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pub. in the Colum. Centinel at Boston, AFRICAN marine fund for the relief of 12. Lon. rep. 1793.

the distressed orphans and poor mems ADAMS, J. (cont.)! Brief considera- bers of this fund, Constitu. of the, [in

tion of the impor. services and dis- N. Y.] 12. Newark, 1810. ting. virtues and talents wh. recom- AGRICULTURE, arts, and manufactures. mend, for the presidency of the U. S. Transac. of the soc. instituted in the A. by Aurelius, 12. Bos. 1796.

state of N. Y. for the promot. of, ist. Letter to Thomas Pinckney of S.

part, 4. N. Y. 1792. Car. 27. Oct. 1800.

Transac. of the soc. for promot. in Nar. of the suppression by A. Burr Con. 4. New H. 1802. of the hist. of the administration of, by Transac. of the soc. in Duchess co. J. Wood, with a biog. of Thomas Jef. for the promotion of, 2 vols. 8. Poughk ferson and Alexander Hamilton, also 1807. 1809. stric. on the conduct of J. A. and on Memoirs of the Phila. soc. for prothe character of Charles C. Pinckney, mot. with a statis. acc. of the Schuylby a cit. of N. Y. 8. N. Y. 1802.

kill bridge, 1st. vol. 8. Phil. 1808. and SAMUEL ADAMS, Boston,

soc. of Massachusetts. See Mass. Four letters bet. on the sub. of govern- Air balloons, principles, hist. etc. also a ment. S. Bos. 1802.

prospectus of Blanchard's and Baker's ADAMS, JOAN QUINCY, Boston, Add. intended aerial voyage fr. the city of

del, bef. Mass. char. fire soc. 28 May, N. Y. 8. N. Y. 1796. 1802 [in wh. is a handsome tribute of AKENBIDE, Works in prose and verse, respeet to the mem. of Geo. R. Minot.] with his fac simile and poems, by mrsi 8. Bos.

Barbauld, 12. N. Bruns. 1808. Ora. del. in Plymouth, 22 Dec. (an- ALBERS, J. A. Americanische annalen niv. of the landing of the pilgrims of der arzneykunde, naturgeschichte, Leyden] 1802, 8. Bos.

chemie, und physik von, 8. Bremen Letter to Harrison G. Otis, in reply 1803, to Timothy Pickering, 8. N. Y. 1808. Alcuin, a dialogue with an advertise. by Remarks and criticisms on the

E. H. Smith, 18. N. Y. 1798. foregoing letter of — 8. Bos 1808.

ALDEN, JOAN, Leyden, Plymouth, Dux[-] Review of the works of Fisher

borough. Poem occ. by d. of, written Ames, 8 Bos. 1809

by J[ohn] C[otton of Plymouth,] ADAMS, HANNAH, Medfield, Summary

Ports. rep. 1806. hist. of New Eng. fr. settlement at ALDEN, TIMOTHY, Yarmouth, ser. ded. Plymouth to the adoption of the fed.

new meetingh. 1 Jan. 1795, 8. Bos. constitu. comprehending a gen. sketch Poem occ. by d. of Joshua Gray,

of the rev. war, 8. Dedham, 1799. of Y. ADDRESS of a minister to his ch, in wh.

Coll. of poems on rel. subjects, 4. it is inquired whether a ch. be obliged

Newark, 1810, 1811. or authorised to require a pub. and for- ALDEN,TIMOTHY, Portsmouth, Boston, mal confession of some partic. misde

Newark, N. York, ser. occ. by d. of meanors, prior to a christian profes.

G. Washington, with notes, 8. P. rep. sion, etc. 8. Bos. 1784.

1800. to christians on presidential elec

Century ser. 4. Jan. 1801, with histion, 1800.

tor. notes and app. cont. acc. of news to the indepen. electors of the state

papers printed in N. Hamp. 8. P. of N. Y. 20 Mar. 12. Alb. 1813.

Dis. del. bef. Portsmouth fem. asy. ADET, France, U.S.A. Notes addressées lum, 17 Nov. 1802, with a list of mem. par le cit. au secretaire des Etats Unis,

and occas. hymns by J. M. Sewall and with a transla. 8. Phil. 1796.

