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Jan. 1804, with an add. to the inhabi. lemn, subscribed by the minister's of the new plantations in Maine, and within the province of Lon. 1647, 4. an app. 8. B.

Lon. 1648. LATHROP, J. (cont.) Dis. del. in Milton, LEAMING, JEREMIAH, Norwalk,

3 Oct. 1804, when the pastoral relation Stratford, Defence of the epis. goof Joseph McKean to the ch. in that vernment of the ch. 8. N. Y. 1766. town was dissolved, with an app. cont. 2d. defence, 8. N. Y. 1770. the kindly proceed. of the ch. and of Ser. fr. 2 Tim. 3, 16, 17, del. bef. the eccles. council, 8. B.

the conv. of the epis. clergy of ConSer. del. at the inter. of Samuel nec. ded. to Sam. Seabury, 8. News West in Boston, 13 Ap. 1808, 8. B. Haven, 1785.

Thanks. ser. del. 1 Dec. 1808, 8. B. Disserta. on various subjects, for

Dis. occas. by the d. of his consort the use of the sincere inquirer after Elizabeth Lathrop, 8. B. 1809.

true religion, 12. New Haven, 1789. Dis. occ. by the d. of John Eliot of LEAVENWORTH, Essai sur l'influence Boston, del. 21 Feb. 1813, with notes, de nos vents variables, etc. 8. à Paris, 8. B.

1807. LATHROP, JOHN, JUN. Dedham, Cal. LEDYARD, JOHN, Connecticut, Journal

cutta, Boston, Speech of Caunonicus, of Cook's last voyage to the Pacific or an Indian tradition, a poem, with ocean, performed in 1776, 7, 8, 9, explan. notes, and a ded. to marquis with a ded. to Jonathan Trumbull, and Wellesley, also a pref. 4. Calcutta, a pref. 8. Hartf. 1783. 1802.

LEE, Virginia, Appeal to the justice and LATHROP, JOSEPH, West Springfield, interests of the people of Virg. in dis

Two dis. entit. Christ's warning to the pute with America, Ath. ed. 8. N. Y: churches to beware of false prophets 1775. with an app. 2d. ed. Springf. 1791. Lee, Proceed. of a gen. court martial

Fast ser. 4 May, 1797, 2d. ed. 8. held at N. Brunswick, N. J. for the Camb. 1805.

trial of major gen. 4 July, 1778, fol. Century ser. del. 1 Jan. 1801, 8. S. Phil. Fast ser. del. 7 Ap. 1803, 8. S.

Memoirs of the life of, 8. N. Y. Two ser. on the christian sabbath, 1792 8. Northampton, 1803.

Lee, Henry, Ora. del. 26 Dec. 1799, Sermons on the mode and subjects at the request of congress in Phil. in of christian baptism, 4th. ed. 8. N. Y. honour of the memory of G. Wash1808.

ington, 2d. ed. 8. Brooklyn. LATTA, JOHN E. Fast ser. 24. Wilm. Memoirs of the war in the south1808.

ern department of the U. S. with por. LAVATER, John Casper, Remon- traits of Greene and Cornwallis, and

strance add. to the exec. directory of an app. 8. Phil. 1812. the Fr. repub. ag. the invasion of Lee, Sophia, Edmund of the vale, 12.

Switzerland, 8. N. Y. rep. 1799. LEECHMAN, WILLIAM, Ser. del. bef. LAURIE AND WHITTLE, Catal. of the Synod of Glasgow and Air, fr.

atlases, surveys, and single maps of all 1 Tim. 4. 16, 1741, 6th. ed. 12. Glasthe empires, kingdoms, etc. 8. Lon. gow. 1800.

LEGACY to the world, by a civil maLAW, ANDREW, Philadelphia, Select gistrate, 8. Lon. 1762.

harmony, printed upon the author's LeiB, MICHAEL, Priladelphia, Ras

new plan, with lines and spaces, Phil. cality recorded, or a monument of in. LAWRENCE, JAMES, Biography of, with famy to, 8. 1808.

papers relating to the action between Leigh, Joseph, Portsmouth, Illus. of the Chesapeake and Shannon, and his the fulfilment of the prediction of Merdeath, 24, N. Brunswick, 1813.

lin, occas. by the late outrageous atLaws of the U.S. 3 vols. 8. Phil. 1796. tack of the Leopard on the Chesa

of the state of N. Y. passed at the peake, 12. P. 1807. 27 and 28 sessions of the legisla. 3 vols. LELAND, JOHN, Cheshire, Ora. del. 8. Alb. 1804,5.

