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22 Dec. 1813.

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RESOLVED, That the thunks of this Society be presented to the Reverend Timothy ALDEN, for his indefatigable labour and attention in arranging and preparing the Catulogue of the Library of this Society, and in superintending the publication of the same. Extract from the Minutes,


Recording Secretary.


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On the tenth day of December, 1804, a number of gentlemen, belonging to the city of New-York, formed themselves into a Society for the purpose of collecting and preserving whatever documents might relate to the natural, civil, literary, medical, or ecclesiastical history of the United States, and particularly of the state of New-York. In pursuance of their object, an act was obtained from the Honourable the Legislature of this state, on the tenth of February, 1809, constituting them a body corporate by the title of THE NEW-YORK HISTORICAL SOCIETY.

They were encouraged to this undertaking by the laudable example and successful efforts of Belknap, Eliot, Minot, Sullivan, Thacher, and the other distinguished founders of a sister institution in Massachusetts.

The Catalogue now offered to the public, executed with a minuteness which, it is hoped, will be gratifying to the historian and antiquary, exhibits evidence of the industry with which many rare and valuable books, tracts, newspapers, maps, charts, manuscripts, and other articles, have been procured.

Works in any language, in any department of literature and science, also natural and artificial curiosities for our cabinet, are received with gratitude and preserved with care; yet the primary object of the society is to avail itself of a copy of all American and foreign publications and manuscript productions, which throw light on the history of our country.

One volume of our Historical Collections has been issued from the press, and the second may shortly be expected.

The literary treasures already amassed are, principally, the fruit of private munificence, as the records of the society will fully show. When our place of deposite is permanently fixed, and our arrangements made, which, we trust, will be in a style worthy of the commercial metropolis of this extensive Repub

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lic, the spirit of ne extra hanc bibliothecam efferatur will be cautiously observed as to every article; yet the archives of the institution will be, at all times, of easy access to any gentleman in search of historical information.

Of benefactors to this Society we have gratefully entered on our records a long and highly respectable list. It was our intention to have given their names to the public in this communication, but the delicacy of some would, perhaps, be wounded by such a measure. The magnitude and value of the donations by the gentlemen, whose names are subjoined, however, claim our most explicit acknowledgments; Hon. De Witt Clinton, John Pintard, Jobn M-Kesson, Esq. Hon. Brockholst Livingston, David Hosack, M. D. William Johnson, Esq. Rev. Samuel Miller, D. D. Gulian C. Verplanck, Esq. Rev. Timothy Alden, William A. Duer, Esq. Hon. Samuel L. Mitchill, M. D. Rt. Rev. Benjamin Moore, D. D. Peter A. Jay, Esq. Hon. Egbert Benson, Anthony Bleecker, Esq. Francis B. Winthrop, Esq.; and among the Booksellers of our city, Messrs. T. and J. Swords, James Eastburn, Collins & Co. Peter A. Mesier, Samuel Campbell, Inskeep and Bradford; also among the publishers of Newspapers, Messrs. Coleman, Holt, and Lewis.

If the friends of this institution should continue their patriotic and kind attentions; if the zeal, which at present actuates its members, should not abate ; and if the Honourable the Legislature of this State should liberally extend its fostering hand, as we ardently hope and espect, we shall not only be enabled to publish many volumes of original, important, and interesting historical details; but we shall, in due time, with the smiles of Divine Providence, erect upon the broad foundation, now happily laid, a superstructure, which will be honorary to the State of New-York, and useful to the world.

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Ans. to Paine's Rights of man, first

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