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SEWALL, Josery, Boston, Fast ser. sion of six young gent. fr. the univ. of del. S Dec. 1740, 8. Bos.

Oxford, for reading, praying, etc. 12. Ser. del. at the thurs. lec. 6 May, Bos, rep. 1769. 1742. 8. Bos.

SHEE, JOHN, The pilgrim add. to gen. Ser. del, at the thurs, lec. 16 Sept. with the other gent. throughout the 1762, occ. by the reduc. of Havan U. S. to whom the immediate defence na, 8. Bos.

of our seaports is committed, with [SEWALL, JONATHAN,] Massachuset a supplement, 12. Phil. 1807. tensis, 1774, 8.

SHEEPS-BOUW, Niewe Hollandse ver[SEWALL, JONATHAN MITCHELL, toonende een volmaakt schip, etc.

Portsmouth,] Versification of Washi illus.'with many plates by Carel Allard, ington's farewell add. to the cit. of the 4 tot Amsterdam, 1705, Lon cultivating U.S. A. by a gent. of Portsmouth, ded. and seasoning timber, calculatious on 10 Timothy Pickering, with a pref. 4. ship-building, etc.] P. 1798.


Observa. on Eulogy on G. Washington, del. 31 the commerce of the Anerican states, Dec. 1799, 4. P. 1800.

new ed. 8. Lon. 1784. Miscellaneous poems, with speci. Strictures on the necessity of inmens of his version of Ossian, 18.

violably maintaining the navigation and Ports. 1801.

colonial system of Gr. Brit. 6. Lon. SEWALL, DANIEL, York, Eulogy on 1804.

G. Washington, del. at Kiutery, 22 SHEPARD, SAMUEL, Lenox, Mass. el. Feb. 1800, 8. Ports.

ser. 28 May, 1876, 8. Bos. SEWEL, W. Croot Woordenboek der SHPRWOOD, SAMUEL, Ser. del. 17 Jan.

Neder Duytsche, etc. 4. t'Amsterdam, 1776, 19. NY. 1703.

SHIP of fools See Stultifera navis. Hist. of the rise, increase, and STIPWEIGHT's soc. Constiru. of the N. progress of the christian people called Y. journeymen, adopted, 3 Jan. 1004, quakers, intermixed with several re. 8. N. Y. markable oceurrences, written origin- SHIPLEY, WILLIAM, Massachusetts, ally in Low Dutch and by him trans. Letter to the duke of Newcastle with into Eng. ded. to Geo. I. 3d. ed. cor. a journal of the siege of Louisbourg rected, fol. Phil. 1728. [Chief part of and other operations of the forces ag. the mechanical labour in the printing the French settlements on Cape Brea of this vol. wh. consists of 694 pages ton, approved and attested by Wm. besides a copious index, was executed Pepperell and others, 8. Bos. rep. fr. by Benjamin Franklin. See Memoirs the Lon. ed. 1746.

of B. F. written by himself.] SHURTLEFF, WILLIAM, Newcastle, SEYMOUR, AARON C. See Gillies Portsmouth, Ser. in commem. of the Memoirs of G. Whitefield.

sufferings and preservation of Deane SHAM patriot unmasked, 18. Hudson, and his fellow mariners on Boon isl1802.

and, with a ded. to John Wentworth, SAAKING QUAKERS. See Pathbun. and Deane's narrative, 12. Bos. 1727. SHARP, GRANVILLE, Declara. of the Ser. ord. Nathaniel Morril in Rye

people's rights to a share in the legisla. 14 Sept. 1726, with a pref. by Joseph ture, etc. 8. Lon. 1774.

Sewail and Thomas Prince 12. Bos. Letter to the Maryland soc. for 1707. promot. the abol. of slavery, 8. Bal. Ser: ord. Nathaniel Gookin at North 1793.

Hill, 31 Oct, 1789, 8. Bos. Plain arguments by way of question Ser. occ. by the execution of Sarah and ans. fr. the gospel hist. and certain Simpson and Penelope Kenny [These scriptural passages for the divinity of were the first executions in N. Hamp.) Christ compiled fr. the remarks of, on with a pref. by Jabez Fitch and a the use of the definite article in the brief nar. concerning the criminals, 8. Greek text of the N. Test. 12. Burl. Bos. 1740. 1808.

