Minutes of the General Council of Medical Education & Registration of the United Kingdom; of the Executive Committee, and of the Branch Councils, Volumen1


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Página 15 - Published under the direction of the general council of medical education and registration of the United Kingdom, pursuant to the medical act (1858).
Página 301 - legally qualified medical practitioner" or "duly qualified medical practitioner," or any words importing a person recognized by law as a medical practitioner or member of the medical profession, when used in any Act of Parliament, shall be construed to mean a person registered under this Act.
Página 51 - Every person registered under this Act shall be entitled according to his qualification or qualifications to practise Medicine or Surgery, or Medicine and Surgery, as the case may be, in any part of her Majesty's dominions, and to demand and recover in any court of law, with full costs of suit, reasonable charges for professional aid, advice, and visits, and the cost of any medicines or other medical or surgical appliances rendered or supplied by him to his patients...
Página 52 - ... degree, or together with a diploma or licence of the Royal College of Physicians of London. 2. A diploma or degree as surgeon from a royal college or university in England, Scotland, or Ireland, together with a certificate to practise as an apothecary from the Society of Apothecaries of London.
Página 63 - ... producing to the Registrar of the Branch Council for England, Scotland, or Ireland the Document conferring or evidencing the Qualification or each of the Qualifications in respect whereof he seeks to be so registered, or upon transmitting by Post to such Registrar Information of his Name and Address, and Evidence of the Qualification or Qualifications in respect whereof he seeks to be registered, and of the Time or "Times at which the same was or were respectively obtained...
Página 117 - Any Person who shall wilfully and falsely pretend to be or take or use the Name or Title of a Physician, Doctor of Medicine, Licentiate in Medicine and Surgery, Bachelor of Medicine, Surgeon, General Practitioner or Apothecary, or any Name, Title, Addition, or Description implying that he is registered under this Act...
Página 405 - That from and after the 1st day of August, 1815, it shall not be lawful for any person or persons (except persons already in practice as such) to practise as an apothecary in any part of England or Wales...
Página 113 - ... Twelve Months after the granting of such Charter to the College of Physicians of London, any Fellow, Member, or Licentiate of the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh, or of the Queen's College of Physicians of Ireland, who may be in practice as a Physician in any Part of the United Kingdom called England, and who may be desirous of becoming a Member of such College of Physicians of England, shall be at liberty to do so, and be entitled to receive the Diploma of the said College, and to be...
Página 157 - January, to the General Medical Council, stating the number and names of the candidates who have passed their respective final examinations, and the number of those who have been rejected.
Página 300 - January one thousand eight hundred and fifty-nine, no Certificate required by any Act now in force, or that may hereafter be passed, from any physician, surgeon, licentiate in medicine and surgery, or other medical practitioner, shall be vulid unless the person signing the same be registered under this Act.

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