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TRINITY CHORC#, Charter of the rec with a dis. fr. Acts 20. 17 to ei inclus.

tor and inhabi. of the city of N. Y. in 8. Bos. communion of the protestant epis. ch. TUCKER, J. (cont.) Letter to James in the state of N. Y. commonly called Chandler of Rowley, rel. to a margithe, with notes by an episcopalian of nal note or two in his ser. of 25 June, the city of N. Y. 8. N. Y. 1813.

1767, 8. Bos. Charter of the corporation of, de Remarks on a ser. by Aaron Hutchfended ag. the attacks of a late pam

inson of Grafton entit. Valour for phlet, 8. N. Y. 1813.

the truth, del. 23 Ap. 1767, 8. Bos. TROTT, NICHOLAS, S. Carolina, Laws A. Hutchinson's reply to remarks

of the Brit. planta. in Amer. relating on his ser. etc. considered by, author , to the ch. and clergy religion and of the remarks, 8. Bos. 1768. learning, fol. Lon. 1721.

Chandler's reply to, 18 Ap. 1768, 'TROUP, ROBERT, et al. Ans. to a clan. 8.

destine add. to the electors of the state Reply to Chandler's ans. cont. the

of N. Y. signed by, by Epaminondas, 8. author's vindica. of himself in a se. TRUEMAN, ANDREW, and Tho. Zealot, cond letter to Chandler,18. Bos. 1768.

Dial. bet. about killing the Indians at Hutchinson's reply to remarks on Cannestogoe and Loncaster, 12.

his ser. ete. considered by, 8. Bos. TRUMBULL, BENJAMIN, North Haven, 1768.

Nat. thanks. ser. del. 11 Dec. 1783, 2d. Conv. ser. 26 May, 1768, 8. Bos. ed. 8. New Haven.

Two sec. fr. Mark 16. 15, 16, John Hist. of Connecticut, civil and ec 6. 44, 8. Bos. 1769. clesiastical, fr. the emigration of its first Mass. el. ser. 29 May, 1771, 8. planters fr. Eng. in 1630 to 1713, with Bos. a map of the state of Con. and portraits Remarks on a dis. by Jonathan Par.. of Devenport, Winthrop, Saltonstall, sons of Newburyport del. 5 March, 8. 8. Hartf. 1797.

Bos. 1774. Gen. hist. of the U.S. A. fr. the dis Letter to, upon his remarks on covery in 1492 to 1792, or sketches of Parsons'jser. by Marcus Shangar, di the divine agency in their settlement, 1775. growth, aud protection, and especially Reply to the remarks by Marcus in the late memorable revolution, in 3 Shangar, 8. N. Eng. 1775. vols. vol. 1st. to 1765, 8. Bos. 1810.

Dud. lec. del. at Har. coll. 2 Sept. Fun. dis. occ. by the d. of G. Wash 1778, with a list of those who had. ington, with a portrait of w. by Doo previously preached this lec. 8. little, 8. New Haven.

Ser. del. in Nbyport fr. Ps. 133. 1, Add. on the subjects of prayer and with letters fr. Tho. Cary to his parishfamily religion, 12. New Haven.

ioners, 8. N. 1788. TRUMBULL, JOAN, Hartford, M'Fin- TUCKER, JOSIAH, Four letters on im.

gal, a modern epic poem, 8. N. Y. por. national subjects add. to the earl 1795.

of Shelburne, 8. Lon. 1778. TRUMBULL, JOHN, Connecticut, Gr.TUCKERMAN, JOSEPH, Boston, Ora.

Brit. Catalogue of paintings, 8. N. Y. del. bef. the Mechanic associa. 22 Feb. 1804.

