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BACKUS, I. (cont.) Hist. of N Eng. (BANCROFT, A. (cont.) Essay on the life

wth partic. ref. to the baptists, 2 vols. of G. Washington, with a portrait of 8. 1st. Bos 1777, 2d. Prov. 1784.

W. e.

.e. by Edwin, 8. W. 1307. BACHUS, AZEL, Bethlem, Con. el. ser. Ser. ord. Nathan Parker in Porto 10 May, 1798, 8. Hart.

mouth, 14 Sept. 1808, c. by Joseph BACON, EZEKIEL, Ora. 4 July del. at Willard of Boxborough, f. by Han

Williamstown, 12. Bennington, 1799. tington Porter of Rye, 8. P. BADGER. STEPHEN, Natick, two dis. Bank of N. Amer. consideru. on the; on drunkenness, 8. Bos. 1774.

12. Phil. 1785. BAHAMA jurisdiction over the Turk's BANKERS and creditors, The case of the;

islands, The question of the, discussed stated and exam. 4. 1674. by Isocrates, 8. Lon. 1803.

BANKRUPTCY, Bill to estab. a uniform BAKER, SIR RICHARD), Chronicle of

sys. of, through the U. S. A. 14 Decs the kings of Eng. fr. the time of the 1798, 8. Rom. gov. to the 8 of Geo. I. fol. Banks, John, Acc. of the life, trial, 1630.

and confes. of, 8. N. Y. 1806. BALCH, Ww. Bradford, Ser. del. 4 BANNEKER, Bens. [a free black] co

Oct. 1782, at the gathering of the 20. py of a letter fr. to the sec. state, ch. in Rowley, 8. Bos. 1735.

with his ans. 4 Phil. 1792. Vindica. of some points of doc. BAPTISM, Thoughts on christian, deduc. being an ans. to the remarks of Wig- ed, fr. script. by Observator, 8. N. Y.

glesworth and Chipman, 4. Bos. 1746. 1796. BALCH, TAOMAS, Dedham, Art. el. Serious and familiar dial. concern. ser, 6 June, 1763, 8. Bos.

the divine ordinance of, 12. Bos. 1803. BALCH, BENJ. Barrington, ser. ord. of BAPTIST people at Norwich, Rela. of

his son, Wm. Balch, in Salisbury, 17 the opposition, wh. some met with in Nov. 1802, c. by Sam. Macclintock 1761, 8. of Greenland, f. and app. by Timo. BAPTIST hymns, see Elliot and Ste.

Alden of Portsmouth, 8. Dover, 1803, BALDWIN, EBENEZER, Danbury. BAPTIZED children, Diseiplining, See

Thanks, ser. 16 Nov. 1775, illus. with Richards et al. notes, 8. N. Y. 1776.

BARD, SAMUEL, Nero. York, Enquiry BALDWIN, THOMAS, Boston, Mass. el. into the nat. cause, and eure of Angiser. 26 May, 1802. 8. Bos.

na suffocativa, or sore throat distem. ser. instal. Elisha Williams in Be- 8. N. Y. 1771. verly, 15 Juue, 1803, e. by Sam.

Guide for young shepherds, Stillman of Bos. f. by Joseph Grafton, facts and observa. on merino sheep, 8. Bos.

24. N. Y. 1811. BALE, JOAN, Actes of English vota

Dis. on the impor. of med. eduries, 1st. and 2d. parts, with a pref. ca. del, 4 Nov. 181i, bef. college of [black letter] 18 Lon. 1560.

phy. and surg. 8. N. Y. 1812. BALISTA ANGELONI, Letter fr. to BARRERE, Rapport sur la marine de Manzoni, 18.

la repub. dans la Mediterranee par, 8. BALLSTOWN Springs, 12. N. Y. 1806. BARING, ALEXANDER, Inquiry into BALTIMORE, Ordinances of the corpo- the causes and consequences of the

ra. of the city of, with the act of in- orders in council and exam. of the corpo. and supplement, 8. B. 1801. conduct of Gr. Brit, towards the neu.

Ordinances, etc. 8. B. 1804, 1805, tral com. of Amer. 8. N. Y. rep. 1808. 1806.

