Diary and correspondence of Samuel Pepys, with a life and notes by Richard lord Braybrooke, deciphered, with additional notes, by M. Bright, Volumen5


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Página 82 - Court there : and the most innocent play that ever I saw ; and a curious piece of musick2 in an echo of half sentences, the echo repeating the former half, while the man goes on to the latter ; which is mighty pretty. The play has no great wit, but yet good, above ordinary plays.
Página 205 - But that which did please me beyond anything in the whole world, was the wind-musique when the angel comes down ; which is so sweet that it ravished me, and indeed, in a word, did wrap up my soul so that it made me really sick, just as I have formerly been when in love with my wife...
Página 202 - Nursery, where none of us ever were before ; where the house is better and the musique better than we looked for, and the acting not much worse, because I expected as bad as could be: and I was not much mistaken, for it was so.
Página 240 - Thence with Lord Brouncker to the Royall Society, where they were just done; but there I was forced to subscribe to the building of a College, and did give £40; and several others did subscribe, some greater and some less •sums; but several I saw hang off: and I doubt it will spoil the Society, for it breeds faction and ill-will, and becomes burdensome to some that cannot, or would not, do it.
Página 407 - Chronicle, to those in the diaries of Sir Samuel Romilly and of Haydon the painter. "Abroad with my wife," writes Pepys piously, " the first time that ever I rode in my own coach -, which do make my heart rejoice and praise God, and pray him to bless it to me, and continue it.
Página 441 - To the Duke of York's house, and saw "Twelfth Night," as it is now revived, but, I think, one of the weakest plays that ever I saw on the stage.
Página 431 - Princesse," 2 the first time I ever saw it; and it is a pretty good play, many good things being in it, and a good scene of a town on fire. We sat in an upper box, and the jade Nell come and sat in the next box; a bold merry slut, who lay laughing there upon people; and with a comrade of hers of the Duke's house, that come in to see the play.
Página 176 - and though I was there by two o'clock, there was 1000 people put back that could not have room in the pit : and I at last, because my wife was there, made shift to get into the \%d.
Página 350 - Minnes a little more plainly would lead the Duke of York to question the exactness of my keeping my records ; . but all to no purpose. My mind is mightily pleased by this, if I can but get time to have a copy taken of them for my future use; but I must return them to-morrow. So to bed.
Página 39 - House," that we could not get in, and so to the King's house : and there, going in, met with Knipp, and she took us up into the tireingrooms : and to the women's shift, where Nell was dressing herself, and was all unready, and is very pretty, prettier than I thought. And...

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