The Jade Chaplet in Twenty-four Beads

Trüber & Company, 1874 - 166 páginas

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Página 117 - Twas night — the tired soldiers were peacefully sleeping, The low hum of voices was hushed in repose ; The sentries, in silence, a strict watch, were keeping 'Gainst surprise or a sudden attack of their foes ; When a low mellow note on the night air came stealing, So soothingly over the senses it fell — So touchingly sweet — so soft and appealing, Like the musical tones of an aerial bell. Now rising, now falling — now fuller and clearer — Now liquidly soft— now a low wailing cry; .Now...
Página 118 - In melodious sighs — in strains so elysian — As to soften the hearts of rude soldiers like these ? Each looked at the other, but no word was spoken, The music insensibly tempting them on : They...
Página 97 - Dont waste your time at family funerals grieving for your relatives: attend to life, not to death: there are as good fish in the sea as ever came out of it, and better.
Página 123 - ... the cherry, Pouting, sulking, laughing, merry : Seem to murmur, " We are luscious — Come and with your own lips brush us, Taste us, kiss us, press us, crush us ! We will teach you what true bliss is ! Feed you on delicious kisses ! In these ruby lips of ours, Lurk the sweets of choicest flowers : We possess the power of giving Life to lifeless, bliss to living...
Página 7 - One sunny morning Mr. Chwang Was strolling leisurely along, Viewing the budding flowers and trees, Sniffing the fragrance-laden breeze, Staring at those who hurried by, Each loaded with a good supply Of imitation sycee shoes, To burn — for friends defunct to use — Of dainty viands, oil and rice And wine to pour in sacrifice On torn IRS of friends who 'neath them slept.
Página 43 - Regardless of whom they might be ; One moment she'd kiss the sweet lips of a flower, The next — lave the root of a tree. " She would leap from one rock to another in play, Tumble down on her pebbly bed ; Like a naiad, let the dazzling sun-smitten spray Fall in prismatic gems round her head. " Sometimes she would lash herself into rage, And rush roaring and seething along ; Till a bit of smooth ground would her anger assuage, When she'd liquidly murmur a song.

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