G. Richards, 8. P. ADMINISTRATION, Vindica. of the mea. Valedic, dis. del. in P. 11 Aug,

sures of the present, by Algernon Sid- 1805, with notes, result of an eccles. ney, taken fr. the Nat. Intell. 8. Wask. council advising to his discharge, and 1803.

recommenda. fr. his ch. and congrega. ADVICES for peace, etc. being the 2d. 8. P.

part of a reply to the vindica. of the Catal. of his pupils at.P. fr. 1800 subscrib. ministers cont. a defence of to 1808, etc. 12 P. the, with app. cont. extracts fr. writ. Prac. questions on Eng. gram. with ings of Tong, Robinson, Paxter, Owen, direc. for parsing, 12. Bos. 1808. 8. Lan, 171

Histor, acc. of rel, societies in P,

Ir. 1623 to 1805, with biog. notices of|ALLEN, JAMES, JOSHUA Mooney,

the ministers of each, 8. Bos, 1808. SAMUEL WILLARD, COTTON MAE ALDEN, TIMOTHY, (cont.) Memoirs of THER, Boston, Principles of the Edward and Wm. Tyng, 8. Bos. 1808. prot. religion maintained and chur

Quarterly catalogues of the names ches of N. Eng. defended ag. the ca. of young ladies in his acad. at Bos. lumnies of George Keith, [imp.] 12. with explan. notes in six numbers, 12. Bos. 1690. Bos. 1808, 1809.

Allen, James, Brookline, Mass. el Testimonials in favour of, by min- ser. May 1744, 8. Bos. isters and others in Bos. and vicinity, Allen, ETHAN, Bennington, Nar. of pub. by trustees of Newark acad. 12. his captivity, voyages, and travels, 12, N. 181.

Phil. 1779. also 12. Walpole, 1807. Quarterly catalogues with various ALLEN, JONATHAN, Bradford, ser. honorary notices of young ladies at

ord. Ebenezer Allen in Wolfebo. Newark acad. in ten numbers, with oc- rough, 25 Oct. 1792. c. by Jeremiah cas. addresses to his pupils, and ded. to Shaw of Moultonborough, f. by Asa Mary Smith, Catharine Wendel, Ma- Piper of Wakefield, 8. Ports. 1793. ry Palmer, Mary Rodgers, Hannah ser. ord. David T. Kimball in Ips. Reed, Elizabeth Tyng, Hannah Hor. wich, 8 Oct. 1806, introduc. add. by ton, Hannah Adams, Mary Lear, A biel Abbot of Beverly, Kimball's reRebecca Collins, 12. N. 1810 to 1812. ply to the renewal of the church's

Key to quarterly calal. with histor. call, c. by Manasseh Cutler, of Hamil acc. of the Newark acad. 12 N. 1810. ton, f. by Joseph Dana of I. 8. New.

Memoirs of Jonathan French of buryport. Andover, 8. N. Y. 1810.

ALLEN, IRA, Nat. and polit. hist. of Catalogue of the books, pamphlets. Vermont, with an app. cont. ans. to newspapers, maps, charts, manu- aundry queries add. to the author, and scripts, etc. in the library of the a map of the state. 8. Lon. 1798. Masz. his. soc. to the 80th. p. and ALLEN, BENJAMIN, Letter of admothence comprising sundry lists, to the pition fr. the congrega. ch. in Plain. 96th, by [Joseph McKean] 8. Bos. field to, to wh. is add. calvinism ex1811.

posed to contempt. 12. Herkimer, New Jersey register for 1812, with 1808. a circular rel. to a hist. of the state, Allen, TAOMAS, Pittsfield, Mass 18. N.

el. ser. 25 May, 1808. 8. Bos. for 1812, cont. as well as ALLEN, WILLIAM, Pittsfield, Acc. the former, various histor, details. 18. of the separa. in the ch, and town of N.

