Centennial History of Coshocton County, Ohio, Volumen1

S. J. Clarke Publishing Company, 1909

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Página 44 - Captain Cresap, — What did you kill my people on Yellow Creek for? The white people killed my kin at Conestoga, a great while ago; and I thought nothing of that. But you killed my kin again, on Yellow Creek, and took my Cousin Prisoner. Then I thought I mast kill too; and I have been three times to war since; but the Indians are not angry; only myself.
Página 106 - Strike, till the last armed foe expires, Strike, for your altars and your fires, Strike, for the green graves of your sires, God, and your native land.
Página 338 - The successful lawyer and the competent judge must be a man of well balanced intellect, thoroughly familiar with the law and practice, of comprehensive general information, possessed of an analytical mind and a selfcontrol that will enable him to lose his individuality, his personal feelings, his prejudices and his peculiarities of disposition in the dignity, impartiality, and equity of the office to which life, property...
Página 506 - ... ready to meet any obligation of life with the confidence and courage that come of conscious personal ability, right conception of things and an habitual regard for what is best in the exercise of human activities.
Página 11 - Inane ; haste stormfully across the astonished Earth ; then ' plunge again into the Inane. Earth's mountains are levelled, ' and her seas filled up, in our passage : can the Earth, which is ' but dead and a vision, resist Spirits which have reality and are ' alive? On the hardest adamant some footprint of us is stamped' in ; the last Rear of the host will read traces of the earliest Van. 'But whence? — O Heaven, whither ? Sense knows not; Faith ' knows not ; only that it is through Mystery to Mystery,...
Página 421 - Fellows, while his religious faith is indicated by his membership in the Methodist Episcopal church, to which his wife also belongs.
Página 374 - Both he and his wife are members of the Methodist Episcopal church at Newberry and active Sunday school workers.
Página 6 - Caradoc drift We slumbered side by side. The world turned on in the lathe of time, The hot lands heaved amain, Till we caught our breath from the womb of death, And crept into life again.
Página 42 - And now, brother, we beg leave that you who are a warrior, will take hold of this chain (giving a string) of friendship, and receive it from us, who are also warriors, and let us think no more of war, in pity to our old men, women and children...
Página 416 - ... because his thoughts are not self-centered but are given to the mastery of life's problems and the fulfillment of his duty as a man in his relations to his fellowmen and as a citizen in his relations to his city, state and country.

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