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Ai a folemn Mufick.

230 An Epitaph on the Marchioness of Winchester,

231 Song on May-Morning.

234 On Shakespear.

ibid, On the University Carrier, who ficken'd in

the Time of his Vacancy, being forbid to go

to London, by reason of the Plague. 235 Another on the same.

236 On the new Forcers of Conscience under the Long Parliament.

237 Ad Pyrrham, Ode V.

238 The fifob Ode of Horace, Lib. 1. Englib'd.

239 Sonnets.

240 Pfalm 1. done into Verse, 1653. 258 Pfalm 2.

259 Psalm 3


261 P.salm 5

262 Psalm 6.


265. Psalm 8.

267 Pfalm 80.

269 Pfalm 81.

272 Psalm 82.

274 Psalm 83.

275 Psalm 84.

277 Psalm 85.

279 Pfalm

Psalm 4.

Psalm 7.

Psalm 86.

281 Psalm 87.

283 Pfalm 88.

284 A Paraphrafe on Psalm 114.

287 On Psalm 136.

288 Joannis Miltoni Londinenfis Poemata. Quo

rum pleraque intra Annum Æratis Vigefin mum confcripfit.

293 Elegia prima ad Carolum Diodatum.

301 Elegia fecunda in Obitum Præconis Academici Cantabrigienfis.

304 Elegia tertia in Obitum Præfulis Wintonienfos.

305 Elegia quarta, ad Thomam Junium, &c. 308 Elegia quinta, in adventum Veris.

312 Elegia sexta, ad Carolum Diodatum, ruri commorantem.

317 Elegia feptima.

320 In Proditionem Bombardicam,

324 In Inventorem Bombarda.

326 Ad Leonoram Romæ canentem. ibid. Apologus de Ruftico & Hera.

327 Sylvarum Liber. In Obitun Procancellarii Medici.

329 In Quintum Novembris.

331 In Obitum Præfulis Elienfis. Naturam non pati fenium.

340 De Idea Platonica quemadmodum Ariftoteles intellexit.




Ad Patrem.

344 Psalm CXIV. Pbilosopbus ad regem quendam qui eum ignotum

& infontem inter reos forte captum infcius damnaserat τω επι θανάτω πορευόμενος bec fubitò mifit.

-349 In Effigici ejus Sculptorem.

ibid. Ad Salfillum Poetam Romanum ægrotantem.

ibid. Manfus.

351 Epitaphium Damonis.

355 Ad Joannem Roufsum, Oxonienfis Academie Bibliothecarium.

363 Of Education, to Mr. Samuel Hartlib. 367




WHO cre while the happy Garden (ung,
By one Man's Disobedience loft, now


Recover'd Paradise to all Mankind, By one Man's firm Obedience fully try'd Through all temptation, and the Tempter foil'd s In all his wiles, defeated and repuls’d, And Eden rais'd in the waste Wilderness.

Thou, Spirit, who led'st this glorious Eremite Into the Desart, his victorious Field Against the spiritual Foe, and brought'At him thence By proof th' undoubted Son of God, inspire, As thou art wont, my prompted Song, elle mute, And bear through height ordepth of Nature's bounds With prosperous wing full summ’d, to tell of deeds Above Heroic, though in secret done,

15 And unrecorded left through many an Age, Worthy t'have not remain'd so long unsung.




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Now had the great Proclaimer with a voice
More awful than the sound of Trumpet, cry'd
Repentance, and Heaven's Kingdom nigh at hand
To all Baptiz'd: to his great Baptism fock'd, 21
With awe the Regions round, and with them came
From Nazareth the Son of Joseph deomod,
To the food Jordan came, as then obfcure,
Unmarkt, unknown; but him the Baptist foon 2.5
Descry'd, divinely warn'd, and witness bore
As to his worthier, and would have resign'd
To him his Heavenly Office, nor was long
- His witness unconfirm’d: on him baptiz'd

Heav'n open'd, and in likeness of a Dove
The Spirit descended, while the Father's voice
From Heav'n pronounc'd him his beloved Son.

That heard the Adversary, who roving still
About the World, at that assembly fam'd
Would not be last, and with the voice divine

35 Nigh thunder-struck, th’exalted Man, to whom Such high atteft was giv'n, a while survey'd With wonder, then with envy fraught, and rage, Flies to his Place, nor rests, but in mid air To Council summons all his mighty Peers, Within thick Clouds and dark-ten-fold involv'd, A gloomy Consistory; and them amidst With looks agast and (ad he thus bespake.

O ancient Pow'rs of Air and this wide World, For much more willingly I mention Air,

45 This our old Conquest, than remember Hell Our hated habitation ; well ye know How many Ages, as the years of Men,

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