5 July, 1802, cont. 17 sketches and Private, of the state of N. Y. pass- 17 wishes, 8, Pittsf. ed at the 32 sess, of the legisla. LENDRUM, John, Hist. of the Am. re. League and covenant, Testimony to volu. with a gen. hist. of N. and the truth of J. Christ, and to our so- America, 2 rols, 12. Ros. 1795.


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LENOIR. See Sculpture .

tic acc. of L. Can. and maps, trans. LENT, ADOLPH.C. $. of New York, by H. Neuman, 2 vols. 4. Lon. 1799.

Inaug. dis. showing in what manner LIANCOURT, DUKE, (cont.) On the pri. pestilential vapours acquire their acid sons of Philadelphia, 8 Phil. 1796. quality, and how this is neutralized LIBRO de apothegmas, que son dichos and destroyed by alkalies, suh. to the graciosos y notables de muchos reyes exam. of the fac. of phys. under the et principes illustres, etc. [black let. author. of the trus. of Column. coll. 2 ter] 18. 1552. May, 1798, 3. N. Y.

Licetus, FORTUNIUS, Controversize LEONARD, DAVID A. Ora. del. in N. de cometarum quiete, loco boreali sine

Y. 02 Feb. 1800, on the d. of G. Wash- occasu, parallaxi Aristotelea, sede ington, 8. N. Y.

cælesti et exacta theoria peripatetica, LEOPOLD, emperor of Ger. poisoned by ete. ded. Donato Mauroceno, illus. with

the orders and by the ministers of the diagrams, 4. Venice, 1625. courts of Lon. Berlin, and the Hague, LILLE, Le malheur et la pitié, poeme [pub. in Paris as an app. to a little par l'abbe De, publié par De Merrè, 8.

work entitled The crimes of Geo. III.] à Lon. 1803. Leslie, CHARLES, Letter to the bp. of LINAGE, JOSEPH DE VEztia, The Sarum, 4. 1715.

Span. rule of trade to the W. Ind. LeSUR, C. L. Les Francs, poeme hero. trans. Ly John Stevens, 8. Lon. 1763. ique en dix chants, 8. à Paris, 1797.


BENJAMIN, Hingham, LETTER to all the saints on the duty of Summons to, at Charlestown, 10 love, 8. Lon. 1743.

Ap. 1780, with his ans. fol. LETTERS respecting the eastern boun- LINCOLN, HENRY, Falmouth, Ser. ord. dary of Louisiana, 3.

Nymphas Hatch in Tisbury, 7 Oct. LETTRES critiques et politiques sur les 1801, c. by Nathan Stone of Dennis, f.

colonies et le commerce des villes de by Jonathan Burr of Sandwich, 8. France, addressées á G. T. Raynal, 8. LINCOLN, DANIEL WALDO, Ora. del. á Geneve, 1785.

in Bos. bef. the Bunker-hill associa. 4 LEWIS, DANIEL, Pembroke, Mass. el. July, 1810, 2d.ed, with notes, 8. Bos. ser. in 1748 [imp.]

LINCOLN, Levi, Worcester, Report of Lewis, CLARK, SIBLEY, AND DUN. a com, of the h. of rep. rel. to certain

BAR, Message fr. the pres. of the U. military orders issued by It. gov. Mass.
S. communicating discoveries made in 8. Bos.
exploring the Missouri, Red-river, and LIND, JAMES, Descrip. of rified orda
Washita by, 8. N. Y. 1806.

nance, illus. with plates, 8. Edin. LEWIS, Impar. inquiry into certain parts 1776.

of the conduct of gov. and of a portion LINN, WILLIAM Pennsylvania, Newe of the legisla. rel. to the Merchant's York, Albany, Ser. del. 4 July, at the bank, with an app. by Politicus, 8. N. request of the Tam. soc. with an ode Y. 1806.