[BARLOW JOEL,] Elegy on Titus Hosriot. See Thompson.

mer, with a ded. to his relict Lydia Banco, nacional de san Carlos, Quinta Hosmer, 8. llartf. (about 1780.]

junta del. 18 de Deciem. de 1786, 4. Vision of Columbus, with a ded. to Madrid, 1787.

Louis XVL 8. Hertf. 1787. BANCBOFT, EDWARD, Remarks on the Ora, del, at Hartf, bef. the Cincin

review of the controversy bet. Gr. nati of Con. 4 July, 1787, 4. H. Brit. and her col. ete. 8. N. L. rep. Letter to the nat, conv. of Fr. on 1771.

the defects of the constitu. of 1791, BANCROFT, AARON, Worcester, with a poem, the couspiracy of kings Mass. el. ser. 27 May, 1801, 8. Bos. 8. N. Y.

Ora. del. at the open. of Leicester Advice to the privileged orders in acail July, 1806, 8, 1!",

the sev, states of Europe resulting for CATALOGUE.

rep. 1794.

tbe necessity and propriety of a gen. (BARNARD T.(cont.) Dad. lec. del. in the revolu. in the principle of govern- chapel of Har. coll. 3 Sept. 1795.

ment, part 1st. 12. N. Y: rep. 1792. Fast Ser. 31 March, 1696, 8. S. BARLOW J. (cont.) part 2d. 12. N. Y. Ser. del. bef. the Salem female

Char. soc. 6 June, 1803, with an acc. second letter to his fellow cit. of the of the soc. 8. S. U. S. A. on certain polit. measures Dis. bef. the soc. prop. gos. among proposed to their consid. dated Paris, Ind. and others in N. Amer. 6 Nov. 20 Dec. 1799, 8. N. Y. 1801.

1806, with an app. 8. Charlest. [-] Prospectus of a national institu. BARNES, David, Scituate, Ser. ord.

to be estab. in the U. $. A. 8. Wash Jotham Waterman in Barnstable, 30 1806.

Sept. 1801, c. by Nathan Stone of BARNARD, JOHN, Marblehead, Ser- Dennis, f. by Jonathan Burr of Sand.

mons on sev. subjects, with a ded. to wich, 8. Bos. 1802.
his people, 8. Lon. 1727.

BARNSTABLE CO. See Itinerant preach-
Mass. el. ser. 29 May, 1734, 8. Bos. ing

Dud. lec. del. in the chapel of BARON, GEORGE, Mathematical corHar. coll. 23 June, 1756, with a ded. respondent. See Mathematical. to Lucy Dudley, relict of Paul Dud- BARRINGTON, DAINES, Miscellanies ley, founder of the lec. and an app. with maps and tables, 4. Lon. 1781. cont. an extract from the founder's BARRINGTON, GEORGE, voyage to New will, 8. Bos.

South Wales. with an acc. of his life Ser. fr. 1 John 5. 20. del. at the and trial, 8. N. Y. thur. lec. in Bos. 16 July, 1761, 8. B. BARROW, WM. S. of New-York, Inaug. BARNARD, JOHN, Andover, Ser. ord. dis. on Lumbar abscess sub. to the

Timothy Walker at Pennicook [Con- exam. of the fac. of phy. under the cord] 18 Nov. 1730, c. by Samuel author. of the trus. of Colum. coll. 13 Phillips of Andover, f. by John Brown Nov. 1804. ded. to Wright Post, of Haverhill, 8. Bos. 1731.

Charles Smith. Daniel McCormick, Mass. el, ser. 28 May, 1746, 8: Gilbert Robertson, 8. N. Y. Bos.

BARTLET, John, Dis. bef. Mass. hum. BARNARD, EDWARD, Haverhili, Ser. soc. 11 June, 1792. with an app. je

ord. Henry True in Hempstead, 24 Bos. June, 1752, 8. Bos.