P. with remarks on some eccles. pro. Coll. of Amer. epitaphs and inscrip- ceed. wh, seem to have violated the tions, with occas, biog. and histor. notes, principles of the congrega. and inde. with an appropriate engraving by P. pendent ch. of N. Eng. 8. P. 1809. Maverick, 1st. vol. 18. N. Y. 1812. Mass. el. ser. May, 1813. 8. Bos.

Memoirs of Mary Smith of New ALLEN, United we stand, divided we ark, with the funeral add. by James fall, a poem, 24. N. Y. 1812.

Richards, q. v. 18. N. Y. 1812. ALLYN, John, Duxborough, Mass. ALEXANDER, A- Prince Edwo. el. ser. 24 May, 1805, with notes, 8.

co. Philadelphia, Princeton, Dis Bas. occ. by the burning of the theatre in ALMANACK de Versailles, 1780. 18. Richmond, del. in Phil. 8 Jan. 1812, historique de la provence de Guia with the proceed. of the univ. of enne, pour 1789, à Bordeaux . of Penn. 8. Phil.

-pour l'an 6, a Paris. ALEXANDRIA and other seaports in ALMANACK y kalendario general, en

the U. S. A. Add. to the juhabi. of, Madrid, 1789. fr. a proprietor of lands on the Scioto, ALMANACK, N. Jer. for 1783, Trenton. 12, 1790.

The celestial telegraph for 1796, ALGIERS, A short acc. of, and its seve- Lon.

ral wars, with a view of the rupture Grant's for 1799, Dublin. bet. and the U.S. A. also an app. cont.

Citizen and farmer's N. Jer, for letters from Penrose, McShane, and 1809, 1810. Morris. other Amer. captives, 2d. ed. 8. Phil. Gaine's, N. Y. 1813. 1796

Kite's for 1811, Phil,


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ALMANACK, (cont.) David Youvg's for the, illust. with plates, 2 first vols. 4. 1811. Eliz.

Phil. 1771, 1776. Hutchins's, for 1812. N. Y.

AMERICAN (cont.) affairs, Add. to the Smith and Forman's, for 1812, prot. dissent. on the approaching elec. N. Y.

tion of mem. of parlia. rel. to the state - Middlebrooks's, for 1813, New Ha- of pub. liberty and, 8. Bos. rep. 1774.

husbandry, by an American, 2 vols. Series of New Eng. See app. 8, Lon. 1775. Almox, See Remembrancer, Parlia- colonies, Ans. to the declara. of the, mentary register, Debates.

3d, ed. 8. Lon. 1776. ALMsHouse in the city of N. Y. Rules - states with Europe and the W. In

for the gov. of the, agreed to at a dies, Observa. on the commerce of the, com, council, 1800, 8. N. Y.

also, John Adams's Essay on canon and ALSOP, RICHARD, Poem to mem. of feudal law, 8. Phil. 1783. G. Washington, 8. Hart. 1900.

acad. of arts and sciences at Bos. AMBROSE, ISAAC, Christ coming to Memoirs of the, 1st. vol. to the end of judgment, 12. Bos.

1783, illus. with plates, 4. Bos. 1785. AMERICA, The contest in, bet. Gr.

2d. vol. 1st. part, 4. Bos. 1793. Brit. and Tr. with its consequences Apollo, 8. Bos. 1792. [The first and impor. by an impar. hand, 8. Lon. Collec. of the Mass. his. soc. were pub. 1757.

in connection with this period. work.] Account of the Span. settle. in, poems, selected and original, [1793.] with a map, 8. Edin. 1762.

2 vols. 8. Litchf. Hist. of the Brit.domin. in North, remembrancer, or an impar. coll. to 1763, in 14 books, with a map, 4. of essays, resolves, speeches, etc. rel. Lon. 1773.

to the treaty with Gr. Brit. 3 vols. 8. Acc. of European settle. in, with Phil. 1795. two maps, 4th. ed. by [Edm. Burke] monthly review, fr. Jan. to Ap. in2 vols. 8. Lon. 1765.