1800, occ, by the d. of G. Washington, TRUMBULL, HENRY, Hist. of Indian

8. Bos. wars, etc. with plates, 2d. ed. 8. Tren- TUDOR, WILLIAM, Boston, Ora. del. ton, 1812.

5 March, 1779, 4. Bos. Tucke, John, Gosport, Ser. ord. of his TUDOR, WILLIAM, Boston, Ora. del.

son, John Tucke, in Epsom, 23 Sept. 4 July, 1809, with notes. 8. Bos. 1761, c. by John Tucke of G. f. by TUFTS, JOHN, Newbury, Ser. ord. Whittemore of Pembrook, 8. Ports. Benjamin Bradstreet in Glocester, 18 Tucker, JOHN, Newbury, Ser. ord. Sept. 1728, with a pref. by John

Edmund Noyes in Salisbury, 20 Nov. White of G. 12. Bos. 1729. 1751, 8, Bos.

TUFTS, HENRY, Narrative of the life, Ser. ord. Amos Moody, in Pelham, adventures, travels, and sufferings of, 20 Nov. 1765, 8. Bos. 1766.

12. Dover, 1807. Brief acc. of an eccles. council so TURELL, EBENEZER, Medford, Direccalled convened in the first parish of tion to his people with rela. to the preNewbury, 31 March and 21 Ap. 1767, sent times, 3d. ed. 12. Bos. 1742.

TURLINGTON'S balsam, Certificates in VARLE, Chares, Topograph. descrip. reoom. of, 12. 1750.

of Frederick, Berkley, and Jefferson TURNBULL, ROBERT, Visit to the in Virginia, designed to accompany Phil. prison, 8. Phil. 1796.

his map of those counties, 8. WinTurner, CHARLES, Duxburough, chester, 1810.

Turner, Mass. el. ser. 26 May, 1773, VELASCO, ANTONIO PALOMINO, with notes, 8. Bos.

Las vidas de los pintores y estuarios Tyer, ANDREW, Dedham, Two dis.

ennuentes Espanoles, etc. 8. Lon. 1742. on Luke 14. 26, 8. Bos. 1756. VENEGAS, Miguel, Hist. of CaliforTrpe foundery in N. Y. Specimens by nia, trans. fr. the Span. of, illus. with E. White and comp. N. Y. 1812.

a map and plates, 2. vols. 8. Lon. 1759. foundery in Phil. Specimens by Bin. VENEMA, PIETER, Arithmetica of ny and Ronaldson.

cyffer-konst, volgens de munten maten TYPOO-ZAER, Revolu. de l'Inde pen en gewigten, te Nieu-York gebray

dant le 18 siecle, ou memoires de, ecrits kelyk als mede een kort ontwerp van par luimeme et trad. de la langue In. de algebra opgelstelt door, 18.N.Y.1730, dostaneé, publié par Antoine Fantin- VERGILIUS URBINAS, POLYDORUS,

Desodoards, 2d, vol. 8. à Paris, 1796. De rerum inventoribus libri octo, ejusTYTLER, J. Salem, Proposals for pub. dem in orationem Dominicam coma new system of geography, 8. Salem, mentariolum, ded. Ludovico Odaxio 1802.

Patavio, [1499] 24. 1604.

VERMONT, Statutes of the state of, V.

revised and estab. by authority, 1787, VALENCE, Lettres du general, pour includ. those passed fr. 1787 to 1791,

servir de suite aux memoires du gen. also the several acts respecting sales Dumouriez, 12. Frankf. 1794.

by the surveyor gen. and the constitu. VALENTINE, BASIL, The last will and

of the state, 8. Bennington, 1791. testament of, monke of the order of

Short hist. of the eccles. oppressSt. Bennet, with two treatises declar. ions in N. Eng. and, 8. Richmond,1799. ing his manual operations, and show- VERNON, WILLIAM Henry, Ade, ing things natural and supernatural, des citoyens des Etats Unis de l'Amerwith a pref. 12. Lon. 1671.

ique, prononcé devant l'assemblée naVANDERBILT, John, Ora. del. 28

tionale, le 20 Juillet, 1790, 12. à Dec. at Brooklyn bef. Trinity and Be Paris. nevolent lodges of N. Y. and Fortitude VerplANCK, GULIAN C. Ora. 4 July, lodge of B. with an add. del. bef. the

1809, 8. N. Y. officers of the grand lodge by Wm. VICKERS, WILLIAM, Acc. of a spe. Burrill, 8. N. Y. 5808.

cific remedy for curing the king's evil, Add. del. in the N. Y. free school,

8. Lon. 1710. 27 Dec. 1809, on the introduc. of 50 VIETS, ROGER, Simsbury in Con. orphan children belonging to the ma Digby in N. Scotia, Farewell charge, conic fraternity, 8. N. Y. 1810.

