Transactions of the Moravian Historical Society, Volumen1


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Página 174 - An act regulating the grants of land appropriated for military services, and for the Society of the United Brethren for propagating the Gospel among the Heathen, (a) SEC.
Página 210 - Remember the days of old, consider the years of many generations. Ask thy father, and he will show thee; thy elders, and they will tell thee.
Página 96 - Without faith it is impossible to please God: for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him.
Página 106 - MY SON, IF THOU COME TO SERVE THE LORD, PREPARE THY SOUL for temptation. Set thy heart aright, and constantly endure, and make not haste in time of trouble.
Página 98 - In it thou shalt do no manner of work ; thou, and thy son, and thy daughter, thy man-servant, and thy maid-servant, thy cattle, and the stranger that is within thy gates. For in six days the Lord made heaven and earth, the sea, and all that in them is, and rested the seventh day : wherefore the Lord blessed the seventh day, and hallowed it.
Página 427 - Rebecca, his wife, in law, equity, or otherwise howsoever, of, in, and to the same and every part thereof, to have and to hold the said hereditaments and premises hereby granted, or mentioned and intended so to be, with the appurtenances, unto the said SW Beane, his heirs and assigns, to and for the only proper use and behoof of the said SW Beane, his heirs and assigns forever...
Página 231 - I have been in the deep; in journeyings often, in perils of waters, in perils of robbers, in perils by mine own countrymen, in perils by the heathen, in perils in the wilderness, in perils in the sea, in perils among false brethren ; in weariness and painfulness, in watchings often, in hunger and thirst, in fastings often, in cold and nakedness.
Página 79 - Army, and you must be sensible that it cannot be made any where without occasioning inconvenience to some set of people or other — At the same time it is ever my wish and aim that the public good be effected with as little sacrifice as possible of individual interests...
Página 276 - ... men in the village, so that they may be all successively served. It is generally built on a bank or slope, one half of it within and the other above ground. It is well covered on the top with split plank and earth, and has a door in front, where the ground is level to go or rather to creep in. Here, on the outside, stones, generally of about the size of a large turnip, are heated by one or more men appointed each day for that purpose. While the oven is heating, decoctions from roots or plants...

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