by Wm. Pitt Smith, 8. N, Y. 1791. LEWIS, MORGAN, Concise acc. of the Sermons historical and characterist

rise, prog. and final dissolu. of the late tical, 18. N. Y. 1791. gen. committee, friendly to the re- Ser.on the char. of Simon the sorelection of, 8. N. Y. 1807.

cerer with an app. 8. N. Y. 1793. LEWIS, MERIWETHER, The travels of Remarks on Moore's add, to the

captains Lewis and Clarke, by order mem. of the prot. epis. ch. in the city

of the gov. of the U. S. A. perform- of N. Y. 8. N. Y. 1793. - ed in!1804, 5, 6, by way of Missouri Six dis. on the signs of the times, 8.

and Columbia rivers to the Pacific N. Y. 1794. ocean, with portraits of several Indian Thanks. ser. del. 26 Nov. 1795, 8. chiefs, 8. Phil. 1809.

N. Y. W' HERITIER, DOM. DE BRUTELLE, Dis. on Mat. 5. 9, del. at Hacken."

CAROLUS LUDOVICUS, Stirpes nova sack, 28 June, 1796. 8, N. Y. ant minus cognitæ, quas descriptioni. Nat. fast dis. 9 May, 1798, 8. N. bus et iconibus illustravit, fol. Par. Y. 1784.

Eulogy occ. by the d. of G. WashLIANCOURT, Duke De La Roche- ington, del. 22 Feb. 1800, bef. the N.

FAUCAULT, Travels through the U. Y state soc. of Cincip. with a resolve S. A. the country of the Iroquois and of the soc. that, be admitted an hono U. Can. in 1795, 6, 7, with an authen- rary mem, of the soc. 8. N. Y.

LINN, W. (cont.) Ser. del. bef. the N. LIVINGSTON, W. (cont.) Vindica. of

Y. miss. soc. at their annual meet. 1 the bp. of Llandaff's ser. fi. the gross Ap. 1800, 8. N. Y.

misrepresentations and abusive reflec, - Essays on episcopacy. See Coll. es. con. in the letter by, 8. N. Y. 1768. says.

[-] Poems, philosophical solitude, 8. LINN, JOHN BLAIR, Philadelphia, N. Y. 1790.

Poem on the d. of G. Washington in LIVINGSTON, JOHANNES H New. imitation of the manner of Ossian, 8. York, New Brunswick, Specimen Phil. 1800.

theologicum inaugurale exhibens oh. Powers of genius, a poem, 8. Phil. servationes, de fæderis Sinaitici patura 1801.

ex ejus fine denionstrata, quod summo - Ser. occ. by the d. of John Ewing, Deo annuente ex auctoritate rectoris del. 21 Nov. 1802, 8. Phil.

magnifici Meinardi Tydenham, etc, · Letter to Joseph Priestley, 8. Phil. pro gradu doctoratus, etc. publico offert 1803.

examini, 4. Traj. ad Rhe. 1770. Letter to Joseph Priestley, in ans. Ser. del. bef. the N. Y. miss. soc. 3 to his letter in defence of his pam. en- Ap. 1804, with an apr. annual report, titled Socrates and Jesus Christ com- etc. 8. N. Y. pared, 8. Phil. 1803.

Add. del. at the commencement Valerian, a nar. poem, with a held at Queen's coll. 25 Sept. 1810, 8. sketch of the author's life, (by C. B. N. B. Brown of Phil.]

LIVINGSTON, ROBERT R. Clermont, LINNET, a collection of songs, etc. 18. Ora. del. 4 July 1787, bef. the Cincin, N. Y. 1806,

soc. of the state of N. Y. 4. N. Y. Liste des noms de famille et patroni- Essay on sheep, their varieties, etc.

miques des cidevant princes, ducs, etc. acc. of the merinos in Spain and 8.

France, 12. N. Y. 1810, also a 24. ed. LITERATI, Present state of the, à sa- with plates. tire, 4. Lon. 1752.

