bos, 1809.

1812, with an app. [In the appendices agricul. soc. Series of the publica. to the foregoing are many communi. by the, fr. 1793 to 1809, making 9 cations relative to singular exertions num.2 vols 8. Bos.

in the cause of humanity, and a state. Proceed. of the legisla. of the com- ment of the premiuins bestowed by monw. of, 1810, 12.

the Mass. hum. soc. also lists of the MASSACHUSETTS HUM. Soc. tracts,

officers and members of the institu. viz. 1. John Lathrop's dis. del. in June, tion. Most of the foregoing articles, 1787, with notes and an app. cont. the having been procured after a great names of the mem. etc. 2. Institu. of part of this catalogue was struck off, the hum. soc. with rules and regula. are not to be found in their respective and methods to be used with persons places.] apparently dead, 1788 ; 3. Continua. MASSACRE in Lancaster co. of Indians, of the proceed. of the soc. 1789; 4. Nar. of the late, 12. 1764. Benj. Waterhouse's dis. del. 8 June, of the 5 of March 1770, See Bos1790, with notes and an app. 5. John ton. Bartlett's dis. del. 11 June, 1792, with MATERNAL physician, the result of notes and an app. cont. the act of 16 years' experience, by an Ameriincorporation ; 6. John Clarke's dis. can matron, 18. N. Y. 1811. del. 11 June, 1793, with notes and an | MATHEMATICAL correspondent, cont. app. 7. Thomas Barnard's dis. del. new elucidations, discov. and improv. 10 June, 1794, with an app. 8. John in mathematics, with a coll. of math. Brooks's dis. del. 9 June, 1795, with quest. resolved by George Baron et an app. 9. John Warren's eulogy on al. with a portrait of Baron, 2 vols. 12. Thomas Russell late pres. of the hum. N. Y. 1804.. soc. 1796 ; 10. Chandler Robbins's MATHER, INCREASE, Boston, Disserdis. del. 14 Juue, 1796, with an app. ta. on the conversion of the Jewish 11. John Fleet's dis. del. 33 June, nation, ded. to sir John Hartopp, 4. 1797, with an app. 12. William Wal- Lon. 1709. ter's dis. del. 12 June, 1798, with an MATHER, COTTON, Boston, Vol. of app. 13. Isaac Hurd's dis. del. 11 ser. fr. Gen. 42. 86, Josh. 24. 15, 1 June, 1799, with an app. 14. Thomas Pet. 3. 20, 21, with a pref. and ded. Thacher's dis. del. 19 June, 1800, 12. Lon. and Bos. 1689. with an app. 15. Jedidiah Morse's dis. Magnalia Christi Americana, or del. 9 June, 190, with an app. 16. the eccles. hist. of N. Eng. fr. 1620 to Eliphalet Porter's dis. del. 8 June, 169S, fol. Lon. 1702. 1802, with an app. 17. John S. J. Fun. discourses occa3. by the d. of Gardiner's dis. del. ! \ June, 1803, several relatives with a pref. 19. Bos. with a note cont. an acc. of the Life 1703. boat, and an app. 18. John C. How- Ser. occ. by the d. of John Higgins

son of Salem with memoirs of his Maxcy,J. (cont.) Ser.del. at the ded. of life and an add, to the ch, in Salem, a meetinghouse in Cumberland, 14 12. Bos. 1709.

Sept. 1796, 8. Prov. MATHER, C. (cont.) Ser. fr. Rev. 21. Dis. designed to explain the doc.

12, ded. to judge Sewall, 12. Bos. of atonement, 8. Prov. 1796. 1710.

Ser. del. in Bog. bef. the ann. conv. [] Book of psalms in a translation of the Warren associa. 8. Bos. 1798.

exactly conformed unto the original MAXWELL, SAMUEL, Rehoboth, The but all in blank verse, with an intro- case and complaint of, of the bap. duc. add. of 35 pp. 12. Bos. 1718. denom. 19. New-port 1750.

Accomplished singer, with an attes- MAY, HEZEKIAH, Marblehead, D. tation fr. Increase Mather, 12. Bos. Muine, Thanks. ser. del. at Bath, 25 1721.