Ser. del. in Bos. at a lec. 18 Sept. BHATTUCK, GEORGE CHEYNE, Bos. 1741. 8. B.

ton, Dissertations on the Boylston Letter to those of his brethren in prize questions for 1806, 7, 8. Bos. the ministry, who refused to admit J. 1808.

Whitefield into their pulpits with an SAVER, The ser. öcc. by the expul.

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app. cont. the concurrence of other | SMIRKE, ROBERT, Review of a battal. ministers, 4. Bos. 1745.

lion of infantry illus. by diagrams, 8. SHUTE, DANIEL, Hingham, Art. el. N. Y. 1810. ser. 1 June, 1768, 8. Bos.

SMITA, SAMUEL, Burlington, Hist. of Mass. ser. 25 May, 1767, 8. Bos. N. Jersey fr. the first settlement to SIDNEY, JOSEPH, Ora. commemora 1721, 8.

tive of the abolition of the slave trade SMITH, JOSIA I, Bermuda, Charleston, in the U. S. del. bef. the Wilberforce Letters to Wm. Cooper of Boston, philan. associa. in the city of N. Y. 2 1748, 8. Jan. 1809, 8. N. Y.

SMITH, WILLIAM, New-York, Cana. SILLIMAN, BENJAMIN, New Haven, da, Hist. of the prov. of N. York fr.

Journal of travels in Eng. Holl. and the dis. to 1732, with a plate exhibitScot. and two passages over the Atlan ing a south view of Oswego on lake On

tic in 1805, 6, 2 vols. 8. N. Y. 1810. tario, 4. Lon. 1757. Sims, JAMES, Gr. Brit. Observa. on [ -] Review of military operations in

the carlatina anginosa, with remarks N. Amer. fr. the commencement of by Thomas Bulfinch, 3d. ed. 8. Bos. Fr. hostilities on the frontiers of Vir. 1803.

ginia in 1753, to the surrender of Os. SINCLAIR, JOHN, Lucubrations, cont. a wego, 14 Aug. 1756, etc. in a letter to

plan for a more equal representation a nobleman, 4. Lon. 1757. of the people, 2d. ed. 8. Lon. 1783. Histoire de la Nouvelle York, etc.

Hints add to the pub. rel. to fi traduite de l'Anglois par mons. E***, nances, etc. 8. Lon. 1783.

12. à Lon. 1767. See Washington.

SMITH, WILLIAM, Philadelphia, DisSINGING, Essay to excite a further en courses on pub. occasions in Am. 2d.

quiry into the ancient matter and man ed. 8. Lon. 1762. ner of sacred, ded. to Caleb Cushing Acc. of the char. corpora. for the of Salisbury and Jabez Freh ci Ports relief of widows and children of clermouth, 8. Bos. 1741.

gymen in the communion of the ch. of of psalms and anthems in churches, Eng. in Amer. with a ser. del. 10 Thoughts on the, by Silas, 8, Phil. Oct. 1769, 4. Phil. 1808.

Ser. del. 28 June, 1775, at the reSINKING fund for the redemption of quest of the officers of the 3d. battal.

the city stock, Report of the comp 8. Phil. troller on the estab. of a, 19 Ap. 1813, Ser. del, bef. the Penn. Cincin, soc. 8. N. Y.

4 July, 1790, 12. Phil. SIPKINS, HENRY, [of African descent] · Eulogium on Benj. Franklin, del.

Ora, on the abolition of the slave trade, 1 March 1791, 8. Phil. 1792. del. 8. Jan. 1809, in the city of N. Y. Ser. del. 6 Ap. 1795, introductory 8. N. Y.

to a plan for the encouragement of SKETCHES in verse, 8. Phil. 1810.

missionaries, etc. 8. 1795. SKINNER, THOHAS, Colchester, Ser. Works of, with a portrait of the

del. at the manor of Peace, 9 May, author and a pref. 2 vols. 8. Phil. 1751, at the ord. Grindall Rawson, 4. 1802. N. Lon.