clus. with an app. for 1795, 8. Phil. speeches in favour of, del. in the review and lit. journal for 1801, h. of commons hy Johnstone, Cruger, 1802, 2 vols. 8. N. Y. Lutterell, Acland, H. T. Lutterell, register, or gen. repos. hist. pol. and Hartley Granby, and Edm. Burke, science, 6 vols. 8. Phil. 1805 to 1810. in fav. of prot. dissenters, 8. N. Y. classic association, Articles for the 1775.

estab. of a soc. to be denominated the, Appeal to the justice and interests 8. Phil. 1808. of Gr. Brit. in the present disputes review, or hist. and pol. and gen. with, 4th ed. 8. Lon. 1776.

repos. of litera, and state papers, 2 vols. Second appeal, etc. 8. Lon. 1775. 8. Phil. 1811.

Speech intended to have been del. med. and phil. register, or annals of in the h. of com. in support of the pe- medicine, nat. hist. agricul. and the tition fr. cong. by the author of the arts, with portraits of John Bará, Cad. Appeal, etc. 8. Lon. 1775.

wallader Colden, John Cochran, SaTrue interest of, stated in strictures muel Johnson, Myles Cooper, John on Paine's Com. sense, 8. Phil. 1776 Jones, also profile of Edward Miller,

Hist. of civil war in, comprehend- and view of the N. Y. botanic garden, ing the campaigns of 1775, 6, 7, by [hortus Elginensis,] city hospital, etc. an officer of the army, 2d. ed. 2 vols. 3 vols. 1st. ded. to De Witt Clinton, 8. Lon. 1780. Brockholst Livingston, 3d. to BenThe polit. establish. of the U.S. of, jamin Rush, 8. N. Y. 1811 to 1813. rviewed, by a fellow cit. 8. Phil. 1784. in Algiers, or patriot of '76 in capThe commer. conduct of the U.S.

tivity, 12. of, considered, and the true interest senator, See Carpenter. thereof attempted to be shown by a AMERICANS, Strictures on a pam. enticit. of N. Y. 8, NAY. 1786.

tled, Friendly add. to all reasonable, AMERICAN magazine, the new,

for on the subj. of our polit. confusion, 8. 1758, 1759, except the 1st. num. by Prov. rep. 1775. Sylvanus Americanus, 8. Woodbridge. AMERIQUE, Constitu. des Etats Unis

Gazetteer, illus. with maps, S vols. de l', 4. à Paris, 1783. 12. Lon. 1763,

AMES, Fisher, Dedham, Ora, occ. by phil. soc. held at Phila, transac. of d. of G. Washington, del, at the request

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of the legisla. of Massa; in Bos. 8 Feb. CLAY, JOHN OGILVIE, Order for 1800. 8. N. Y.

morn, and even. prayer, admin. of the AMES, FISHER, (cont.) Works of, with sac, and other offices of the epis. ch.

a portrait p. by Stuart, e. by Edwin, collected and trans into the Mohawk and notices of his life and character, by lang. under the direction of, formerly [John Thornton Kirkland,] 8. Bos. mission. fr. the soc. prop. gos. etc. 1809.

8. N. Y. 1769. ANABAPTIST, and a candid enquirer ANDREWS, John, Hist. of the war

after truth, Friendly conference of a with Am. Fr. Sp. and Holland, fr. missionary, and-, 8.

1775 to 1783, with portraits, maps, ANALYSIS of the pub. correspon. bet. and charts, 4 vols. 8. Lon. 1785.

our cabinet and those of Fr. and Gr. | ANDREWS, JOHN, two ser. on pub, oc

Brit. Supplement to the late, 8. 1808. casions, 8. Phil. 1788. [ANBURY, TNOMAS] Travels through ANDREWS, JOHN, Newburyport, Nat.

the interior parts of Amer. in a series thanks. ser 19 Feb. 1795, 8. N. of letters by an officer, 2 vols. 8. Lon. Eulogy on G. Washington, 22 Feb. 1789.