Nov. 1802, 8. Portl. [-] Ser. preached in time of a storm, Ser. instal. Sylvester Sage in Brains

24 Feb. 1793, with an acc. of the oc- tree, 4 Nov. 1807, c. by Simeon Wilcasion of the ser. 19. Bos. 1723.

liams of Weymouth, f. by Jonathan Cælestinus, a conversation in hea- Strong of Randolph, 8. Bos. 1808. ven quickened and assisted, etc. 12, MAYHEW, Experience, Martha's Bos. 1793.

Vineyard, Letter on the question, Memoirs of remarkables in the Whether saving grace be different in life and death of his father Increase species fr. common grace, or in degree Mather, with a portrait of I. M. eu- only, with a postscript, 2. Bos. 1747. graved by Sturt, and a ded. to the Mayhew, JONATHAN, Boston, Mass. univ. of Glasco, 12. Bos. 1724.

el. ser. 29 May, 1754, with notes, 8. Essay to preserve and strengthen Bos. the good impressions produced by

Two dis. occ. by the earthquakes earthquakes with an app. cont. a coll.

in Nov. 1755, with notes and an app. of observable occurrences, 12. Bos. cont. a more partic. acc. of the earth1727.

quakes, 8. Ser. fr. Job 15. 11, with an add. to

Two thanks. ser. 23 Nov. 1758, 8.. judge Sewall.

Bos. MATHER, SAMUEL, Boston, Life of Ser. occ, by the great fire in Bos. his father, Cotton Mather, with a ded.

20 March, 1760, with notes, 8. Bos. in Latin to the Senatus academicus of

Two thanks. ser. del. 9 Oct. Glasgow, a pref. by Tho. Prince, list 1760, occ. by the reduc. of Canada, 8. of subscribers, an advertise. rel. to C.

Bos. Mather's Biblia Americana [the ms.

Observa. on the charter and concopy of wh. is preserved in the library (luet of the soc. prop. gos. for. parts, of the Mass. his. soc. and is comprised

with remarks on the mistakes of East in 6 fol. vols.] a list of C. Mather's Apthorp, also yarious reflections rel. printed publications amounting to $83, to the ch. of Eng. etc. 8. Bos. 1763. and the ser. occas. by his d. del. by

See Apthorp. Tho. Prince of Boston, 3. Bos. 1729. Defence of the Observa. on the --Attempt to recover the right ver- charter and conduct of the soc. prop. sion, etc. of the Lord's prayer, add. etc. ag. an anon, pamphlet, entitled, to the overseers and instructor's of A Candid exam. of Mayhew's Obser

Har. coll. with a pref. 8. Bos. 1766. vations, etc. also a letter to a friend, [-] Attempts to show that America said to contain a vindica. of said soc.

was known to the ancients, with an 8. Bos. 1763. app. concerning the Amcr. colonies, Remarks on an anon. tract, enti. etc. 8. Bos. 1773.

tled, an Answer to Mayhew's ObservaLetter to, occas. by his reflections tions on the charter, etc. being, a seon a pam. entitled Salvation for all cond defence of the Observations, 8. 8. Bos. 1782.

Bos. 1764. Arld. to the author of the forego- Candid examination of the Obsering, by one of the readers, 8. Bos. vations of, rel. to the charter, etc. 1783.

with reflections on some of the other MAXCY, JONATILAN, Providence, writings of, by one of the mem. of the

Schenectady, Columbia, Ser. fr. Rom. soc. 8. Bos. 1763.
1.20, del. in E. Hitchcock's meeting- Ans. to the Observations of, on the
house, 9 Aug. 1795, 8. Prov.

charter, etc. 8. Bog, rep. 1764.



