Heredity: A Psychological Study of Its Phenomena, Laws, Causes, and Consequences

Appleton, 1891 - 393 páginas

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Página 383 - ... in mass, in complexity, in activity. The larger body of emotion needed as a fountain of energy for men who have to hold their places and rear their families under the intensifying competition of social life, is, other things equal, the correlative of larger brain. Those higher feelings presupposed by the better selfregulation which, in a better society, can alone enable the individual to leave a persistent posterity, are, other things equal, the correlatives of a more complex brain ; as are also...
Página 328 - organized register of infinitely numerous experiences received during the evolution of life, or rather during the evolution of that series of organisms through which the human organism has been reached.
Página 384 - The necessary antagonism of Individuation and Genesis, not only, then, fulfils with precision the ii priori law of maintenance of race, from the Monad up to Man, but ensures final attainment of the highest form of this maintenance — a form in which the amount of life shall be the greatest possible, and the births and deaths the fewest possible.
Página 313 - As the substratum of all other relations of the Non-Ego, they must be responded to by conceptions that are the substrata of all other relations in the Ego. Being the constant and infinitely repeated elements of thought, they must become the automatic elements of thought — the elements of thought which it is impossible to get rid of — the
Página 384 - From the beginning, pressure of population has been the proximate cause of progress. It produced the original diffusion of the race. It compelled men to abandon predatory habits and take to agriculture. It led to the clearing of the earth's surface. It forced men into the social state ; made social organisation inevitable ; and has developed the social sentiments. It has stimulated to progressive improvements in production, and to increased skill and intelligence.
Página 250 - Nevertheless, it may be as well to say here, once for all, that were we compelled to choose between the alternatives of translating mental phenomena into physical phenomena, or of translating physical phenomena into mental phenomena, the latter alternative would seem the more acceptable of the two.

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