SMITH, John, Gr. Brit. Essay on SLAVE representation by Boreas, 8. univ. redemption, 8. Bos. rep. 1767. 1812.

[SMITH, WILLIAM, Philadelphia,] keeping, Add. to the inhabi. of the Poems on several occasions, written in Brit. settlements in Amer. upon, 8. Penn. 12. Phil. 1786. Phil. 1773.

SMITH, WILLIAM, Rhode Isl. Nors SLAVERY in the U. S. On the inconsist walk, Ser. bef. a soc. of free masons,

ency of man particularly exemplified 4. 1791. in the practice of, 8. N. Y. 1795,

Ans. to Blatchford's letter, 8. NewSLAVE-TRADE, Letter to a gent. of Maryo field, 1798. land, 24. Lon. 1806.

Ordina, ser. 12. Prov. 1793. SLENDER, ROBERT, Journey fr. Phil. Office of induction adopted by the to N. Y. 8. Phil. 1787.

bp. and clergy of the diocess of Con. SMALL POX, Ser.del. bef. the officers of in convoca. at Derby, 20 Nov. 1799, 8.

the hospital for the, and for inoculation, New-Haven. 5 March, 1752, by Isaac, bp. of Wors SMITH, E. H. Litchfield, New-York, cester, 4. Bos, rep. 1752.

Letters to Wm. Buel on the fever wh.

prevailed in N. Y. 1795, with an acc. with a treatise on the seven apocaltsof the febrile diseases of Sheffield, tic vials, 8. Charlestown, 1811.

Mass. 1793, 4, 5, by Wm. Buel, 8. SMITH, ELIAS, Woburn, Portsmouth, SMITH, E. H. (cont.) Edwin and Ange Philadelphia, Thanks. ser. del. in P.

lina, or the banditti, an opera, 8. N. 25 Nov. 1802, 12. Bos. 1808. Y. 1797.

· Reply to the question, Why can Dis. del, 11 Ap. 1798, bef. the N. you not commune with us, as we are Y. manumis. soc. 8. N. Y.

willing to commune with you? 12. P. [-] Andre, a tragedy in five acts per 1803.

formed in N. Y. 30 March, 1798, with Letter to, in ans. to the last, 12. P. authentic docu. respecting major An Evidences of a spiritual birth, 12. dre, consisting of letters to miss Se Bos. ward, the Cowchace, proceed. of the Letter to Daniel Humphreys of P. court martial, etc. 8. N. Y. 1798.

12. P. 1804. SMITH, S. Carolina, Speeches del. in Fed. catechism.

the h. of rep. of the U. S. Jan. 1794, Clergymen's looking-glass. on the subj. of certain commercial re Christian's mag. num. 1.3. gulations proposed by J. Madison, 8. Five letters with remarks, 12. Bos. Phil. 1794.

1804. SMITH, SAMUEL STANHOPE, Prince Little christian, a novel, 12.

ton, Nat. thanks. Ser. del. in Phil. A man in the smoke, 12. Bos. 1805. 19 Feb. 1795, d. ed. 8. Phil.

[SMITH, JAMES, The commonwealth's Sermons, 1 vol. 8, Newark, 1799. man, in a series of letters add. to the

Ora. del. at Trenton, 14 Jan. 1800, citizens of N. Y. 8. N. Y. 1806. occ. by the d. of G. Washington, 8. SMITH, WILLIAM S. AND SAM. G. Trenton.

OGDEN, Trial for misdemeanours, Ser. on baptism, 8. Phil. 1808. 1806, by Tho. Lloyd stenographer, 8.

