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Sworn Appraisers

Messrs. P. C. Massyn, G. E. Joseph, and

C. T. Muller Post-holder on the Route

to and from Graham's Mr. Goss

Ditto to and from Graf

Mr. H. Waldek, of Graf Reinet
Notaries, Public

Messrs. J. F. Ziervogel, and C. Haw Sworn Translators Messrs. J. F. Ziervogel, and J. O'Reilly Attorney in the Circuit

Mr. J. O'Reilly Court

Messrs. P. C. Massyn, G. E. Joseph, D. Auctioneers

McMaster, G. Aldrich, W. G. Jordaan, and W. J. Durandt

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Civil Commissioner and
Resident Magistrate

F. Rawstorne, Esq., 2501.

Mr. James Walker, 601. Messenger

Daniel Holland, 251. Clerk of the Peace • J. Campbell, Esq. (on leave to England) Acting ditto

John Blake, Esq. Gaoler

Thomas Coakley,
Justices of the Peace . F. Rawstorne, and W.F. Cock, Esqrs.

Messrs. N. J. van der Walt, and C. Olivier
Messrs. G. D. Joubert, Hantam; C, J.

du Plessis, Onder Zeekoe River ; J. L.

du Preez, Middenveld; M. A. Ver. Field-cornets, 201. each

meulen, Winterveld; J. J. van Ton.
deren, Achter Zuurberg; J. C. Grey-
ling, Groot-rivier; H. J. van der Walt,
Rhenosterberg; C. J. Visser, Boven

Zeekoe River
Messrs. James Murray, Village of Coles-

berg ; Adriaan J. Pienaar and Pieter A. Pienaar, Hantam; N. J. J. Jooste and

D. Venter, Onder Zeekoe River; JoAssistant Field-cornets

hannes P. van der Walt, Middenveld; 31. 15s. each

M. G. Esterhuysen and D. G. Steen-
kamp, Winterveld ; P. Pretorious, Ach-
ter Zuurberg ; F. G. Peltzer and B. van
Biljoen, Groot-rivier; S. Kruger, Rhe-
nosterberg ; Charles Pretorius, Onder

Zeekoe Rivier
Dutch Reformed Church :-

Rev. T. Reid, 2001.

Messrs. P. J. van der Walt, Jacobus Pot. Elders

gieter, Abraham F. Straus, and Fran

çois N. Joubert

Messrs. P. Geldenhuis, S. Naude, P. CelDeacons

liers, M. Ackerman, P. du Plessis, and J. H. Venter


Mr. P. van den Hever

M. G. van den Berg

Rev. Mr. Murray
Wesleyan Chapel :

Rev. Mr. Bingham
Clerk and Sexton Mr. W. Wentworth
Missionaries at Colesberg :-

Of the London Society Rev. Mr. Atkinson

Of the Wesleyan ditto Rev. Mr. Bingham

Messrs. W. F. Cock, B. Kisch, and E.

Acting Market-master Mr. James Howell
Acting Wardmaster

Mr. James Howell
and Town Clerk
Town Assizer

Mr. James Frazer
Agent and Attorney in the

Circuit Court

Mr. Braham Kisch

Messrs. J. Norval and W. Wentworth Pound-master

Mr. W. Wentworth Post-master

Mr. James Walker, (acting) Post-holder on the Route

from Graf Reinet to Mr. D. Holland. Colesberg

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Civil Commissioner and

Resident } W. Gillan, Esq., 2501.

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Clerk to ditto

Mr. J. P. Verster, 601. Messenger

A. J. J. Troskie Acting Clerk of the Peace R. Blair, Esq., 801. Gaoler

J. Pressley, 301. District Surgeon

R. M. Armstrong, Esq., 1501. Justices of the Peace

W. Gilfillan, J. P. Verster, J. J. Zeiler,

and H. F. Fynn, Esqrs. Field-commandant Mr. S. J. van Wyk, 231.

Messrs. J. D. van Wyk, Cradock, B. J.

Vorster, Achter Sneeuberg, P. J. Field-cornet, 201. each Venter, Brak-rivier, W. J. Pretorius,

Klaas Smits-rivier, C. J. van Wyk,

Messrs. J. G. van Buuren, Cradock, H.

Stapelberg, Achter Snenberg, A. L. van Assistant Field-cornets,

Heerden, ditto, A. E. Bester, Brak-ri31. 15s. each

vier, G. C. Olivier. Klaas Smits-rivier, C. F. Marais, Tarka, Isaac J. Kruger,

H. van Heerden, P. S. van Heerden
Post mistress

Mrs. C. M. van Dyk, 251.
Church at Cradock:

Rev. J. Taylor, 2007.

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Messrs. J. Meyburgh, J. A, de Wit, J. J. Elders

van Heerden, and J. van Zyl

Messrs. S. J. de Beer, D. van Heerden, P.

J. Venter, and M. Oosthuysen

Mr. J. J. Fourie, 131. 68. 7fd.

