The Stock Exchange Year-book

Thomas Skinner, 1883

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Página ii - Bankers. DEPOSIT ACCOUNTS.— Deposit Receipts are issued for sums of Money placed upon these Accounts, and Interest is allowed for such periods and at such rates as may be agreed upon, reference being had to the state of the Money Market. CIRCULAR NOTES and LETTERS OF CREDIT are issued payable in the principal Cities and Towns of the Continent.
Página 6 - Powers of Attorney for the sale or transfer of Stock to be left at the Bank, &c., for examination, one day before they can be acted upon ; if for receiving dividends, they may be presented at the time the first dividend is payable. Probates of wills, letters of administration, and other proofs of decease, must be left at the...
Página xliv - YEARS they have been used most extensively as a Family Medicine, thousands having found them a simple and safe remedy, and one needful to be kept always at hand. These Pills are purely Vegetable, being entirely free from Mercury or any other Mineral, and those who may not hitherto have proved their efficacy will do well to give them a Trial. Recommended for Disorders of the Head, Chest, Bowels, Liver and Kidneys ; also in Rheumatism, Ulcers, Sores, and all Skin Diseases— these Pills being a direct...
Página 8 - Moderate Rates of Premium. Liberal Scale of Annuities. Loans granted upon Security of Freehold, Copyhold, and Leasehold Property, Life Interests, and Reversions ; Also to Corporate and other Public Bodies, upon Security of Rates, &c.
Página xxxv - Catalogue, containing a List of Several Hundred Volumes, including Bibles and Religious Works, Fine-Art Volumes, Children's Books, Dictionaries, Educational Works, History, Natural History, Household and Domestic Treatises, Handbooks and Guides, Science, Travels, &c.
Página 6 - Instead of charging rates higher than are necessary, and afterwards returning the excess in the shape of periodical Bonuses, it gives from the first as large an Assurance as the Premiums will with safety bear, reserving the Whole Surplus for those members (quite a half of the whole) who live long enough to secure the Common Fund from loss.

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