BARTON, BENJ. SMITH, Philadelphia, Fast ser. 12 Ap. 1764, 8. Ports. Memoir concern. the fascinating fa

Ser. ord. Gyles Merrill in Plastow, culty ascribed to the rattlesnake and 6 March, 1765, 8. Bos.

other Amer. serpents, 8. Phil. 1796. Mass. el. ser. 28 May, 1766, 8. Bos. New views of the origin of the

Ser. ord. Thomas Cary in New- tribes and nations of Amer. 8. Phil. buryport, 11 May, 1768, c. by Paine 1797. Wingate of Amesbury, f. by Thomas Med. and phys. journal, part 1st, Prentice of Charlestown, 8. Bos.

vol. 1st. 8. Phil. 1804. Conv. ser. 27 May, 1773, 8. Bos. BARTON, WM. Disserta. on the freeBARNARD,THOMAS, Newbury, Salem, dom of naviga. and marit. commerce,

Ser. ord. Josiah Bayley in Hampton- 8. Phil. 1802.
falls, 19 Oct. 1757, 8. Ports.

RARTRAM, WM. Travels through N.
Art. el. ser.
June, 1758, 8. Bos.

and S. Car. Georgia, E. and W. Flo-
Ser. del. bef. a soc. in Bos. for rida, etc. embel. with copper plates, 8.
encouraging industry and employing Phil. 1791.
the poor, 20 Sept. 1758, with an app. BASCOM, JONATAAN, Orleans, Ora.
8. Bos.

22 Feb. 1800 occ. by. d. of G. WashMass. el. ser. 25 May, 1763, 8.

ington, 8. Bos. Bos.

BASCONG ADA, Extractos de las juntas Dud. lec. del. at Har. coll. 11 May, generales celebrados por la real socie1768, 8. Sal.

dad, por Setiembre de 1776. 4. en Vi. BARNARD THOMAS, Salem, Conv. toria. ser. 30 May, 1793, 8. Bos.

por Setiem. de 1779, 4. en Vitoria. Dis. bef. Mass. hum. soc. June, por Setiem de 1783, 4. en Vitoria. 1794, with an app. 8. Bos.

por Julio de 1786, 4. en Vitoria, Nat, thanks, ser. 19 Feb. 1795, 8. 1787 Şal,

BASCONGADA (cont.) por Julio de 1787, to Wright Post, Isaac Leåyard, James 4. en Vitoria, 1788.

Tillary, Edward Miller, 8. N. Y. Bass, EDWARD, Newburyport, Scr. del. BAYONNE, Memoire de la ville, juris

bef. Merrimac hum. soc. 6 Sept. 1808, diction consulaire et chambre de comwith an app. cont. a biog. notice of the merce de, 4. 1783. author, eto. 8. N.

BEACH, John, Reading, Vindica. of the BATES, JOSHUA, Dedham. Ser. ord. professors of the ch. of Eng. ag. Noah

James Thompson in Barre, 11 Jan. Hobart, with a pref. by S. Johnson 1804, c. by Joseph Sumner of Shrews- and an app.cont. Wetmore and Caner's bury, f. by John Fiske of New-Brain- vindica. of their own cause and chatree, 8. Worc.

racter, etc. 4. Bos. 1749. BATTLE, A squirt, 12. Germantown.

Reply to Jona. Dickinson of Eliz. BATTLE of Lodi, or sketch of Bona- in way of dialogue, rel. to God's sove

parte's campaigns in Italy, intended reignty and univ love, etc. as a companion to the great histor. BEASLEY, JOnn, Albany, Ser,del. at the picture painted by Robert Kerr Por. request of the ladies' soc, for the re. ter, 8. N. Y. 1804.

lief of distressed women and children, BAY, WM. S. of New-York, Inaug. dis. 10 Jan. 1808.

on the Dysentery, sub. to the exam. Essays on episcopacy. of the fac. of phy. under the author. of BEAUMARCHAIS a Leo tre son de the trus. of Colum. coll. S May, 1797. nonciateur, ou compte rendu des neuf 8. N. Y.

mois les plus penibles de ma vie, prem. BAYARD, SAMUEL, Princeton, Ora.occ. epoque, 4. about 1792.

by d. of G. Washington, del. in New deuxieme epoque, 4.

Rochelle, 1 Jan. 1800, 8. N. Bruns. trosieme epoque, 4. [-] Add to the well disposed, reflect- quatrieme epoque, 4.

ing, and unprejudiced freeholders of DECCARIA on crimes, 12. N. Y. 1809. W. Chester co. recom. the support of Beck, THEODRIC ROMBYN, Inaug. dis: Stephen Van Rensselaer as gov. and on Insanity, sab. to the exam. of the James Watson as lieut. gov. etc. 8. trus. of the college of phy. and sur. in N. Y. 1801.

the state of N. Y. 14 May, 1811, ded. to Catechism for youth, trans. chiefly John B. Romeyn, David Hosack, Wm. fr. a work of Ostervald, 12. N. Y. 1812. McClelland, James Low, 8. N. Y.