MAYHEW, J. (cont.) Letter of reproof | MEDICAL (cont.) Report, etc. 1810,

to John Cleaveland, occ. by a defuma- 11, fourth sess. of the soc. 8. N. Y. tory libel pub. under his name, 3. Report, etc. 1811, 12, fifth sess. of Bos. 1764.

the soc. 8. N. Y. · Thanks. ser. 23 May, 1766, occ. Report, etc. 1812, 13, sixth sess. by the repeal of the stamp act, Rd. of the soc. 8. N. Y. [This society coned. ded, to Wm. Pitt, 8. Bos.

sists of all the medical students be. Eclogue sacred to the mem. of, in longing to the university, who assemà dialogue bet. Fidelio and Dulcius, 4. ble fr. time to time to discuss various Bos.

subjects connected with their profes. MEAD, SAMUEL, Alstead, Faithful sional studies. ]

hint of the final reduction and restora- societies, Act to incorporate, in tion of sinners, 8. Keene, 1796.

the state of N. Y. passed 10 Ap. 1813. MEAD, HENRY, Connecticut, Inaug. for regulating the practice of physic

dis. on the Cholera morbus, sub. to the and surgery with the bye laws of the
fac. of phy. under the author. of the med. soc. of the co. of N. Y. incorpo-
trus. of Colum. coll. 6 May, 1794, ded. rated, 1 July, 1806, 8. N. Y. 1812.
to Isaac Lewis, Malachi Treal, John institution of Yale coll. Laws of, s.
R. B. Rodgers, 12. N. Y.

New Haven, 1313.
MEASE, ISAAC, Picture of Philadel- MEDITATIONES divorum catholicorum

phia, with an acc. of its origin, increase, with portraits of the saints [imp.] 18.

and improvement, etc. 12. Phil. 1811. MEDITATIONS and observations on the MEAT e out of the eater, a ser. del. bef. Solomon's Song 6. 11, 12. 8. Lon.

the h. of commons, 30 June, 1647, 4. 1743. MECHANIC hall, Resolutions of certain [MEIN, Boston,] Sagittarius's letters

episcopalians at, considered, 8. N. Y. and political speculations, inscribed to 1812.

Samuel Cooper, 8. Bos. 1775. MEDICAL learning in the city of N. Y. MELISI, JOHN, Travels in the U. S.

Present state of, 8. N. Y. 1797. and Canada, 1806, 7, 9, 10, 11, illus. com soc of the co. of N. Y. Report of with maps, 2 vols. 8. Phil. 1812.

the com. appointed by the, to inquire MELLEN, John, Lancaster [nozu
into the symptoms, origin, cause, and Sterling] Hanover, Thanks. ser. 9
prevent of the pestilential disease, wh. Oct. 1760, occ. by the total conquest
prevailed in N. Y. 1798, with an app. of Canada, with histor. notes, 8. Bos.
3. N. Y. 1799.

MELLEN, John, Barnstable, Cam

Report and add. bridge, Thanks. ser. 20 Nov. 1794, 8. del, by the president to the, with the Bos. charter of the college of phy. and surg. Ser. del. in Yarmouth, 1 Jan. 1795 in the city of N. Y. 6. N. Y. 1807. at the opening of a new meetinghouse,

Bye laws of the, revised 8. Bos. and adopted July 1808, 8.

Mass. el. ser. 31 May, 1797, 8. Bos. police in Boston, 8. Bos. 1808. MEMOIRS of the Am. acad. etc. See

and physical journal and review, 3 American acad. vols. 8. N. Y. 1809, 10, 11.

of the Connec. acad. arts and repository complete in two hexades sciences, vol. 1st. part 1st. 8. New and a half, or 15 vols. the two first of Haven, 1810. wh. were pub, by Samuel Latham MEMORIAL, See Europe, courts of. Mitchill, Edward Miller, and Elihu Mentz, Journal of the siege of, under Hubbard Smith, the residue by the duke, of Lorain and the confed. Mitchill and Miller, occasionally en- princes, 4. Lun. 1689. riched with plates, 8. N. Y. 1804 to MERCANTILe laws of the state of N. 1819.

Y. 8. N. Y. 1788. and surgical soc. of the univ. of MERCER, LOUDOUN, Substitute by way the state of N. Y. Report of the pro- of amendment to that proposed by ceed. of the, during the winter of Leigh of Dinwiddie rel. to the right of 1307, 8, being the first session of the state legisla. to instruct senators in SOC, 8. N. Y.

cong. 8. Virg. 1812. Report, etc. 1805, 9, second sess. MERCHANTS of the city of N. Y. The of the soc. 8. N. Y.

memorial of the, to the knights, citiReport, etc. 186", 10, third sess. zens, and burgesses, in parlia. assemof the soc. 8. N. Y.

blod, 20 Ap. 1764, 8. N. Y. 1765.

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