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(1) Murray Scholar, 1873; Examiner in the (7) John Murray Medallist and Scholar, 1879; University, 1882; late Examiner in Anatomy in the Royal College of Physicians, London; Assistant Physician, London Hospital, and to the Victoria Hospital for Diseases of the Chest.

(2) John Murray Medallist & Scholar, 1877.
(3) Med. Supt., Warneford Asyl., Oxford.
(4) D. S. O. Surg.-Major, Indian Med. Service.
(5) Late Medical Electrician, Roy. Infirm.;
Assistant Phys. Sick Child. Hosp.,

(6) Murray Scholar, 1876; John Murray
Medallist and Scholar, 1879.

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Senior Surgeon to the British North
Borneo Company.
Surgeon-Major, Army Med. Staff.
Professor of Physiology in the University;
John Murray Medallist and Scholar,
1880; M.D., with Highest Honours,
1882; Assistant Prof. of Physiology,
Univ. Coll., London.

(10) Surgeon-Major, Indian Med. Service.
(11) Examiner in the University, 1889-90.
(12) Surgeon-Capt., Indian Med. Service
(retired); Secretary to Army Med.
School, Netley.

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(1) Prof. of Anatomy, Yorkshire College, Leeds; John Murray Medallist and Scholar, 1882; Examiner in the University, 1894-97.

(2) Lecturer on Physiology, Ceylon Medical College.

(3) Surg. Major, Indian Med. Service; Examiner in Anatomy, Calcutta ; Director, Botanic Gardens, Calcutta.

(4) Surg. -Capt., Indian Med. Service. (5 Late Assist. Surgeon, Hospital for Sick Children, Aberdeen; Assist. Phys., Royal Inf., Aberdeen.

(6) Surg.-Capt., Indian Medical Service. (7) Surg.-Capt., Army Med. Staff.

Honourable Distinction.
Findlay, George, M. A.

13 Galloway, James, M.A.
14 Milligan, William
15 Murray, James

(8) Late Surgeon to the British North Borneo Company.

(9) Murray Scholar, 1882; John Murray Medallist and Scholar, 1885.



John Murray Medallist and Scholar,

Surg.-Capt., Indian Med. Service;
Superintendent of the Ind. Museum,

(12) Surg.-Capt., Army Med. Staff.
(13) Lect. Pract. Materia Medica, Charing
Cross Hosp., London; Examiner in
the University, 1890.

(14) Lect., Diseases of Ear, Owens College; Examiner in the University, 1889. (15) Surg.-Capt., Indian Med. Service..

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Doctors of Medicine who obtained Honours for their Thesis for the Degree of M.D. since 1882.

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John Alexander MacWilliam, M.B., C.M. Thesis. Part I.-" On the Cardiac Muscular Fibre in the various Classes of the Animal Kingdom." Part II.-"On the Diaphragmatic Muscular Fibre in various Animals."

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John Gordon, M.B., C.M. Thesis. "Contributions to the Study of Paraldehyde." Thomas Wardrop Griffith, M.B., C.M. Thesis. "Remarks on Fifty Consecutive Čases of Empyema." James Struthers, M.B., C.M. Thesis. "On some Points in Variola."

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Thomas F. Dewar, M.B., C.M Thesis. "On Influenza." James Don, M.B., C.M. Thesis. Hypnone."


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George S. P. Ferdinands, M.B., C.M. Thesis. Investigations into the Eyesight of Children attending some of the Aberdeen Board Schools."


Neil Morrison Macfarlane, M.B., C.M. Thesis. "Whooping-Cough and its Treatment, with observations on 100 cases."

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Arthur R. Cushny, M.A., M.B., C.M. Thesis. "Report on Studies and Researches as George Thompson Fellow." James Galloway, M.A., M.B., C.M. Thesis. "On the Malignant Diseases of Serous Membranes.' William Milligan, M.B., C.M. Thesis. "The Aetiology, Pathology, Symptomatology, Complications and Treatment of Otitis Media Purulenta, acuta et chronica."


Edgar Stevenson, M.B.. C.M. Thesis. "On the connection between the Labyrinth and the movements of the Eyes and Head."


Highest Honours.

"Moveable Kidney and Intermitting

George David Knight, M.B., C.M. Thesis. Hydronephrosis."


Thesis. "Avian Tubercle Bacil

Donald George Gordon Macdonald, M. B., C.M. losis: Its Pathology and Aetiology." David Rennet, M. B., C. M. Thesis. "On the Progress of Enteric Fever in Aberdeen and other principal Scottish Towns."

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William Bulloch, M. B., C. M. Thesis. "The Central Connections of the Optic and Ocular Nerves in the Higher Mammalia." Arthur Keith, M.B., C.M. Thesis. Myology of the Catarrhini."


John Black Lendrum, M. B., C.M. Thesis. "Acute Traumatic Malignancy." Joseph Ellis Milne, M. A., M. B., C.M. Thesis. "General Paralysis of the Insane." William John Morton, M.B., C.M. Thesis. "Uric Acid Calculus."

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William Leslie Mackenzie, M.A., M.B., C.M. Thesis. "Contribution to the Hygienics of Rural Water-Service.'

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Wm. J. M. Ettles, M.B., C.M. Thesis. "Concomitant Esotropia." Ashley W. Mackintosh, M.A., M.B., C.M. Thesis. Series of Theses embodying results of studies and researches as Thompson Fellow, 1893-95—(1) 'Pseudo-Bulbar Paralysis'; (2) 'Lesions of the Optic Thalamus'; (3) The Cerebellum in Relation to Voluntary Movement and the Knee-Jerk'; (4) New Growth and Cavity Formation in the Spinal Cord'; and (5) 'The Occipital Lobe in Man and Monkey '.


Wm. Russell, M.B., C.M. Thesis. "A Clinical Record of over 500 cases of Typhus Fever." James Wilson, M.A., M. B., C.M. Thesis. "General Paralysis of the Insane.' John Thomson Wilson, M.B., C.M. (Under the New Ordinances.) Thesis. "A Contribution to the Natural History of Scarlet Fever obtained from Official Statistical Records of Mortality and Morbidity."


List of those who have received the Diploma.


Ferguson, Alfred Cornwall, M. A., M.B., | Kerr, George William England, M.B.,

C.M., Aberdeen.

Johnston, James, B.A., M. B., C.M., Port Chalmers, New Zealand-with Credit.

C.M., Bunchrew, Inverness-with

Rose, George, M. B., C.M., Aberdeen.
Watt, George, M. B., C. M., Aberdeen.

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Cooper, James S., M.B., C.M., New-| Tomory, David M., M.B., C.M., Con


Thomson, Wm., M.B., C.M., Montrose.

stantinople-with Credit.

Wilson, John T., M.B., C.M., Glasgow

-with Credit.

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