8. Hartf. 1787. VANDER DONCK, ADRIAN, Beschrya

Valedictory ser. 8. Hartf. 1800. vinge van Nieuw-Nederlant, 4. Aem- VINAL, WILLIAM, Providence, Ser.. steldam, 1656.

fr. Joshua 7. 13, occ. by Braddock's Van Der HOOGHT, Proposals by Mills

defeat, 4. Newport, 1755. Day of New Haven for pub, an edition VIPER, Right way to shake of a, an of the Heb. Bible fr. the text of, 20 essay, etc. with a pref, by In. Mather, March, 1810.

12. Bos. rep. 1720. VAN HORNE, FREDERICK, Nero- VIRGINIA, Hist. of, in four parts by a

York, Ballston, Ser. del. bef. the native and inhabitant of the place, 20. Poughkeepsie lodge, 4. 1798.

ed. 8. Lon. 1722. VANSITTANT, NICHOLAS, Reflec Coll. of all the acts of assembly

tions on the propriety of an immed. now in force in, with the titles of such

conclusion of peace, 8. Lon, rep. 1794. as are expired or repealed, with many VAN SOLINGEN, HENRY M. Neru useful marginal notes and references: York, Inaug. dis. on worms of the

and exact table, fol. Wmburg, 1733. hum. intestines, sub. to Wm. Linn Coll. of all such pub. acts of the and to the trus. and fac. of Queen's gen. assembly and ordinances of the

coll. ded. to Wm. Lion, &. N. Y. 1792. conventions of, fr. 1768, as are now VAN STAPHORST aan zyne langenoo. in force, fol. Richmond, 1785.

teng 8. 1797

VIRGINIA, (cont.) Debates. See Ro- UNITED S. (cont.) Strictures and obseia bertson.

vations upon the three exec. depart: Proceed. of the assembly of, on of the gov. of the, by Massachusettenthe answers of sundry states to their sis, 8. 1792. resolutions of Dec, 1798, 8. Phil. 1800.

Treaty bet. his Brit. majesty Tour through part of, in 1808, in and the, conditionally ratified by the a Series of letters including an acc. of senate, 24 June, 1795, with a copious Harper's Ferry, the natural Bridge, app. 12. Phil. 1795. Weir's cave, Monticello, and sundry

Debates in the h. of repremedicinal springs.

sentatives of the, during the first ses• legislature, address of the minority sion of the 4th. cong. in relation to treain the, vindicating the constitutionality ties and on the subject of the Brit. of the alien and sedition laws, 8.

treaty, 2 vols. 8. Phil. 1796. VIRGINIA's claim to the western terri.

and his cath. majesty, Treaty tory, Investigation of, 8.

bet. the, 27 Oct. 1795, 8. 1796. VOLNEY, C. F. View of the soil and cli.

The Amer. annual reg. or mate of the U.S A. with remarks on histor. memoirs of the, for the year Florida, etc. trans. fr. the Fr. by C. B. 1796, 8. Phil. 19. Jan. 1797. Brown, illus. with maps and plates, 8.

The hist. of, for 1796, includPhil. 1804

ing a variety of particulars rel. to the VOLTAIRE, Epitre de mons. De, en ar fed. gov. 8. Phil. 1797. rivant dans sa terre pres du lac de Ge

Exam. of the conduct of the nere en Mars, 1755, with a poetic execu. of the, towards the Fr. repub. version, 4. Lon.

