Reports of Cases Determined in the Several Courts of Westminster-hall, from 1746 to 1779, Volumen1

S. Sweet, R. Pheney, 1828 - 1385 páginas

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Página 35 - This is properly a criminal method of prosecution, as well to punish the usurper by a fine for the usurpation of the franchise, as to oust him, or seize it for the crown; but hath long been applied to the mere purposes of trying the civil right, seizing the franchise or ousting the wrongful possessor; the fine being nominal only.
Página 192 - When a ship is driven on shore, it is the duty of the master either to repair his ship, or to procure another; and having performed the voyage, he is then entitled to his freight ; but he is not entitled to the whole freight, unless he perform the whole voyage, except in cases where the owner of the goods prevents him ; nor is he entitled pro rata unless under a new agreement.
Página 404 - I. c. 11.) the presumption of the duration of life, with respect to persons of whom no account can be given, ends at the expiration of seven years from the time when they were last known to be living.
Página xiv - In November 1759, he published a new edition of the Great Charter, and Charter of the Forest ; which added much to his former reputation, not only as a great lawyer, but as an accurate antiquary, and an able historian.
Página 298 - Now upon the Best Consideration I have been able to give this Matter, I am very clear of Opinion, that at the Trial, I ought not to have admitted the Evidence of Usage. But the Point of Law is here settled...
Página xvi - all his personal estate, books, &c. for the con" stituting, establishing, and endowing one or more Fellowship or " Fellowships, and Scholarship or Scholarships, in any College or " Hall in the said University, as to the Convocation shall be " thought most proper for Students of the Common Law.
Página 465 - The policy is founded on mifreprefentation : the fhip is infured " at and from Genoa to Dublin ; the adventure to begin " from the loading, to equip for this voyage.
Página 353 - ... might happen within the year; but where it appears by the whole tenor of the agreement that it is to be performed after the year, there a note is necessary.
Página 301 - Taylor it was found, by the special verdict, "that before the reign of her late majesty, Queen Anne, it was usual to purchase from authors the perpetual copyright of their books, and to assign the same from hand to hand for valuable consideration, and to make the same the subject, of family settlements, for the provision of wives and children.

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