Letters on the evidences of the N. Y. 1807. christian religion, del. to the senior SMITH, JOSHUA HETT, Authentic nar. class, with an advertise and an app. of the causes, wh. led to the death of rel. to demoniacal possessions, 12. Phil. major André, adj. gen. of his majesty's 1809.

orces in N. Am. with a monody by Essay on the causes of the variety Anna Seward, and letters written to of complexion and figure in the hum. her by André, 18. N. Y. 1809. species, with animad. on Ch. White's SMITH, ROBERT, AND FR. JAMES remarks on the first ed. and strictures JACKSON, Reflections on the late coron ld. Kaim's dis. on the original di respondence bet. 8. Bal. 1810. versity of mankind, also an app. rel. to Add. to the people of the U. S. 8. Amer. Indians, 2d. ed. 8. N. Bruns. Bal. i811. 1810.

SMITH, MATTHEW, Memoirs of seSMITH, THOMAS P. Sketch of the re cret service, with the D. of S-'s

volu. in chemistry, with notes, ded. to letter to the h. of lds. and remarks Rob. Patterson, 8. Phil. 1798.

thereupon, 8. Lon. SMITH, ISAAC, Gilmantown, Ser. instal. SMITH, Mary, Newark, Memoirs of,

Ethan Smith in Hopkinton, 12 March, See Alden. 1800, being the same del. at the ord. SMYTN, J. F. D. Tour in the U. S. A. Josiah Prentice in Northwood, 29 2 vols. 8. Lon. 1784. May, 1799, c. [to Smith,] by Eden SMYTH, ALEXANDER, Regulations of Burroughs of Hanover, f. by Asa the U.S. infantry, 8. Phil. 1812. MʻFarland of Concord, with the ser. SNOWDEN, RICHARD, Hist. of N. and del. by E. S. 16 March, 1800, 8. Con S. Am. to the d. of G. Washington, cord.

with maps, 2 vols. 12. Phil. 1806. SMITH, JEREMIAH, Exeter, Ora. occ. Soap and candles, Case of the manuf.

by the d. of G. Washington, del. 22 etc. See Mitchill. Feb. 1800, 8. Ex.

SOBER remarks on a book lately rep. at SMITH, ETHAN, Hopkinton, Ser. del. Boston, entit. a Modest proof of the

16 March, 1800, being the first sab. order and gov. settled by Christ and after his ordina. 8. Concord.

his apostles, 12. Bos. 1724. Dissertation on the prophecies rel. SOCIETY for promot. christ. knowl. to antichrist, and the last times, ete. Letter to the, occas. by two recent

N. Y. rep.

publiea. rel. to the Brit. and for. Bi. the rise and prog. of the colonies of, 9, ble soc. 8. Lon, 1805.

vols. 8. Lon. 1779. SOCIETY prop. gos. for. parts, Sermons South Amer. expedition, Considera. del. bef. the, viz. by Wm. ld. bp. Chi. for and ag. a, 8. Lon. 1805. chester, [Ashburnham,] 15 Feb. 1760; Kingstown, Hist. of, with a partic. John Id. bp. Oxf. (Hume,] 19 Feb. descrip. of the Hornet's nest company 1762 ; Thomas Newton. bp. Bristol, and the cats let out of the bag, by 17 Feb. 1769, with the charter, etc. Charles Comstock, 8. Newport, 1806. Robert, Id. bp. Oxf. [Lowth,] 15 Feb. SOUTHEY, ROBERT, Madoc, an epic 1771; Jonathan, ld. bp. St. Asaph,

poem, 8. Bos. 1811. [Ripley,] 19 Feb. 1775, with the SPAFFORD, HORATIO GATES, Albacharter and proceed. of the soc. 8. ny, Gazetteer of the state of N. York Lon.

carefully written fr. original and auSOCINIANISM, Warning ag. drawn up thentic materials, arranged on a new

and pub. by a com. of the associate plan, with a map of the state, a pref. synod, 8. Falkirk, 1788.

and app. 8. Alb. 1815. Sono company, incorp. 27 Nov. 1801, SPAIN, Observa. on the commerce of,

for working Schuyler's mines in N. J. with her colonies, by a Spaniard in 8. N. Y. 1802.

Phil. Phil. 1800. SOLAR eclipse, 16 June, 1806, described SPALDING, JOSIAH, Uxbridge, Ser. and represented with an introduc. 12. del. at Hardwick, 15 June, 1782, fr.

