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Página 97 - Such an act she must consider as failing in sincerity towards the Crown, and justly to be visited by the exercise of her constitutional right of dismissing that Minister. She expects to be kept informed of what passes between him and the foreign Ministers before important decisions are taken, based upon that intercourse ; to receive the foreign despatches in good time; and to have the drafts for her approval sent to her in sufficient time to make herself acquainted with their contents before they...
Página 135 - Excellency to make no change in your relations with the French Government. " It is Her Majesty's desire that nothing should be done by her ambassador at Paris which could wear the appearance of an interference of any kind in the internal affairs of France.
Página 931 - I shall propose to the committee is, that the chairman be directed to move the House that leave be given to bring in a bill to put an end to the Established Church in Ireland, and to make provision in respect of the temporalities thereof, and in respect of the Royal College of Maynooth.
Página 97 - ... sent to her in sufficient time to make herself acquainted with their contents before they must be sent off. The Queen thinks it best that Lord John Russell should show this letter to Lord Palmerston.
Página 3 - The form of these institutions will, however, require your consideration ; and the additional information which has been obtained since the passing of the Acts in question will, I trust, enable you to arrive at a decision beneficial to that important colony. It gives me great satisfaction to be able to state to you that the large reductions of taxes which have taken place of late years have not been attended with a proportionate diminution of the national income. The revenue of the past year has...
Página 93 - That the principles on which the foreign policy of Her Majesty's Government have been regulated have been such as were calculated to maintain the honour and dignity of this country; and in times of unexampled difficulty, to preserve peace between England and the various nations of the world.
Página 567 - An Act further to amend the Laws relating to the Representation of the People in England and Wales.
Página 83 - ... to the acknowledged principles of the constitution, by which the prerogatives of the crown, the authority of both houses of parliament, and the rights and liberties of the people, are equally secured.
Página 299 - Three poets in three distant ages born, Greece, Italy, and England did adorn; The first in loftiness of thought surpassed, The next in majesty; in both the last. The force of Nature could no further go, To make a third she joined the former two.
Página 103 - Excellency wishes to know my own opinion on the change which has taken place in France, it is that such a state of antagonism had arisen between the President and the Assembly that it was becoming every day more clear that their co-existence could not be of long duration ; and it seemed to me better for the interests of France, and, through them, for the interests of the rest of Europe, that the power of the President should prevail...

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