LIVINGSTON, EDWARD, New-York, LITERARY museum or monthly mag. 8. New Orleans, Laws and ordinances Phil. 1797.

ordained and estab. for the government fair, Resolu. passed by the booksel- of the inhabi. of the city of N. Y. paslers who attended the first, held in the sed in the mayoralty of, 8. N. Y. city of N. Y. 1802.

1802. tablet, 3 vols. [imp.] 4. Hanover, Add, to the people of the U.S. on 1803, 4, 5.

the measures pursued by the executive miscellany, including disserta. and

with respect to the Batture at N. Oressays on subjects of literature, science, leans, with a report of the cause tried and morals; biog. and histor. sketches; in the sup. court of the territory of N. crit. remarks on language ; occas. re- Orleans, etc. 12. N. 0. 1808. views, pub. quarterly [under the aus- LIVINGSTON, MATURIN, Trial of, ag. pices of the PPK soc. of Massa.] with a James Cheetham for a libel, taken in portrait of Benjamin Count Rumford short hand by Wm. Sampson, 8. N. engraved by W. Hooker, 2 vols. 8. Y. 1807. Camb. 1805, 6.

LLOYD, J. Boston, Speeches in the se. LITTLE, WILLIAM, Report of the nate of the U.S. on Hillhouse's resolu.

trial of, on an indict. for an assault, etc. to repeal the embargo laws, 21 Nov. on Jane Little his lawful wife, a black

1808, 8. lady, 8. N. Y. 1808.

LOCKE, SAMUEL, Cambridge, Sher LIVERMORE, EDWARD SAINT LOE, burne, Conv, ser. 28 May, 1772. 8.

Portsmouth, Newburyport, Boston, Bos. Ora. del. in P. 17 July, 1799, in com- LODCE of N. Jersey, Gen. regula. for mem. of the dissolution of the polit. the gov. of the grand, 12. Burl. 1790. union bet. the U. S. A. and France, LONDON kalendar for 1783, 18. Lon. with an apology to the reader and notes magazine, or the monthly mag. cont. an impromptu [by Hall Jack- and the Brit. reg. fr. 1796 to 1805, inson] 4. P.

clus. 10 vols. 8. Lon. LIVINGSTON, WILLIAM, Elizabeth, LONGWORTH, David, New-York,

Letter to the bp. of Llandaff, 8. N. ¥ Amer. almanack, N. Y. reg. and city 1768,

directory fr. 1798 to 1813. inclus. 15 vols. 18. NY.

LOOKINGGLASS for presbyterians, 12. vids in Nederduytsche Zang-verssen Phil. 1764.

oude en nieuwe rymen, likewise, Alle LORING, ISRAEL, Sudbury, Mass. el. de kerk school en hays-boekskens, etc. ser. 25 May, 1787, 8. Bos.

18. t'Amster. 1729. Ser. ord. Gideon Richardson in Luyts, JOANNES, Introductio ad geo. Wells, 27 Feb. 1754, 8. Bos.

graphiam novam et veterem, adjiciLORING, JOSEPH, Boston, Exhibition untur suis locis Oceani, terræ, et cu.

of faots supported by docu. for the jusque regionis tabulæ item chartæ 65 inforination of the militia officers of Sansonis, etc. 4. Traj. ad Rhe. 1692.

Mass. (in ref. to] 8. Bos. 1806. LYDEKKER, GARRIT, New York, Dis. Lov, NORSKE, Kong Christian den and transla. of theses, etc. 24. N. Y. Femtes, 18. Prentet Aar, 1768.

1764. LOVE, CHRISTOPHER, Prophecies of, Transla. of Peter Schouten's prize

who was beheaded on Tower-bill, essay on the existence of God, 24. 1651, 12. Bos. 1805.

Lon. 1787. LOVEITT, Tribute to Washington for LYMAN, JOSEPH, Hatfield, Mass. el. 22 Feb. 1800, 4. Troy.

ser. S0 May, 1787. 8. Bos. LOTELL, JAMES, Boston, Ora. del. 2 Ser. del. in Deerfield, 1 Jan. 1799,

Ap. 1771, to commem. the tragedy of at the opening of the acad. with an the 5 March, 1770. 4. Bos.

add. by Roger Newton to the precepSketches of man as he is, 8. Bos. tor on his introduc. into office, 8. 1808.