1800, 8. N. ANDERSON, PETER, S. of N. York, ANDREWS, JEAN, Memoire pour le

Inaug. dis on the Diarrhea infantum, sieur, negociant à Boston, etc. contre sub. to the exam. of the fac. of phy. James Swan et Michael OʻMealy, deunder the author. of the trus.of Colum. fendeurs, 4. 1804. college, 5 May, 1795, ded. to Wm. ANGLAS, Boissy D', Speech on the po. Sam. Johnson, and Nich. Romayne, lit. situa. of Europe, 8. Lon. 1775. 8. N. Y.

Dis. preliminaire au projet de conANDERSON, ALEXANDER, S. of N. Y. stitut. pour la repub. Francaise, 12.

Inaug. dis. on Chronic mania, sub. to 1795. the exam. of the fac. of phy. under the ANNALS of the corporation. See Cor. author. of the trus. of Colum. college, poration. 3 May, 1796, ded. to Joseph Young, ANNAPOLIS royal, a poem. 8. N. Y.

Anne, Memoirs of the four last years ANDERSON, A. New-York, Gen. hist. of of the reign of queen, fr. 1710 to her

quadrupeds, the figures engraved on d. 8. Lon. 1742. wood by, chiefly copied fr. the original Answer to an anon, letter on predesti. of T. Bewick, with an app. cont. some nation and free will, 8. Lon. Amer. animals not hitherto described, ANTHOLOGY. See Monthly. 8. N. Y. 1804.


ELIZA, Military reflections course of prepara. study for the duties on four modes of defence for the U. S. of the bar, 12. N. Y. 1810. with a plan of defence, trans. by, 8. Ora. 4 July, 1812, bef. the Wash. Bal. 1807.

and Ham. Societies in the city of N. ANDERSON, ANDREW, Inaug. lis. on Y. 8. N. Y.

the Eupatorium perfoliatum of Linn. ANTIDOTE to the miseries of hum. life, sub. to the exam. of the trus. of the in the hist. of widow Placid and her college of phy. and surg. in the state of daughter Rachel, fr. 20th Lon. ed. 8. N. Y. 4 May, 1813, ded. to James An- N. Y. 1808. derson, David Hosack, John Wake- APPEAL to the serious, on the use of field Francis, 8. N. Y.

reason in matters of religion, power of ANDERSON, JAMES, See Washington. man to do the will of God, orig. sin, ANDOVER, social library, laws and regu. etc. 3d. ed. 12. Lon. 1771.

lations of, with a list of books belong. APPEL au tribunal de l'opinion publique to the, 12. Bos.

du rapport de Chabroud, etc. 8. Ge. ANDOVER, Constitu, and associate sta

tutes of the theol. seminary in, with a APPENDIX to the christian's wintersketch of its rise and prog.

piece, 8. review of the constitu. etc. fr. the

designed for J. T. Kirkland's dis. Anthology, Nov. 1808.

bef. Mass. hum. soc. 8. Bos. 1811. ANDRE, John, Proceed. of a board of APPLETON, NATHANIEL, Cambridge,

gen. officers held by order of general Mass. el. ser. 26 May, 1742, 8. Bos. Washington, 29 Sept. 1780, 8. Phil. Thanks. ser. 20 May, 1766, oce. See Smith.

by the repeal of the stamp act, ded. to ANDREWS, WILLIAM, HENRY BAR. Wm. Pitt, 8. Bos.

neve, 1791.

APPLETON, N. (cont.) Two fast ser. ASSOCIATE reforned synod, (coix. 5 Ap. 1770. 8. Bos.

Report, num. 1 and 2, of a com[APPLETON, Jesse, Hampton, Bruns- mittee, consisting of James Serim.

wick,] serious and respectful add. to geour and John M. Mason, appointed the clergy on the subj. of approbating to prepare the draught of a plan for and ordain. candidates for the ministry, the seminary proposed to be erected 8. Bos. 1801.

by the ass. ref. ch. 8. 1804. ser. ord. James Armstrong Neal in ASSOCIATION of the delegates of the Greenland, 22 May 1805, c. by Timo. colonies of N. Amer. in cong. witli thy Upham of Deerfield, f. by Jona- their add. to the people of G. Brit. than French, of North Hampton, 8. and to the inhabi. of the colonies, Ports.