8. Phil. 1797.

Instructions to the envoys U

extraor. and ministers plenipo. fr. the, ULLOA, ANTONIO De, AND GEORGE to the Fr. repub. their letters of cre

JUAN, Voyage to S. Amer. underta dence and full powers and their disken by the command of the king of patches received from them rel. to Spain by, with occas. notes and obser their mission, 8. Phil. 1798. va. by John Adams, illus. with a map

Duties payable on goods, wares and plates, 2 vols. 8. Lon, 1772.

and merchandise imported into the, fr. UNCONVERTED, Letter to the, 8. N. Y. 30 Sept. 1797, duties on tonnage, etc. 1768.

fr. 30. June, 1799. 8. Bos. 1799. UNDERWOOD, NATHAN, Harwich, Ser.

Desultory reflections on the del. in Dennis, 17 Dec. 1795, at the new political aspects of pub. affairs in opening of a new meeting house, 8. the, since the commencement of 1799, Bos. 1796.

8. N. Y. 1800. UNFORTUNATE lovers, 8.

of America, Thoughts on the UNION college, Laws of, 8. Alb. 1802. increasing wealth and nat. economy of

Catalogue of graduates (the the, 8. Wash. 1801. first published] of, 8. 1819.

Add. on the past, present, and UNITARIAN and Athanasian, Friendly eventual relations of the, to France, 8.

dial, bet. a common, 12. Lon, 1784. N. Y. 1803. [Dickinson.] UNIVERSAL salvation, or a gentle stroke

Brit. influence on the affairs at Calvinism, a poem on, 12. N. Y. of the, proved and explained, 8. Bos. 1802.

1804. UNIVERSITY of the state of N. Y. Hist.

Thoughta on the present re. of the college of phy. etc. See New lations and interests of the, 8. N. Y. York.

1810. UNITED STATES, of N. America, Re

Census of the inhabitants of marks on a pam. entit. a disserta. on the, for 1790, 1800, 1810. 4. the polit. union and constitu. of the

Washington to the people of thirteen, by a cit. of Phil. by a Con the, on the choice of a president, 8. necticut farmer, with a pref. 12. 1784. Bos. 1812.

Strictures on the landed and UNITED whig club, add. of the, to their commercial interest of the, for 1786, fellow republicans of the state of N. Y. by Phileni, 8. N. Y.

8. N. Y. 1809. Return of the whole num. of

W. persons within the several districts of WADSWORTH, BENJAMIN, Boston, the, for 1790, 12. Phil. 1791.

Ser. occ. by the d. of Isaac Addington, 12. B. 1716.

WADSWORTA, B. (cont.) True piety the War in America, An impar. hist. of the,

Best policy for times of war, a ser. del. bet. Gr. Brit. and her colonies, fr. the at the thur. lec. 8.B. 1722.

commencement to the end of 1779, WADSWORTA BENJAMIN, Danvers, with a map and app. cont, authentic Ser. del. at the ded, of the brick meet

papers, 8. Lon. 1780. ing house in D. 20 Nov. 1806, with and politicks, The Amer. and Brit. notes, 8. Sal. 1807.

chronicle of, fr. 10 May, 1773 to 16 WAKEFIELD, GILBERT, Exam. of the July, 1783, 8. Lon.

Age of reason, 8. N. Y. rep. 1794. Objections to the examined and reWALES, SAMUEL, Con. el. ser. 12 May, futed by a friend of peace, 8. Lon. 1785, 8. Hartf.

1793. WALKER, RICHARD L. New-York, in disguise, or the frauds of neutral

Inaug. dis. on the Perspirable fluids of flags, 8. Lon, printed, N. Y. rep. the hum. body, sub. to the exam. of the 1806. fac. of phy. under the author. of the in disguise, Ans. to, or remarks trus. of Colum. coll. 9. Nov. 1802, ded. upon the new doc. of Eng. concerning to De Witt Clinton, Richard Kissam, neutral trade, 8. N. Y. 1806. Edward Miller, 8. N. Y.

