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majesty King Gustavus Adolphus in glorious memory.

Insomuch that his majesty's mother and the Pflatzgrave of Rein Charles, who, after the Queen Christiania, succeeded her, and was crowned King of Sweedland, they gave considerable sums. And the lords of the counsel, the chiefest of the barons and knights, the coronet and the chief officers of the militia, the bishops and some of the clergy, and the mayor and aldermen in the cities, and a great many of the common people, the time that was concluded upon to gether and to bring them in by the first of March ; and those that lived further, as Fin land and Liff land, should bring in their money by the first of May, the following year. After which time none should be received in the said West-India Company, and to further it and put all things in forwardness, there was several responsible persons chosen to see every thing that was proposed put in execution, Amongst those was one admiral, a vice admiral, merchants, factors, and commissaries. And it was coneluded to get as many as they thought fitt of those that were free and voluntary to ship themselves unto New Sweed land to settle it, and to cultivate it. Amongst them there was some Finns from Finland.

When the Sweeds arrived first into this country so have they endeavoured to live in peace and qui. etness with the natives, the Americans, and their chiefs have they given valuable gifts, and afterwards have they purchased from the natives all the. land from cape In Lopen in the bay unto the Great Fall up Delaware, and so they have had a full possession. And whereas his majesty in glorious memory King Charles the First, in the year 1631, when his excellence John Oxenstierna was sent an ambassadeur unto England unto his majesty, and then all claim and pretensions which the En

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glish had was given up to the Sweeds, which con sisted therein, that the English said they had first made a discovery of it.

What pretence the Dutch they laid in the South River, or New Sweed land, and their claim the Sweeds have bought from the states. Their claim consisted therein, that they before had settled there, and that they had built three forts there, and most of them had been killed by the Indians and destroyed, and when the Sweeds arrived there, they had quite acquitted it. As the Sweeds Governeur John Rising in his two relations specifieth,

The amity, league, and friendship, that the Sweeds formerly had erected with the Americans was afterwards again renewed when Mr. John Clandy Rysing was ordained commissarius, and an assistant to the governeur in New Sweed land, and at his arrival the governeur John Printz was then already sailed for Sweeden; and he had ordained his son-in-law, Mr. John Papegoia deputy governeur in his place; and he at last also would

go to his native country. He left the government to John Rysing, and the management thereof, and as soon as he came to the government he renewed with the English and Dutch, and also with the Ameriz cans, the offer of former friendship that was betwixt them, which the ingeneur Peter Lindstrom in his relation, the second chapter, at large doth specify.

The 17th of June, 1654, was gethered together at Prince Hall at Tennacum, ten of the Sachemans of the Indian Chiefs, and there then at that time was spoken to them in the behalf of the great Queen of Sweed land for to renew the old league and friendship that was betwixt them, and that the Sweeds had bought and purchased the land of them. They complained that the Sweeds they should have brought in with them much evil, bex

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cause so many of them since are dead and expired. Then there was given unto them considerable presents, and parted amongst them. When they had received the presents they went out, and had a conference amongst them a pretty while, and came in again, and then spoke one of the chiefs, by name Noaman; rebuked the rest, and that they had spoken evil of the Sweeds, and done them harm, and that they should do so no more, for they were good people. Look, said he, pointing upon the presents, what they have brought us, and they desire our friendship, and then he stroked himself three times down bis arm, which was as an especial token of friendship. Afterwards he thanked for the presents they had received, which he did in all their behalfs, and said that there should hereafter be observed and kept a more strict friendship amongst them than there hath been hitherto. That as they had been in Governeur Printz his time, one body and one heart, (beating and knocking upon his breast) they should hence forward be as one head. For a token waving with both his hands, and made as if he would tye a strong knott; and then he made this comparison, that as the callibash is of growth round without any crack, also they from henceforth hereafter as one body without any separation, and if they heard or understood that any one would do them or any of theirs any harm, we should give them timely notice thereof, and likewise if they heard any mischief plotting against the christians, they would give them notice thereof if it was at mid-, night. And then answer was made unto them, that that would be a true and lasting friendship if every one would consent to it. And upon the said sayings they made a general shout, and consented to it. 'I'hen the great guns were tired, which pleased them exceedingly well, saying,

Pu, hu hu, mokirick pickon, that is, Hear! now believe! the great guns are fired. And then they were treated with wine and brandy. Then stood up another of the Indians and spoke, and admonished all in general that they should keep the league and friendship with the christians that was made, and in no manner of way violate the same, and do them no manner of injury, not to their hoggs or their cattle; and if any one should be found guilty thereof, they should be severely punished, others to an example; they advised that we should settle some Sweeds upon Passaiunck, where then there lived a power of Indians, for to observe if they did any mischief, they should be punished. Moreover, that all the land that the Sweeds had bought and purchased, should be confirined, the copies of the agreements were then punctually read unto them.

But the originals were at Stockholm, and when their names that had signed, they seemed when they heard it rejoiced, but when any one's name was read that was dead, they hung their heads down, and seemed to be sorrow ful. And then there was set upon the floor in the great hall two great kettles, and a great many other vessels with sappan, that is, mush, made of Indian corn, or Indian wheat, as groweth there in an abundance. But the sachemans they sate by themselves, but the common sort of Indians they fed beartily, and were satisfied. The above-mentioned treaty and friendship that then was made betwixt the Sweeds and the Indians hath been ever since kept and observed, and that the Sweeds have not been by them molested.

As concerning what forts the Sweeds built in New Sweeden, so are these the most noted ones as followeth:

Hopokahacking, that is, Christiana fort. This was the first that was built, which the Sweeds, and of the Sweeds, when they came in the country in the year 1631, and by it was a little town laid out by the ingeneur Peter Lindstrom, and afterwards settled by the Sweeds, and was called the town of Christiana Harbour, and when the Dutch besiged the fort they demolished it, and ruined it.

Tutæ æ nungh Teniko; in this fort did the Governeur John Printz live, and he caused it to be called New Gottenburgh, where he also caused to be built a settlement for himself and his family, which was very artificially contrived and well built, with a fine orchard, pleasure house, and the like, and was called Printz-hall. Upon this island had all the principal freemen their dwellings and plantations.

The fort Christiana doth lye west from New Gottenburgh, east from each other, and it is reckoned three leagues from each other. In New Got; tenburgh the Sweeds have built a church, of which Dr. John Campanius inakes this observation, anno 1646, the fourth of September, the last day of those, that we call it a day of humiliation, which is also the custom in Sweed land, did the said Campanius consecrate the said church in Tennacum and the burying place. The first corps that was buried there was Andrew Hanson's daughter Catherine, [Andrew daughter,] and she was buried the 28th of October, which was Simon and Jude's day.

Mocoponacka, which is called Chester, was a bare place without a fort, but there was some houses built there. It was good even land there by the sea shore, situated betwixt Christiana fort and New Gottenburgh, though nearer the latter, and there was also a fort built there sometime aster.

Wootsessung Sing, that is, Elfsburgh, that fort doth lye and is situated south from Christiana,

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