Hogan, M.P. [by M. Hartley].


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Página 63 - Hence Ostentation, here, with tawdry heart, Pants for the vulgar praise which fools impart. Here Vanity assumes her pert grimace, And trims her robes of frieze with copper lace. Here beggar Pride defrauds her daily cheer, To boast one splendid banquet once a year. The mind still turns where shifting fashion draws, Nor weighs the solid worth of self-applause.
Página 167 - Why should this desert silent be ? For it is unpeopled ? No; Tongues I'll hang on every tree, That shall civil sayings show : Some, how brief the life of man Euns his erring pilgrimage, That the stretching of a span Buckles in his sum of age;
Página 167 - his erring pilgrimage, That the stretching of a span Buckles in his sum of age; Some, of violated bonds 'Twixt the souls of friend and friend."
Página 62 - laughed until she had to put the corner of her apron to her eyes. Master John laughed too, but not quite so heartily; and declining more coffee, set off home to prepare for his journey the next morning. CHAPTEE II. '• But not their joys alone thus coarsely flow, Their morals, like their pleasures, are but low; For, as refinement stops, from sire to son Unaltered, unimproved, the manners run
Página 212 - profane sciences, ventured in Bavaria to assert the existence of the Antipodes, the whole religious world was thrown into a paroxysm of indignation— St. Boniface heading the attack, and Pope Zachary, at least for a time, encouraging it.
Página 56 - altro, e sarebbe morto contento, come tutti quelli che desideran molto una cosa assicurano di voler fare quando siano arrivati a ottenerla.

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