Right at Last: And Other Tales

Harper & brothers, 1860 - 305 páginas

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Página 210 - Forgive, me, LORD, for Thy dear SON, The ill that I this day have done ; That with the world, myself, and Thee, I, ere I sleep, at peace may be.
Página 176 - Christian who had betrayed the Lord, even as Judas did, and had gone over to Satan. For her part, she wished that the first-discovered witch had been a member of a godly English household, that it might be seen of all men that religious folk were willing to cut off the right hand, and pluck out the right eye, if tainted with the devilish sin.
Página 194 - Sadducees" who doubted the existence of such a crime, he said: "Instead of their apish shouts and jeers at blessed Scripture, and histories which have such undoubted confirmation as that no man that has breeding enough to regard the common laws of human society will offer to doubt of them, it becomes us rather to adore the goodness of God, who...
Página 229 - ... humbly requested the merciful God would pardon whatsoever sin, error, or mistake was in the application of justice, through our merciful High Priest, who knoweth how to have compassion on the ignorant, and those that are out of the way.
Página 195 - At one time they would bark like dogs, at another purr like cats; yea, they would fly like geese, and be carried with an incredible swiftness, having but just their toes now and then upon the ground, sometimes not once in twenty feet, and their arms waved like those of a bird.
Página 230 - We do, therefore, signify to all in general (and to the surviving sufferers in special) our deep sense of, and sorrow for, our errors, in acting on such evidence to the condemning of any person; and do hereby declare, that we justly fear that we were sadly deluded and mistaken...
Página 230 - ... do hereby declare, that we justly fear that we were sadly deluded and mistaken ; for which we are much disquieted and distressed in our minds; and do therefore humbly beg forgiveness...
Página 230 - ... whereby we fear, we have been instrumental, with others, though ignorantly and unwittingly, to bring upon ourselves and this people of the Lord, the guilt of innocent blood ; which sin, the Lord saith in scripture, he would not pardon, (2 Kings, xxiv.
Página 231 - Lucy made no reply save this, even more gloomily than before 'All their repentance will avail nothing to my Lois, nor will it bring back her life.' Then Captain Holdernesse spoke once more, and said that on the day of the general fast, appointed to be held all through New England, when the meetinghouses were crowded, an old, old man, with white hair, had stood up in the place in which he was accustomed to worship, and had handed up into the pulpit a written confession, which he had once or twice...
Página 229 - We confess that we ourselves were not capable to understand, nor able to withstand, the mysterious delusions of the powers of darkness, and prince of the air ; but were, for want of knowledge in ourselves, and better information from others, prevailed with to take up with such evidence against the accused, as, on further consideration and better information, we justly fear was insufficient for the touching the lives of any (Duet xvii.

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