The Aberdeen University Calendar, Parte1

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Página 20 - An act to make provision for the better government and discipline of the universities of Scotland, and improving and regulating the course of study therein; and for the union of the two universities and colleges of Aberdeen.
Página 24 - Regulations as to the mode of teaching and other duties imposed on the Professors : 4. To fix and regulate, from time to time, the Fees in the several classes : 5.
Página 25 - ... of the Universities (Scotland) Act, 1858, without the necessity of any one not a member of the Court appearing as prosecutor, and for the purposes of such proceedings to call before it any member of the University to give evidence, and to require the production of documents, and also to institute and conduct any such inquiries...
Página 29 - Manuscripts, rare books, works of reference, and such other works as the Library Committee shall determine, shall not be lent out of the Library, except under regulations to be made by the Library Committee and approved by the Senatus Academicus and the University Court ; and, in addition to such general regulations, the Library Committee may, in each individual case of borrowing such works, impose such special conditions as they may think necessary or expedient : Provided always that every such...
Página 31 - The Library Committee, with the approval of the University Court, may admit to the use of the Library, upon such conditions as to subscription and otherwise as they may require, members of the General...
Página 24 - Upon sufficient cause shown, and after due investigation, to censure a principal or professor, or to suspend him from his office and from the emoluments thereof, in whole or in part, for any period not exceeding one year, or to require him to retire from his office on a retiring allowance, or to deprive him of his office ; and during the suspension of any professor to make due provision for the teaching of his class : Provided always, that no such sentence of censure, suspension, or deprivation,...
Página 32 - So long as any Library subscription or any fine incurred remains unpaid, and so long as any person continues in possession of a book which he is not entitled to retain, the right of the defaulter to the use of the Library shall be suspended and remain in abeyance.
Página 24 - University, and the colleges thereof existing at the passing of the Act, including the share appropriated to the University out of the annual Parliamentary grant, and also including funds mortified for bursaries and other purposes, and to appoint factors or collectors, to grant leases, to draw...
Página 28 - I. A Committee, to be called the Library Committee, shall be constituted, consisting of three members of the University or others, not being members of the Senatus Academicus, appointed by the University Court, and of six members appointed by the Senatus Academicns.
Página 32 - It shall be in the power of the Library Committee from time to time to grant the use of the Library to such extent and on such conditions as they shall think expedient to...

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