Greenf. Propaga. of truth or tyranny ana- LYING-IN hospital of the city of N. Y. tomized in four letters, etc. 8. Bos. 1808. Act to incorpo. the soc. of the, with Low, NICHOLAS, Def. in errour and the bye laws, etc. 12. Brooklyn. Nicholas Goix pf. in errour, in the

Act rel. to the soc, court for the trial of impeach. and etc, with the bye laws, rules, and re

correction of errours, bet. 12. Alb.1801. gula. for the gov. of the, 12. N. Y. Low, John, Alphabet. table of the situa. LYTTON WILLIAM L. St. Croix, In.

tion and extent of the different streets, aug. dis. on Dropsy sub. to the fac, of roads, Janes, wharves, slips, public phy. under the author of the trus, of buildings, etc. of the city of N. Y. Colum. coll. 10 Nov. 1807, ded. to 1807.

Wright Post and William Hamersley, LOWELL, John, Newburyport, Ser. 8. N. Y. ord. Thos. Barnard, in Newbury, 31

M. Jan. 1739, 8. Bos.

M'CALLA, DANIEL, Ser. ord. James LOWELL, John, Boston, Ora. on Am. Adams at Dorchester and Beach-hill, indepen. 1799, 8. Bos.

c. by Isaac Stockton Keith of Charles(-) Remarks on J. Q. Adams's re- ton, S. Car. 8. C. 1799.

view of Fisher Ames's works, with MACCARTY, THADDEUS, Kingston, strictures on the views of the author, Worcester, Two fast ser. del. in W. 8. Bos. 1809.

14 July, 1774, with au advert. 8. Bos. Louis, De Brunswick, Considerations M'CLARY owners, Statement of the

sur l'affaire du seign. duc, 8. 1781. See cause of the, and Doane and Doane's Factum.

administrators fr. 1777 to 1795, when LOUISBOURG, Journal of the siege of. it was closed in the sup. court of the See Shirley.

U. S. 12. Ports. 1795. LOUISIANA, Analysis of the third arti- MACCLINTOCH, SAMUEL, Greenland, cle of the treaty of cession of, 3.

Ser. fr. 2 Kings 4. 26, 8. Ports 1759. LOUVET, JEAN BAPTISTE, l'un des Ser. fr. Eph. 4. 14, with a pref. 8.

representans proscrits en 1793, Quel. Ports. 1770. ques notices pour l'histoire et le recit Ser. fr. Mat. 14. 1 to 13 inclus. del. de mes perils depuis le 31 Mai, 179S, in Ports. 1772, 8. Ports. d. ed. 8. à Paris, l'an 3.

Ser. del. bef. the legisla. of N. H. LUISCIUS, A. G. Algemeen historisch, 3 June, 1784, on the commencement

geographisch, en genealogisch woor- of the new constitu. 8. Ports.

denboek, etc. 2 vols. fol. te Delft, 1726. Ser. fr. 2 Sam. 24. 14, del. 9 LUNGS, Essay on the. See Stroebel. Sept. 1798, 8. Bos. LUTHERUS, M. Het nieuwe Testament Ora. occ. by the d. of G. Washing

ouses Heeren Jesu Christi na d' over- ton, del. 22 Feb. 1800, 8. Ports. setting van, with De 150 Psalmen Da- Epistolary correspon. bet. John

Cozens Ogden of Portsinouth and, MACKENZIE, ALEXANDER, Journal principally on the high powers and through the N. W. continent of Ame. prerogatives claimed by diocesan bps. rica [title page wanting] 8. as successors to the apostles, 8. Ports. M'KINNEY, JAMES, View of the 1791. See Ogden.

rights of God and man in some serM'CLURE, DAVID, North Hampton,

mons, 8. Phil. 1797. East Windsor. See Parish.

M'KINNON, JOHN D. Descrip. poems, M'DONALD, JOHN, Albany, Letter to cont. picturesque views of the state of

the friends of religion criminating the N. Y. 18. N. Y. 1802. presbytery of Albany and the synod of M'KNJGHT, John, New York, ChamN. Y. and N. J. with an ans. by Jonas bersburgh, Ser. del. 4 July, 1794, at Coe of Troy, 8. Alb, 1801.

the request of the democratic soc. and M'Dowel, BENJAMIN, Ser. fr, Is. military officers, 8. N. Y. 62. 10, 8. Dub. 1799.