without disguise, or the frauds of WALKER, JOAN, Dublin, Expos. ad neutral commerce, a justification of

dressed to the mem, of the methodist belligerent captures, with observa. on soc. in Irel, with an advertise, 12. N. Y. the ans. to War in disguise, and Madi. 1807

son's examination, etc. 8. 1807. WALLA-BOUT, Acc. of the procession with Gr. Brit. Add. of the mem. of

together with copious extracts fr. the the h. of rep.of the cong. of the U.S. to ora. del, at the, 6 Ap. 1808, on laying their constituents on the subject of the, the corner stone of the vault to con 8. N. Y. 1812. tain the relics of American seamen, with Gr. Brit. Review of an add. by soldiers, and citizens, who perished in certain mem. of cong. to their constitthe cause of liberty on board the Brit. uents, on the subject of the, by a reprison ships at the, during the revolu. publican, 12. Poughkeepsie, 1812. war, also the letter add. to Tho. Jef or no war. See National decline. ferson by the Tam. soc. and his ans. WARD, FRANCIS, Acc. of three camp 12. N. Y.

meetings held by the methodists in WALON, Les pseaumes de David mis Sharon, Rhinebeck, and Petersburg,

en vers Francois, revus et approvez 8. Brooklyn, 1806. par le synode, des Provinces Unies, WARE, HENRY, Hingham, Cambridge, also, La forme des prieres eocles. Ser. fr. Joshua 24. 15, del. at Scituate, nouv. ed. 4. à Amsterdam, 1729.

31 Oct. 1804, 8. Bos. WALTER, NEHEMIAH. Roxbury, Conv. WARNER, G. J. Ora. 4 July, 8. N. Y. ser. 30 May, 1723, 12. Bos.

1797. WALTER, THOMAS, Roxbury, Ser. del. Letter add. to the republicans of the

at the lec. in Bos. for promoting regu city and co. of N. Y. 8. lar and good singing, ded. to Paul Dud- WARREN, JOSEPH, Ora. del. in Boston, ley, 12. Bos. 1722.

5 March, 1772, 4. B. Walter, NATHANIEL, Roxbury, Art. WARREN, MERCY, Plymouth, Poem's el. ser. 2 June 1746, 8. Bos.

dramatic and miscellaneous, 12. Bos. WALTERS, DANIEL D. Inaug. dis. on 1790.

Inflammation, sub. to the exam. of the Hist. of the rise, prog. and termi. fac. of phy. under the author. of the nation of the Amer. revolution, 3 vols. trus. of Colum. coll. 1 May, 1804, 8. 8. Bos. 1805. N. Y.

WARREN, JOHN, Boston, Eulogy on WALTON, WILLIAM, JUN. Present Thomas Russell of Charlestowo, del.

state of the Spanish colonies, including 4 May, 1796, 4. Bos. 1796. a particular report of Hispaniola, with [WARTON, THOMAS,] Pleasures of a survey of the settlements of the

melancholy, a poem, 4. Lon. 1747. south continent of America, 2 vols. 8. WARVILLE, J. P. Brissot De, Con. London, 1810.

sidera. on the relative situation of WANDERER, The poetical, cont. dis France and the U. S. A. trans, fr. the

serta. on the early poetry of Greece, French of Etienne Claviere, and, 8. etc. 18. N. Y. 1796.

Lon.1783. See Brissot.

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WARVILLE, J. P. (cont.) New travels Strong, Sumner, Tappan, Tomb,

in the U. S. A. performed in 1788, Trumbull, Tuckerman, Weems, West,

trans. fr. the Fr. 12. N. Y. 1792. Whitwell, Wilson. WASHINGTON, GEORGE, Mount Ver. WASHINGTON city, Observa. on the

non, Letters to several of his friends river Potomack, the adjacent country, in June and July, 1776, in wh. is set and the, 12. N. Y. 1794. forth an interesting view of Am. poli library, Conditions of, 8. N. Y. ticks, at that all important period, 8. mutual assur. comp. An act to in. Phil. 1795.

corpo. the, in the city of N. Y. institut. Official letters to cong. 2 vols. 8. June, 1801, 8. N. Y. 1802. Lon. 1795, also N. Y. 1796.

mutual, etc. Charter, bye-laws, and Epistles domestic, confidential, and rules of insurance of the, 8. N. Y. 1809. official, 8. N. Y. 1796.

