The Cape of Good Hope and the Eastern Province of Algoa Bay, &c. &c: With Statistics of the Colony

P. Richardson, 1843 - 388 páginas
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Página 105 - Right, it has been the uniform policy of our Constitution to claim and assert our liberties, as an entailed inheritance derived to us from our forefathers and to be transmitted to our posterity, as an estate specially belonging to the people of this kingdom without any reference whatever to any other more general or prior right.
Página 260 - Under the blessing of Providence, its prosperity has been steadily progressive. The friends whom I left there, though they have not escaped some occasional trials and disappointments — such as all men are exposed to in this uncertain world — have yet enjoyed a goodly share of " health, competence, and peace.
Página 260 - Caffers; they have abundance of all that life requires for competence and for comfort; and they have few causes of anxiety about the future. Some of them who have now acquired considerable flocks of merino sheep, have even a fair prospect of attaining by degrees to moderate wealth. They have excellent means of education for their children; they have a well-selected subscription library of about four hundred...
Página 212 - tis his voice ! — from your saddles alight; He's at bay in the brushwood, preparing for fight. . Leave the horses behind — and be still every man : Let the Mullers and Kennies advance in the van : Keep fast in your ranks ; — by the yell of yon hound, The savage, I guess, will be out with a bound. He comes ! the tall jungle before him loud crashing, His mane bristled fiercely, his fiery eyes flashing ; With a roar of disdain, lie leaps forth in his wrath, To challenge the foe that dare 'leaguer...
Página 260 - Gaffers ; — they have abundance of all that life requires for competence and for comfort ; and they have few causes of anxiety about the future. Some of them, who have now acquired considerable flocks of merino sheep, have even a fair prospect...
Página 212 - And George with the elephant-gun on his shoulder — In a perilous pinch none is better or bolder. In the gorge of the glen lie the bones of my steed, And the hoofs of a heifer of fatherland's breed : But mount, my brave boys ! if our rifles prove true, We'll soon make the spoiler his ravages rue. Ho ! the Hottentot lads have discovered the track — To his den in the desert we'll follow him back ; But tighten your girths, and look well to your flints, For...
Página 260 - As regards the first of these blessings, one fact may suffice : Out of twenty-three souls who accompanied me to Glen-Lynden fourteen years ago, there had not, up to the 24th of January last, occurred (so far as I know) a single death — except one, namely, that of Mr. Peter Rennie, who was unfortunately killed by the bursting of a gun, in 1825. My father, at the patriarchal age of eighty years, enjoys the mild sunset of life in the midst of his children and grand-children: the latter, of whom there...
Página i - For thus saith the Lord that created the heavens; God himself that formed the earth and made it; he hath established it, he created it not in vain, he formed it to be inhabited: I am the Lord; and there is none else.
Página 106 - ... but if the lawyers mistake in some particulars, it proves my position still the more strongly; because it demonstrates the powerful prepossession towards antiquity, with which the minds of all our lawyers and legislators, and of all the people whom they wish to influence, have been always filled ; and the stationary policy of this kingdom in considering their most sacred rights and franchises as an inheritance. In the famous law of the 3rd of Charles I. called the Petition of Right, the parliament...
Página 83 - That it was not with them as with other men, whom small things could discourage, or small discontents cause to wish themselves at home again.

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