Add. del. bef. the Washington ben. Ann. add. del. bef. the soc. prosocieties of P. and Cranbury, 22 Feb. mot. useful arts, 3 Feb. 1813. 8. Alb. 1813, 8. N. Bruns.

BEDE venerabilis, Eccles. hist. gentis BAYARD, S. of Delaware, speech Anglorum libri quinque, 24. Col. on the for. interc. bill del. in the h. of

Agrip. 1601. rep. U. S.3 March, 1797, 8.

BEDINGER, DANIEL, Letter to Robert Speech del. in the h. of rep. U. S. Smith, sec. navy, with an app. 8. Norf. on a bill for repealing certain acts rel. 1808. to the organization of the courts of the BEEBE, Diggins, et al. appel. and the U. S. Feb. 1802.

pres. directors and comp. of the bank BAYLEY, ABNER, Salem, Ser. ord. John of N. Y. respon. in the court for the

Page at Hawke in Kingston, 21 Dec. trial of impeach. and the correction of 1763, 4. Ports. 1764.

errors bet. case on the part of the BAYLEY, RICHARD, N. York, Cases of

appel. 8. N. Y. the Angina trachealis, in a letter to BEECHER, LYMAN, East Hampton, ser. Wm. Hunter, with a letter fr. Peter cont, a gen. hist. of the town of E. H. Middleton, 8. N. Y. 1781.

del. 1 Jan. 1806, with manuscript notes Acc. of the epi. fever in N. Y. dar- by J. L. Garliner, 8. Sag-Harbour. ing the sum. and part of the fall, 1795. Ser. on duelling with the resolu. and 8. N. Y. 1796.

add. of the Antiduel. soc. of N. Y. Letters fr. the health office sub. to Beer and pork, Act for salting, repacka the com. coun. of the city of N. Y. 1796 ing, and inspec. of, for exporta. enact. to 1798, 8.

ed by the legisla. of N. Y. 8. N.Y. 1800. BAYLEY, JOSEPH, Inaug. dis. on the BEERS, WM. P. Ora, occ. by the d. of

Yellow fever sub. to the exam. of the G. Washington, del, at Albany, 9 Jan. fac. of phy. under the author. of the 1300, 4. Alb. trus. of Colum. coll. 4 May, 1802, ded. BEA AVIOUR, Harmony of wisdom and felicity ia reťa, to our civil, mor, and duce the courage of vice adm. 8.N. Y. spiritual, 8. Bos. 1743.

1807. BELCHER, JOSEPA, Dedham, Ser. ord. BERNARD, RICHARD, Batcombe iss

Nathaniel Cotton in Bristol, 30 Aug. Gr. Brit. Isle of Man, or the legal 1721, with a pref. by In. Mather of proceed. in Man-shire, [an allegorical Boston, 12. Bos. 1722.

work,] ded. to Tho. Thinne and his Copy of a letter found in his study lady. Katharine, [title page want.] 18. after his decease, being an ans. to the Terence in Eng. ded. to Christoquest. IIow to live in this world 30 as pher Wray, [imp.] to live in heaven, 12. Bos.

BERNARD, GAGE AND Hoop, Letters BELFAST review, Acc. of the, and cele

to the ministry, with memorials and bra, of the Fr. revolu. 12. Edin. 1792.

letters, 8. Lon. rep. 1769. BELKNAP, JEREMY, Dover, Boston, 4. Salem, 1769.

N. Hamp. el. ser. del. at Ports. 2 June, BERRIAN, James, Trial of, for crim. 1785, 8. P.

conversa. with Catharine, wife of Jacob Hist. of N. Hampshire, 3 vols. with Blakeney, 8. N. Y. 1807. a map of the state, pref. and app. 8. Best, W. Ireland, New-York, Dis. upon 1st. Phil. 1784, 2d. and 3d. Bos. 1791,

oratory and philos. inquiry into the 1792.

beauties and defects of the Eng. lang. Dis. on the discovery of Amer. by with thoughts on preaching and pulpit Columbus, to wh. are added four dis

cloquence, 8. Charleston, 1800. serta. 8. B.