WASHINGTONIANA, cont. a biograph. Add. on declining the further suf sketch of G. W. with various outlines frages of his fellow citizens for the pre of his character, etc. 12. Bal. 1800. sidency of the U. S. on a large sheet WATCHMAN'S alarm to Id. Nah, or neatly framed, also many other edi. the Brit. parlia. Bos. port bill unwraptions of this address.

ped, being an ora. on the meridian of Remarks occas. by the late con liberty, etc. by a Brit. Bostonian, 8.. duct of, as pres. U.S. A. 1796, 8. Phil. Sal. 1774. 1797.

WATER right, Comptroller's report on Letters to sir John Sinclair on agri. the, belonging to the corporation, 8. culture and other interesting topics,

N. Y. 1806. engraved by Neele, fr. the original WATERHOUSE, BENJAMIN, Camletters, so as to be an exact fac simile bridge, Boston, Rise, prog. and preof the hand-writing of that celebrated sent state of medicine, a dis. del. 6 character, ded. to the people of Ame July, 1791, bef. the Middlesex associa. rica, by sir John Sinclair, (one of the with an abstract of the constitu, notes, first impressions, ] 4. Lon. T800.

and a list of mem. 8. Bos. 1792. The will of, with a schedule of the Pub. lec. del. in Camb. 20 Nov. property to be sold, 12. N.Y. rep. 1800. 1804, showing the evil tendency of

and James Anderson, Selections fr. the use of tobacco upon young perthe correspondence of, 8. Charlestown, sons, etc. with notes, 8. Camb. 1805. 1800.

The botanist, being the botanical Eulogies, orations, poems, and ser. part of a course of lectures on nat. mons occ. by the death of, a large col hist. del. in the univ. at Camb. togelection, 1800.

ther with a dis. on the principle of vi- Letters to Arthur Young and sir tality, 8. Bos. 1811. John Sinclair, rel. to agricul. 8. Alex. WATERMAN, JOTHAM, Barnstable, 1803.

Dis. del. in Dennis bef. the Sumner's Proceedings of the associa. of citi lodge, 27 Dec. 5803, 8. Bos. 1804. zens, [of Mass.] to erect a monument Fast ser. 5 Ap. 1804, with incident. in honour of, 12, Bos. 1811.

al notes, 8. Bos. Original edition of the spurious let Dis. del. bef. the Fraternal lodge in ters, (once cruelly attributed to,] pub. B. 27 Dec. 5804, 8. Bos. 1805. by J. Rivington, during the revolu. war, Ser. del. at the instal. of King Hi12. N. Y.

ram's lodge in Provincetown, 4 Dec. For other articles in reference to, 5805, 8. Bos. 1806. see Alden, Alsop, Ames, Andrews, Dis. fr. Prov. 3. 11, 8. Bos, 1808. Bancroft, Bascom, Bayard, Beers, Thanks. ser. del, 1 Dec. 1808, 8. Blake, Brooks, Buckminster, Cald. Pos. 1809. well, Cincinnati, Coe, Dehon, Dickins, WATERWORKS, Report of the seleét Dunbar, Dwight, Ellis, Gay, Gillet, and com. councils on the prog. and Greene, Griffith, Hitchcock, Holmes, state of the, in Phil. 24 Nov. 1799, 8. Houdin, Huntington, Johnson, Kirk Phil. Jand, Lee, Leonard, Linn, Loveitt, WATSON, SAMUEL, Gentleman's and Madison, Marsh, Marshall, Mason, citizen's almanack, for 1786, 12. Dub. Miller, Minot, Morris, Morse, My- WATSON, R. bp. Llandaff, Apology for call, Niles, Ogden, Osgood, Paine, the Bible, in a series of letters add. to Parish, Pickman, Porter, Ramsay, Tho. Paine, 8. Phil. 1796. Richards, Roche, Sewall, Smith, Apology for the Bible, etc. Cursory

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