Josh. 24. 19, 8. Worc. SOLDIERS, A plea for the poor, by a SPALDING, JOSHUA, Salem, Senticit. of Phil. 8. P. 1790.

ments concern. the coming and kingSOLDIER's orphan, a novel, 8. N. Y. dom of Christ, etc. in nine lectures 1812.

with an app. 12. S. 1796. SOLILOQUY, 2d. ed. 4. 1770.

Subject of dispute in the TabernaSOLIS, ANTONIO DE, Hist. of the con cle ch. as stated and defended by the quest of Mexico by the Spaniards,

pastor, 8. S. 1802. trans. by Tho. Townsend, revised and SPALDING, LYMAN, Hanover, Portscorrected by Nat. Hooke, 2 vols. illus. mouth, New-York, Inaug. dis. on the with maps and plates, 8. Lon. 1738. production of Animal heat, read and

Hist. de la conquista de Mexico, 3 defended at a pub. exam. bef. Joseph vols. 12. Mad, 1791.

Willard and the governours of Har. Historia de la Conquista de Mexico, coll. 10 July, 1797, ded. to Nathan Poblacion y Progressos de la America Smith, 8. Walpole. Septentrional, conocida por el nombre New nomenclature of chemistry de Nueva Espana. Nueva edicion, proposed by De Morveau, Lavoisier, corregida por Don Augustin Luis Josse, Berthollet, and Fourcroy, with addi8. S vols. En Londres, 1809.

tions and a ded. to the students in che. SOMMERS, Judgment of kingdoms and mistry at Dart. coll. 4. Hanover, 1799. nations concerning the rights, power,

A series of annual bills of mortality and preroga. of kings, and the rights, for Portsmouth, N. H. fr. 1 Jan. 1801 privileges, and properties of the peo to 31 Dec. 1811 inclus. 4. Ports. 1802 ple, 11th, ed. 8. Phil. 1773.

to 1812. SOREN, Joun, Nar. of, a native of the SPANISH valour and patriotism, Acc. of

U. S. A. piratically captured on the the pub. festival given by the citizens high seas, in requital for an act of hu of Boston at the Exchange coffee-house, manity in saving a Brit. transport with 24 Jan. 1809, in honour of, with the near 300 troops on board fr. sinking, regular and voluntary toasts, and all the with an app. 8. Lon. 1800.

original songs and odes sung on the ocSOULES, FRANCOIS, Ilist. des troubles casion, also a briet'sketch of Spain, geo.

de l'Amerique Anglaise, ded. à sa ma graph. histor. and political, 12. Bos. jesté tres chretienne avec des cartes, SPEECH intended to have been spoken. 4 vols. 8. à Paris, 1787.

See Ainer, appeal. South CAROLINA, Rules and orders SPIEREN, GEORGE II. TV allkil, Ma

of the courts of sessions and com. sonic dis. 12. Goshen, 1790, pleas of the court of equity and the SPIRA, The second, 12. Bos. rep. fed. court in, 8. N. Y. 1796.

SPRING, SAMUEL., Newburyport, Dis. and Georgia, Histor. acc. of del. at Wesford, 4 Oct. 1799, fr. .

Cor. 6.2, 19. N. 1780.


SPRING, S. (cont.) Ser. dei. bef. the of the U. S. and the officers and

manumis. soc. 25 May, 1802, with gent. of the navy, 8. N. Y. 1812.
the annual report and several inter- STATE anatomy, Second part of the,
esting things rel. to missions, 8. N. also letters to the abp. of Cant. in
--Dis. in consequence of the late duel, 1706, etc. 8. Lon. 1717.
del. 5 Aug. 1804, with an add. to his prison, Report of the inspectors
parishioners, 8. N.

of the, in N. Y. 8. Alb. 1799. SQUABBLE, a pastoral eclogue by Ag. road, Obserya. on the proposed,

ricola, with a caricature, 12. Phil. fr. Hudson's river to lake Erie, etc. SQUIRE, FRANCIS, Ans. to some pa with a map of the middle states, 8.

pers entitled the Independent whig, N. Y. 1809.
so far as they relate to the ch. of Eng. prison in N. Y. An acc. of the, by
as by law estab. 12. N. Y. 1753.

one of the inspectors, 8. N. Y. 1801. STACKHOUSE, THOMAS, Momoirs of bauks in N. Jersey, Act for estab.