1774 Ser, ord. Reuben Nason in Free. Extracts fr. the minutes of the port, 7 Feb. 1810, with a biog, notice gen. of Con. 1804, 8. Hartf. of Sam. Veazie, 8. Portl.

ATKINS, Jonn, Voyage to Guinea, Ser. ord. Benj. Tappan in Augus- Brasil, and the W. Indies, 20. ed. 8. ta, 16 Oct. 1811, c. by Hez. Packard Lon. 1737. of Wiscasset, f. by Freeman Parker ATTLEBOROUGH agricul. SOC. See of Dresden, 8. A.

Wilder. APTHORP, EAST, Cambridge, Observa. AUCAMUTY, SAMUEL, New York,

on the institu. and conduct of the soc. Ser. del. 2 Oct. 1770, bef. the corpora.

prop. gos. for. parts, 8. Bos. 1763. for the relief of the widows and ABCULARIUS, PAILIP I. and WM. children of clergymen in the com

COLEMAN, Report of the trial of munion of the ch. of Eng. in Amer. the cause of, being an action for a li. with an acc. of the charitable corpo. bel, taken in short hand by Samp- ra. and an abstract of their proceed. son, 8. N. Y. 1807.

8. N. Y. 1771. ARISTOCRACY, an epic poem, also book AUNIS, Memoire de la chambre de 2d. 8. Phil. 1795.

commerce d', que la Rochelle soit un ARMY at Boston, Letter fr. a veteran des ports francs promis par le roi aux to the officers of the, 8. 1774.

Etats Unis de l'Amerique, 4. ARNELL, DAVID R. Add. del. bef. the AUSTIN, WILLIAM, Ora. del. 17 June,

med. soc. of Orange eo. 7 July, 1812, 1801, anniv. battle of Bunker's hill, 8. 8. N. Y.

Bos. ASBRIDGE, GEORGE, ora. del. bef. the Letters fr. London in 1802, 1803.

N. Y. typograph. soc. at their 2d. an- 8. Bos. 1804. niv. 4 July, 1811, 8. N. Y.

AYLOFFE, GULIELMUS, Oratio de ASHE, THOMAS, Travels in Amer. pace felicissimis Gulielmi III. auspi. 1806, 8. Nbyport, rep. 1808.

ciis habita coram academia Cantab. in ASPLUND, JOHN, Annual reg. of the templo beatæ Mariæ, $ non. Dec.

baptist denom, in N. Amer. to 1 Nov. 1697, 4. Cantab. 1790, .

AZUNI, D. A. Maratime law of Eu. Asses, Sermons to, ded. to G. Wh-d, rope, 2 vols. trans. fr. Fr. 8. N. Y.

J. W-ly, W-m R-m-n, and 1806.
M. M-dd-n, 12. Phil. 1769.

ASSISTANCE soc. constitu. of the, for BACHELLER, SAMUEL, Haverhill,

relieving and advising sick and poor Vindica. of an associa. fr. the charge persons in the city of N. Y. adopted of heresy in doc. and partiality in con10 Dec. 1808, 12. N. Y. 1809.

duct, etc. in ref. to, with an app. by, ASSOCIATE reformed synod, extract and by H. True, 4. Ports. 1758.

fr. the minutes of the proceed. of the, BACKSETTLEMENTS, Acct. of disturmet at Phil. 29 May, 1797, 8. N. Y. bances bet. the inhabitants of the, and

Extracts, etc. 30 May, 1798, 8. N. of the settlements of Penn. 12 Phil. Y.

Dialogue cont. reflec. on remonExtracts, etc. 21 Oct. 1802, with strance of tho inhabi. of, in Penn. 12. app. cont. sundry documents, 8. N. Y. Phil. 1764. 1803.

BACKUS, ISAAC, Middleborough, Dis. Extracts, etc. 30 May, 1804, with on the nat. and necessity of an ina statis. table of the ass. ref. ch. in N. ternal call to preach the gos. eto. with Amer. ff. Oct. 1802 till May 1804.8. an acc. of the exper. and dying testiNY.

mony of Nat. Shepherd, and a pref. 8. Bos. 1755.

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