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Página 284 - Classification of the causes of death is employed by the US government and is now adopted in Connecticut, in common with most of the other States and many of the cities which make a systematic registration of vital statistics. While this arrangement of diseases in classes is somewhat different...
Página 16 - The regular quarterly meeting of the State Board of Health was held this day after due notice, at the office of the Secretary at New Haven.
Página 283 - CAUSES OF DEATH. Among so many thousand deaths there will inevitably occur a small percentage respecting which the causes cannot be ascertained. There will also be a list in which the cause given is so vague and general that it cannot be assigned to any definite class. For example, Debility, Hemorrhage, Abscess, Tumor, etc. The latter would be much diminished if the doctors who gave the certificates were intelligent enough to appreciate the importance of stating the cause of the " Debility " of the...
Página 20 - Health was held this day after due notice, at the office of the Secretary at New Haven. The meeting was called to order by the President, Prof.
Página 106 - Treasurer begs leave to report the following statement of money received from the Comptroller, and of expenditures on account of the investigation of the natural waters of the State, for the fiscal year ending September 30, 1904.
Página 97 - MD FAIRFIELD COUNTY. George E. Hill, Esq., County Health Officer, Bridgeport. DANBURY GE Lemmer, MD Danbury. BETHEL AE Barber, MD Bethel. BROOKFIELD JF Smith, MD Brookfield. DARIEN GH Noxon, MD Darien. EASTON BW White, MD Bridgeport. FAIRFIELD WH Donaldson, MD Fairfield. GREENWICH LP Jones, MD Greenwich. HUNTING-TON WS Randall, MD Shelton. MONROE SB Hayes Stepney Depot. NEW CANAAN CB Keeler, MD New Canaan. NEW FAIRFIELD WS Watson, MD Danbury. NEWTOWN AL Schuyler, MD Newtown. NORWALK WJ Tracey, MD...
Página 100 - EL Smith, MD Hotchkissville. BOROUGH HEALTH OFFICERS. LITCHFIELD CI Page, MD TORRINGTON E. Pratt, MD WINSTED . . . .SC Wheeler MIDDLESEX COUNTY. Wesley U. Pearne, Esq., County Health Officer, Middletown. MIDDLETOWN JH McDougall, MD Middletown. CHATHAM GN Lawson, MD Middle Haddam. CHESTER F. Sumner Smith, MD Chester.
Página 9 - The registration of the Vital Statistics of the State is always conducted townwise. Although cities and boroughs are often included within town limits, their population for death-rates, birth-rates, etc., are counted as part of the population in which they are respectively located. In 46 towns the deaths exceeded the births.
Página 94 - Elmwood. WETHERSFIELD EG Fox, MD Wethersfield. WINDSOR NS Bell, MD Windsor. WINDSOR LOCKS JA Coogan, MD Windsor Locks. CITY HEALTH OFFICERS. HARTFORD President TF Kane, MD Clerk Gideon C.
Página 111 - General. . .containing a general abstract of the numbers of marriages, births, and deaths registered in Ireland during the year. i864-date. nos. I-date. 8°, f°. (In Parliamentary Papers, passim.) Same, separate, nos. зз-date. 1896date. Dublin, i8g7-date. f°. Supplement to zgth report (1802) contains " Special report on surnames in Ireland...

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