BEVERIDGE, WILLIAM, Ser. on the Amer. biography, 8. 1st. vol. 1794. excel. and usefulness of the com. 2d. 1798. Bos.

prayer, 32d. ed. 12. Lon. 1753. - Conc. ser. del. in Bos. 26 May, 1796. Beza, THEODORUS, Responsio ad epis8. B.

tolam Dudithii, [imp.] 8. 1570. [] Add. fr. a min. to a parishioner, - et Marot, Pseaumes de David en

on the neglect of pub. worship, 12. rime. See Geneva bible. Salem.

Bezout, Cours de mathematiques a l' BELL, BENJAMIN, Impar. hist. of the

usage des gardes du Pavillon et de la trial of, for the pretended crime of ex- marine, 2d. and 3d. parts. 2 vols. 8. & tortion in a series of letters, 8. Wind- Paris, 1782. 1787.

BIBLE, La, qui est toute la saincte esa BELLAMY, JOSEPH, Bethlem, Blow at criture du vieil et du nouveau testa the root of the refined antinomianism

ment, autrement l'anciene et la nou. of the present age, etc. 8. N. Y.

velle alliance, le tout reveu et confere - Works, 3 vols. 8. N. Y. 1811. sur les textes Hebrieux et Grecs pav BENTHAM, EDWARD, Gr. Brit. De

les pasteurs et professeurs de l'eglise vita et moribus J. Burtoni, 8. Oxon. de Geneve, avec amples indices et fi1771.

gures pour le contentement du lecture. BENTLEY, WILLIAM, Salem, Charge En ceste derniere edition ont est ad.

del. bef. the Morning star lodge in joustés les pseaumes de David, mis en Worcester, 25 June, 5798. 8. Worc. rime, Francaise, par Cl. Marot et Th.

Masonic add. del. bef. the Essex Beze, with a pref. by J. Calvin, q.v. lodge, 27 Dec. 1798, 12. S. 1799. fol. à Geneve, 1644.

Mass. el. ser. 27 May, 1807. 8. Bos. BIBLE soc. First report of the Brit. and BENEVOLENT SOC. of the city of N. Y. for. with an app. and a list of subscriConstitu. of the, 8. N. Y. 1804.

bers and benefac. 8. Lon. 1805. soc. of the co. of Orange, Constitu.

at Phila. Add. to the pub. of the, 1805.

with the constitu. etc, of the, 8. Phil. BENNETT, BENJAMIN, Middletown, 1809. Add. on Amer. independence, 24. N.Y.

Sec. report of the, with an 1802.

app. and a list of subscribers and bene. BENSON, EGBERT, New-York, Opin- fac. 8. Phil. 1810. iou on the quest. Whether a foreign

of Massachusetts, Circular oondemnation be not conclusive ag. the add. fr. the, with the constitu. etc. 8. assured, 8. Alb. 1802.

Bos. 1809. BERGASSE, Lettre de, a Dinocheau, 8.

Report of the execu. commit1790.

tee of the, 4 June, 1812, 8. Bos. BERKELEY, GEO. CRANFIELD, Re

of New Jersey, First report futa. of the calumnies circulated to tra. of the managers of the, 2 Oct. 1810,

sor, 1797.

with an app. cont. the constitu. names opposed, 2 vols. making 837 pp. 8. of the mem. etc. 8. Trenton.

N. Y. 1768, 1769. BIBLE SOC. (cont.) second report, etc. Bisse, Thomas, Beauty of holiness in 27 Aug.1811, 8. Trenton.

the com. prayer, in four ser. with a of Connecticut, Add. constitu. pref. 12. Bos. rep. 1797. etc. of the, 8.

BISSETT, JOHN, Baltimore, Ser. op re. BIBLE and com. prayer soc. in the city generation, 8. B. 1788.

of N. Y. Add. and constitu. of the, 8. Ser. del. 19 June, 1791, bef. the BIBLIOTHECA Americana, or a chron. corpora. for the relief of the widows

catal. of the most curious and inter- and chil. of clergymen of the prot. esting books, pam. state papers, etc. epis. ch. in Maryl. with an app. 8. Phil.

rel. to N. and S. Amer. 4. Lon. 1789. BLACKSMITH, Letter fr. a, to a min. and BICHENO, J. Signs of the times or the elders of the ch. of Scotl. etc. 7th. ed.

overthrow of the papal tyranny, etc. 8. N'b’yport. 12. Albany.

