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The present number closes our Volume for 1847, and we em. brace the opportunity to thank our correspondents for their continued kindness, and to solicit their renewed assistance for the ensuing Volume for 1848. The Table of Contents, Index, and List of Plants, will appear with the January number.

The first article of a series, describing and figuring all the best varieties of plums, has been commenced in the present number, and we shall continue it from time to time until all the choicest sorts have been described. We also continue our descriptive account of new and fine varieties of apples. The Miscellaneous Intelligence contains an interesting Report of the Exhibition of the Brussels Horticultural Society, and also Reports of the Provi. dence, R. I. and Cleveland, Ohio, Annual Exhibitions.

James Hogg, Seedsman, Broadway, will act as our Agent in New York.

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Received Manuscript communications from Dr. M. A. Ward, J. Kennedy, R. Chisholm.

Payments for the Magazine, from Nov. 1 to December 1, 1847.

Horace Gray, vol. 13, . 83 00 | Henry Poor, on account,
S. D. Pardee, on account,

vol. 13 & 14, .

$3 00 vol. 13 & 14, . 3 00 Geo. J. Thornton, vol. 13, 3 00 Beaufort Hort. Soc. v. 13, 3 00

Agents FOR THE MAGAZINE.-C. C. Little & Brown, Otis, Broaders & Co, and Jordan & Co. Boston. F. Putnam, Salem, G. H. Carleton & Co. Lowell. Geo. C. Daniels, Providence, R. I. V. F. Shores & Son, Portsmouth, N. H. Dr. E. W. Bull, Hartford, Conn. J. M. Thorburn & Co., New York. D. Landreth & Munns, and R. Buist, Philadelphia. R. Sinclair, Jr. & Co. Bal. timore. J. F. Callan, Washington, D. C. J. R. Cotting, Mil. ledgeville, Ga. C. M. Dewey, Rochester, N. Y.

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