Water and Water Supplies

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Página 449 - By the general law applicable to running streams, every riparian proprietor has a right to what may be called the ordinary use of the water flowing past his land ; for instance, to the reasonable use of the water for his domestic purposes and for his cattle, and this without regard to the effect which such use may have, in case of a deficiency, upon proprietors lower down the stream.
Página 169 - ... cholera in Hamburg went right up to the boundary of Altona and there stopped. In one street which for a long way forms the boundary there was cholera on the Hamburg side, whereas the Altona side was free from it.
Página 451 - It also appears that the river Wandle is, and always has been, supplied above the plaintiff's mill in part by the water produced by the rainfall on a district of many thousand acres in extent, comprising the town of Croydon and its vicinity. The water of the rainfall sinks into the ground to various depths, and then flows...
Página 92 - ... per cent, of sewage, we are led in each case to the inevitable conclusion that the oxidation of the organic matter in sewage proceeds with extreme slowness...
Página 449 - ... to which the first occupant may acquire an exclusive right, but that it is public and common in this sense only, that all may reasonably use it who have a right of access to it, that none can have any property in the water itself except in the particular portion which he may choose to abstract from the stream and take into his possession, and that during the time of his possession only. But each proprietor of the adjacent land has the right to the usufruct of the stream which flows through it.
Página 446 - ... all corporations, tenants in tail or for life, married women seised in their own right or entitled to dower, guardians, committees of lunatics and idiots, trustees or feoffees in trust for charitable or other purposes, executors and administrators, and all parties for the time being entitled to the receipt of the rents and profits of any such lands in possession or subject to any estate in dower, or to any lease for life or for lives and years, or for years or any less interest...
Página 483 - A supply of water for domestic purposes shall not include a supply of water for cattle, or for horses, or for washing carriages, where such horses or carriages are kept for sale or hire or by common carrier, or a supply for any trade, manufacture, or business, or for watering gardens, or for fountains, or for any ornamental purpose.
Página 441 - ... or other such place shall be in the unavoidable course of such pipe, and then in every such case such pipe shall be passed through an exterior cast-iron pipe or jacket of sufficient length and strength, and of such construction as to afford due protection to the water-pipe.
Página 125 - Commissioners, after a lengthy investigation, came to the conclusion that, "where the chief sanitary conditions prevail with tolerable uniformity, the rate of mortality is practically uninfluenced by the softness or hardness of the water supplied to different towns, and the average rate of mortality in the different water divisions varies far less than the actual mortality in the different towns of the same division.
Página 484 - ... rates and taxes, and tithe commutation rent-charge, if any, and deducting therefrom the probable average annual cost of repairs, insurance, and other expenses, if any, necessary to maintain them in a state to command such rent.

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