Francis Atterbury with Atterbury's six, 28 Jan. 1812, 12. Morris.
vindica. of Aldrick, Smalridge, and STAPLE contraci. See Scotland.
himself fro attacks of Duckett, Smith, STEARNS, Jostan, Epping, Ser. ord.
and Oldmixon, rel. to the publica. of Nicholas Dudley in Townsend, N. Y.
Clarendon's hist. 8. Lon. 1732.

26 June, 1777, 8. N'b'yport, 1778. STAIR, JOHN EARL OF, et al. com Ser. fr. Ps. 90. 14, del. 19 Sept.

monly called proprietors of the eastern 1779, with an acc. of Sam. Lawrence,
division of N. Jer. ag. Benj. Bond, et a youth who died in the triumphs of
al. claiming under the proprietors and christian faith and hope, 8. Exeter,
associates of Eliz, town, Ans. to a bill 1780.
in the chancery of N. J. at the suit of, STEDMAN, C. Hist. of the origin, prog.
fol. N. Y. 1752.

and termination of the Amer. war, 2 STANFORD, John, New York, Do. vols, illus. with copper-plates, 4. Lon.

mestic chaplain, being 52 short lec 1794.
lures with appropriate hymns, etc. STEELL, Thomas EDWARD, New Jers
with a portrait of the author, 12. N. sey, Inaug. dis. on the use of the Digi:
Y. 1806.

talis purpurea, in the cure of certain Coll, of tracts, viz. Essay on the diseases, sub. to the exam. of the coll. law of God;

of phy. under the author, of the univ.
Sacred architecture;

of the state of N. Y. 14 May, 1811,
Ser. oec. by the d. of Charles I. S. ded. to T'homas Steell, 8. N. Y.
Hazzard with extracts fr. the diary of STEEL's list of the navy, Dec. 1782.

STENOGRAPAY, System of, 12. Phil.
Masonic dis. urim and thummim; 1793.
Add. at the inter. of Sarah Burger; STEPHENS, JAMES Wilson, Philadel.

The convert instructed in the ori. phia, Histor. and geograph. aco. of Algin of baptism ;

giers, cont. a detail of events rel. to Lect. on the excel. of the gospel ; the Amer. captives, taken fr. their

Letter on the d. of Euphemia own testimony, 2d. ed. 12. Phil. 1800. Mitchell ;

STEVENS, BEMJAMIN, Kitterypoint, Conversion of Juvenis, a series of Mass. el. ser. 27 May, 1761, with notes, letters bet. a young man and a minis 72 pp. 8. Bos.

Conv. ser. del. in Ports. 26 Sept. Ser. at the ord. Of Thomas Ste 1764, 8. Ports. 1765. yens ;

STEVENS, WILLIAM, System of disciProceed. rel. to the ch. in Fair. pline for the artillery of the U.S. 12. street, 12. 1791 to 1806.

N. Y. 1797.
STANDISH, MILES, JUN. The times, STEVENS, CALVIN F. List of post off-

num. 1. a poem, add. to the inhabi. of ces in the United States, 12. N. Y.
N. Eng. and N. Y. 8. Ply. 1809.

STANLEY, GEORGE W. Ora. del. 8 STEUBEN, BARON DE, Letter on the

Aug. 1805, at Wallingford, 8. New subject of an established militia, add.

to the inhabi. U. S. A. 4. N. Y. 1784. STAR, GIDEON, Ora. del. in Schenec

Regulations for the order and dis. tady, 4 July 1801, 8. Alb.

cipline of the troops of the U. S. illus. STARS of Columbia and yankee argu with plates, also rules and articles for

ments, certain songs ded; to the pres.

ter ;

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