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Página 47 - But the place where we are to get knowledge, even theoretic knowledge, is the Books themselves ! It depends on what we read, after all manner of Professors have done their best for us.
Página 278 - The BEGINNING of the MIDDLE AGES; CHARLES the GREAT and ALFRED; the HISTORY of ENGLAND in its connection with that of EUROPE in the NINTH CENTURY. By the Very Rev. RW CHURCH, MA The AGE of ANNE.
Página 277 - ... could hardly have been done better ; and it will convey to the readers for whom it is intended a juster estimate of Johnson than either of the two essays of Lord Macaulay
Página 322 - FROM THE EARLIEST TIME TO THE PERIOD OF ITS DECLINE. By Dr. THEODOR MOMMSEN. Translated, with the author's sanction and additions, by the Rev. WP DICKSON, Regius Professor of Biblical Criticism in the University of Glasgow, late Classical Examiner of the University of St. Andrews.
Página 278 - The THIRTY YEARS' WAR, 1618-1648. By SAMUEL RAWSON GARDINER, late Student of Ch. Ch. ; Author of ' History of England from the Accession of James I. to the Disgrace of Chief Justice Coke
Página 33 - RELIGION IN CHINA; containing a brief Account of the Three Religions of the Chinese ; with Observations on the Prospects of Christian Conversion amongst that People.
Página 322 - A work of the very highest merit ; its learning is exact and profound ; its narrative full of genius and skill ; its descriptions of men are admirably vivid. We wish to place on record our opinion that Dr. Mommsen's is by far the best history of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Commonwealth.
Página 322 - As an introduction to the study of Grecian history, no previous work is comparable to the present for vivacity and picturesque beauty, while in sound learning and accuracy of statement it is not inferior to the elaborate productions which enrich the literature of the age."— Л^.
Página 279 - SOUND : a Series of Simple, Entertaining, and Inexpensive Experiments in the Phenomena of Sound, for the use of Students of every age.
Página 99 - NICHOL. (Others in preparation.) , The object of these primers is to convey information in such a manner as to make it both intelligible and interesting to very young pupils, and so to discipline their minds as to incline them to more systematic after-studies. The woodcuts which illustrate them embellish and explain the text at the same time. D. APPLETON & CO., Publishers, 1, 8, & 5 BOND STREET, NEW YORK. APPLETONS...

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