Nat. thanks ser. del. 19 Feb. 1795, MACE, John, On the proximate cause with a pref. 8. N. Y. of disease, 8. Phil. 1802.

Ser. del. 1 Jan. 1802, 8. N. Y. M'FARLAND, ASA, Concord, Ora. del. M‘KNIGHT, John, Jun. Add. del.

bef. the 0 B K soc. at their anniv. in bef. the Philolexian soc. in N. Y. on Hanover, 25 Aug. 1802, 4. H.

taking the presidential seat, with a no. Histor. view of heresies and vin- tice of the object of the instita. 8. N. dica. (of the primitive faith with a Y. 1808. pref. 12. C. 1806.

MACLEAN, JOAN, Princeton, Two lec. M GREGORE, DAVID, Londonderry, on combustion, 8. Phil. 1797.

Ser. fr. Mat. 3. 9, 10, del, 28 Dec. M'LEOD, ALEXANDER, New-York, 1741, 8. Bos. 1742.

Negro slavery unjustifiable a dis. fr. Ser. fr. 1 Tim. 1. 12, del. in Bos. Ex. 21. 16, 8. N. Y. 1802. 11 and 12 March, 1747, 12. Bos.

Messiah gov. of the nations of the M'INTOSH, DUNCAN, Collection des earth, a dis. fr. Rev. 1. 5, 8. N. Y.

differens discours et pieces de poesie M'NEVIN, WILLIAM JAMES, Ireland, prononcés le jour de la fete donnee à New York, Ramble through Swisser mons. à Baltimore, le 9 Janv. 1809. land in the summer and autumn of

Acc. of an entertainment given in 1802, 8. Dub. 1803. honour of, in Baltimore 9 Jan. 1809, Pieces of Irish hist. illustrative of with a coll. of pieces del. on that oc- the condition of the catholics of Irel. cas. 8. Bal.

etc. 8. N. Y. 1807. [M'KEAN, JOSEPH, Milton, Boston, MʻMAHON, BERNARD, Amer. garden

Cambridge,] Ser. in wh. the question er's calender adapted to the climate and of war with Gr. Brit. is examined up- seasons of the U. S. 8. Phil. 1806. . on moral and christian principles, 8. M'NIECE, JOHN, North Salem, Frank. Bos. 1808.

lin, (now Paterson,] New-York, Ora. [-] Sacred extracts fr. the scrip- del. 5. July, 1802 at Stephenstown,

tures for the use of schools and fami. with sundry reasons for publishing, 8

lies, with an advertise. 12. Bos. 1809. Danb. [-] Catalogues of the Bos. theol. lib. [MACOMB, ROBERT,] Add. of the Unit.

of the Bos. Atheneum, of the late ed whig club to their fellow republic John Eliot's lib. See Alden.

cans of the State of N. Y. 8. N. Y. [ ] Memoirs of the late John Eliot, 1809. 8. Bos. 1813.

MACWAORTER,ALEXANDER, Newark, M'KEEN, Joseph, Beverly, Bruns- Festival dis. occas. by the celebrawick, Fast ser. 11 Ap. 1793, 8. Sal. of the 17th, anniv. of Am. indepen. 8.

Mass. el. ser. 28 May, 1800, 8. N. 1793. Bos.

Ser. del. in N. Y.1 Nov. 1796, at the Inaug. address del. in Brunswick 9 first institu. of the N. Y. Miss. Soc. Sept. 1802, at his entrance on the pre- with an app. and the constitu. of the sidency of Bowdoin coll. 8. Portl. soc. 8. N. Y. 1807.

Century ser. del. 1 Jan. 1801, cont. Eulogy on the d. of, See Jenks. a sbrief hist. of the presbyterian ch. MACKENZIE, RODERICK, Strictures in N. 8. N. 1807.

on Tarleton's hist. of the campaigns of MACWAORTER, ALEXANER CUMMING, 1780 and 1781, in a series of letters Newark, Ora. del. 4 July, 1794, 1%. to a friend, 8. Lon. 1787,


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