BLAIR, ROBERT, Gr. Brit. The grave, BIGELOW, TIMOTHY, Groton, Ora. del. a poem, 8. Lon. 1784.

bef. the 0 B K soc. in Camb. 21 July, BLAIR, DAVID, Ser. fr. Mat. 15.25, 28, 1796, 8. Bos. 1797.

8. Glasgow, 1804. BioLOW, WILLIAM, Amherst, Salem, BLAKE, GEORGE, Boston, Mason. eulo.

Boston, Poem del. bef. the 0 B K soc. occ. by the d. of G. Washington, 8. B in Camb. July.

1800. [-] Bonaparte, an occa. song. BLAKE, FRANCIS, Exam. of the constiBIGLOW, JACOB, Poem del. bef. the tionality of the embargo laws bef. John

O B K soc. in Camb. 29 Aug. 1811, 8. Davis in the case of the U. S. vs. brig. Bos.

antine William, 8. Worc. 1808. Biul in chancery of N. Jer. [celebrated] [BLAUVELT, -], Fashion's anSee New Jersey.

alysis, or the winter in town, a satir. [BINGHAM, WILLIAM,] Letter fr. an poem, by sir Anthony Avalanche, with

American resident in Lon. to a mem. notes, illustra. etc. 12. N. Y. 1807. of parlia. on the restraining proclama. BLEECKER, ANN ELIZA, Posthu. works and strictures on Sheffield's pamphlet of, to wh. is add. a coll. of essays by on the commerce of the Am. states, Margaretta V. Faugeres, 12. N. Y. with Mentor's reply to Phocion's let

1793. ter, 8. Phil. 1784.

Bliss, DANJEL, Concord, Two ser. fr. Bron, Construction and principal uses 2 Cor. 4. 3. 8. Bos. 1755.

of math. instruments trans. fr. the BLOMBERG, WM. Nicholas, Fulham Fr. of, by Edward Stone, illustrated in Gr. Brit. Acc. of the life and writ

with 26 copper plates, fol. Lon. 1723. ings of Edmund Dickinson, with a treaBISHOP of Lon. and fellows of Mag. coll. tise on the Grecian games, 3. Lon. Vindica. of the proceed. of his maj. ec.

1739. cles. commissioners ag. the, 4. Lon. BLOME, RICHARD, Present state of his 1688.

majesty's isles and territories in Amer. BISHOP, ABRAHAM, New Haven, 8. Lon. 1687.

Georgia specula. unveiled in two num. BLOUNT, Wm. Tennessee, Report of the 8. Hartf. 1797.

com. of the h. of rep. U. S. appointed Ora. on polit. delusion del. in N. 8. to prepare articles of impeach. ag. with Phil. 1800. also 8. Newark, 1800. a copious app. 1797.

Ora. del. in Wallingford 11 March, BOGART, David S. South Hampton, occ. by election of Thomas Jefferson Thanks. ser. 22 Nov. 1804. 8. Sag Har. as pres. and Aaron Burr as v. pres. of

1805. of the U. S. 8. N. 1801.

Dis. del. bcf. rel. soc. etc. 24. N. Y. Ora. in honour of the elec. of pres. BOGART, HENRY, Inaug. dis. on Angina Jefferson and the peaceable acquisition pectoris, sub. to the exam. of the trus. of Louisiana, del. in Hartf. 11 May, of the coll. phy. and sur. in the state of 1804. 8.

N. Y. 4 May, 1813, ded. to John BoBISHOPs in the Amer. colonies, Coll. of gart, David Hosack, John Wakefield

tracts fr. the late newspapers,' etc. Francis, 8. N. Y. cont. in partic. the Amer. whig, a whip BOGALZKY, C. H. V. God's thoughts of for the Amer. whig, with other pieces peace in war. 24. Lon. 1759. on the subject of the residence of pro- BOISSIERI, C. C.TANGUY DELA, Obtestant, and in ans, to the writers who serva, on the dispatch. writ. 16 Jan.

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