The History of the War: From the Commencement of the French Revolution to the Present Time, Volumen1

T. Kinnersley, 1816 - 478 páginas

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Página 31 - But he has not a right to an equal dividend in the product of the joint stock ; and as to the share of power, authority, and direction which each individual ought to have in the management of the State, that I must deny to be amongst the direct original rights of man in civil society ; for I have m my contemplation the civil social man, and no Other.
Página 31 - If civil society be the offspring of convention, that convention must be its law. That convention must limit and modify all the descriptions of constitution which are formed under it. Every sort of legislative, judicial, or executory power are its creatures. They can have no being in any other state of things...
Página 314 - Shoals), flanked by numerous gunboats, four frigates, and a battery of guns and mortars...
Página 572 - I formed the infantry immediately in two lines with the British cavalry, as a reserve in a third, in an open space between that river and a Nullah running parallel to it.
Página 588 - ... and England with a fleet that made her mistress of the seas, and which he did not think he should be able to equal in less than ten years : two such countries, by a proper understanding, might govern the world, but by their strifes might overturn it.
Página 48 - Tuileries be forced or insulted, if the least violence be offered, the least outrage done to their majesties, the king, the queen, and the royal family, if they be not immediately placed in safety and set at liberty, they will inflict on those who shall deserve it the most exemplary and ever memorable avenging punishments, by giving up the city of Paris to military execution, and exposing it to total destruction ; and the rebels who shall be guilty of illegal resistance shall suffer the punishments...
Página 587 - ... in the interior. In confirmation of this he told me, that two men had within these few days been apprehended in Normandy, and were now on their way to Paris, who were hired assassins, and employed by the Bishop of Arras, by the Baron de...
Página 380 - I accordingly landed the boats at the Mole, and took the crews up to the breach, armed with pikes. The enthusiastic gratitude of the Turks, men, women, and children, at the sight of such a reinforcement, at such a time, is not to be described.
Página 303 - They are an invincible people, inhabiting a burning desert, mounted on the fleetest horses in the world, and full of courage. They live with their wives and children in flying camps, which are never pitched two nights together in the same place. They are horrible savages, and yet they have some notion of gold and silver ! a small quantity of it serves to excite their admiration.
Página 314 - His idea, in this disposition of his force was, first, to secure the victory ; and, then, to make the most of it, as circumstances might permit.

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