Mr. D. S. de Beer
School Commission :

W. Gilfillan, Esq.

Rev. J. Taylor, J. Monro, R. M. ArmMembers

strong, Esq., J. J. Zeiler, Esq. Secretary

R. M. Armstrong, Esq. commissioners of the Mu- s Messrs. C. J. Rabe, J. D. Potgieter, and nicipality

N. Pretorius Treasurer, acting

Mr. C. J. Rabe Town Clerk

Mr. J. Cross Market-master

Mr. J. F. Zeiler Medical Practitioner R. M. Armstrong, Esq. Apothecary

Mr. D. Monro

Messrs. C. J. Rabe, J. P. Verster, D. Sworn Translators

Monro, and R. Blair Notaries, Public

Messrs. J. P. Verster, and C. J. Rabe Attorneys in the Circuit Messrs. R. Blair, and J. B. Barnes Court

Messrs. S. P. M. de Beer, G. A. Martin, Auctioneers

J. J. Zeiler, and F. Campbell Undertakers

Messrs. D. G. S. de Beer, and D. Mabony



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Utenhap. Civil Commissioner and

J. W. Van der Reit, Esq., 5001.. Allowed Resident Magistrate

1001, for rent, and waggon and horse hire

when travelling on public duty. Chief Clerk

S. H. Du Toit, Esq., 2001.
Sec. Clerk and Distributor Mr. S. J. Van Kervel Du Toit, 801.

of Stamps Messenger

Robert Gunn, 501. Clerk of the Peace

G. M. Brunett, Esq., 2501.

J. W. Etchells, 451.
J. W. Van der Reit, S. H. Du Toit, M. A.

Armstrong, O. G. Stockenstrom, D. P. Justices of the Peace

Francis, William Lloyd, W. Fleming,

R. Daniels, and J. F. C. Cuyler, Esqs. District Surgeon

J. W. Fairbridge, Esq., 1501. Deputy Sheriff

J. Brehm, Esq.

Mrs. Frances Alcock, 301.
-Messrs. M.J. Potgeiter, Utenhay Town; J.

B. Board, Port Elizabeth ; P. C. Niekerk,

Van Staden's Rivier; H. J. Mowlman, Field Cornets, 101. each

Kromme rivier; T. J. Ferreira, Gamptoos
River; H. P. Meeding Tsietsikamma ; P.
J. Holtshausen, Bosjesmins Rivier ; 2. J.

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So. G. Stockenstrom, W. Hyman, S. Kerr, Commissioners

J. J. Saunders, and T. J. Muller, Esqs. Town Clerk

Mr. P. Rens Market-master

Mr. P. Rens Pound-master.

Mr. J. G. Luyt Overseer of Watercourses . Thomas Laing Attorney of Supreme Court, J. J. F. Roselt, Esq. Notaries

Messrs. G. M. Brunett and J. J. F. Roselt

Messrs. J. J. F. Roselt and O. G. StockenSworn Translators


Messrs. M. A. Muller, J. H. Davis, J. N. Auctioneers

Streak, and J. C. Buchner
Sworn Government Land

J. W. Fairbridge, J. Younger, and E. Medical Practitioners

Coleridge, Esqs. Apothecary •

Mr. J. Brehm

} P. G. Elemans, Esq.


At Bethelsdorp
At Hankey
At Enon


Rev. J. Kitchingman
Rev. William Philip
Messrs. J. W. Stoltz and H. B. Schopman
Messrs. C. F. Nauhans, C. A. Kuster, and

C. T. Kuster

At Clarkson


Union Chapel, London Missionary Society :-

Revs. George Messer and W. Elliott
Wesleyan Missionary Society :--

Mr. P. Smailes

Messrs. Jonathan Kennedy and F. Vogel


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Elizabeth Town, Algoa Bay. Resident Magistrate . Capt. W. Lloyd, R.N., 3001. Clerk to do.

Mr. C. H. Huntley, 801. Acting Messenger

James Hancock Distributor of Stamps

Mr. C. H. Huntley Clerk of the Peace

F. Gie, Esq., 1001. Acting Gaoler

Thomas Sterley, 45l. Police Officers

J. Gillis, J. Wade, and John Crown Justices of the Peace D. P. Francis and W. Fleming, Esqs. Field Cornet

Mr. J. B. Board
Assistant ditto .

Mr. A. Bailie
Acting District Surgeon R. L. Davies, Esq., 601.

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D. P. Francis, Esq., 3001.
Mr. Patrick Murray, 901.
Mr. J. Stonelake, 801.

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PORT-OFFICE. Port Captain

H. G. Dunsterville, Esq., 1001. Officer of Health

R. L. Davies, Esq. Coxwain

W. Warner, 361. Post-mistress

Mrs. Mary Biggar, 401. Market-master .

Mr. Charles Gurney Pound-master

Mr. N. Randall Overseer of Convicts George Rye


Rev. F. M-Cleland, A.B. and T.C.D., 2001. Churchwardens

Messrs. D. Phillips and C. Andrews Clerk

Mr. Henry Shepherd

Mrs. J. Rawlinson
Sexton and Bell-ringer Mr. Thomas Hunt
School Commission :

Capt. W. Lloyd, R.N.

Revs. F. M'Cleland, and A. Robson; J. Members

C. Chase, and J. C. Welsford, Esqrs. Teacher

Mr. J. Paterson, A.M., 1501., and 401. for

house-rent Attorney of the Supreme

Court, and Proctor in the Charles Whitcomb, Esq.

Vice Admiralty Court
Attorney in the Circuit

Mr. F. Gie

Messrs. C. Whitcomb and J. C. Chase

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