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Roses and Seedling Chrysanthemums.-Our late blooming roses are also exceedingly fine, better than I ever saw before ; and although ihe forests have turned brown and are fast shedding their leaves, the garden is very gay with chrysanthemums, marigolds, zinnias, thunbergias, &c. By the way, we beat you all hollow in chrysanthemums. Mr. Waddel has some very superior seedlings. I intend to prepare some notice of our gardening operations " in these diggins” for your annual review, if I can get time, and my lame shoulder will allow me to write.Respectfully, yours, M. A. Ward, Athens, Ga., Nov. 1847.

Rhode Island Horticultural Society. The second annual exhibition of this society was held at Hoppin's Hall, No. 33 Westminster street, on the 29th and 30th of September last. The reports of the several committees upon fruits, flowers and vegetables, showing a schedule and description of the articles exhibited, and the premiums awarded, have been sent to us, and we have endeavored to find room for their insertion. We have, however, condensed them somewhat, leaving out the names of the fruits exhibited by persons from other places, as they will be found in the list of sorts exhibited at the last annual show of the Massachusetts Horticultural Society.

Fruits: By L. C. Eaton, North Providence : R. I. Greening, American Nonpareil, Lyscom, Northern Stripe, American Golden Russet, Ramsdell's Sweeting, Meadow Greening, Pearmain Russet, Tolman Sweeting, Porter, Reddock, Baldwin, Winter Seedling, Nonsuch, Detroit, Bell Flower Sweet (unknown), Jacob, Lady, Striped (unknown), Pie, Black, House Sweeting, Gilliflower, Fall Sops of Wine, Peck's Pleasant, Forbidden Fruit, Hubbardston Nonsuch, and American Russet apples of 1846 ; Seckel, Williams's Bon Chrétien, Bezi de la Motte, Napoleon, Beurré de Capiaumont, Knight's Seedling, Louise Bonne de Jersey, and unknown pears ; five varieties peaches, unknown ; Native, Hamburgh, Golden Chasselas, Muscadine, and Isabella grapes; Orange, Portugal, and Pear quinces; two kinds of watermelons.

By Stephen H. Smith, Smithfield, President of the Society : French Nonpariel, Clark, Blue Pearmain, American Nonpareil, Honey Greening, Yellow Harvey, Winter Harvey, White Seek-no-Further, R. I. Greening, Marigold, Newtown Pippin, Sprague, Maiden's Blush, Tolman Sweeting, White Spanish Reinette, Lady, Queen Anne, Nonsuch, 'Red Seek-noFurther, Waterman Sweeting, Roxbury Russet, Peck's Pleasant, Brook, Dartmouth Sweeting, Baldwin, Esten, and Ribstone Pippin apples ; St. Michael's, Cumberland, Seckel, Capsheaf, Passe Colmar, Beurré d'Aremberg, Beurré Diel, Wilkinson, and Ananas pears; Native (Blackstone) grapes ; Minorca melons.

By Marshall P. Wilder, President Mass. Hort. Society, 35 varieties of pears. By Samuel Walker, Roxbury, 25 varieties of pears.

By Madam Ives, R. I. Greening, Baldwin, French Nonpareil, and Unknown apples; Passe Colmar, Buffum, Williams's Bon Chrétien, Duchesse d'Angoulême, Seckel, and unknown pears. Thomas Carpenter, Cumberland, Roxbury Russets, Peck's Pleasant, R. I. Greening, Black Gilliflower, and

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Wine apples; Blood and Seedling Clingstone peaches; White Native grapes. Preserved Arnold, Smithfield, Smooth Pearmain, Russet Pearmain, Titit Sweeting, Sapson, Newtown Spitzenburg, Tolman Sweeting, R. J. Greening, Lady, No Blossom, Wine, Baldwin, Crow's Egg, Black Gilliflower, Herkimer Sweeting, Peck's Pleasant, Roxbury Russet, and Unknown apples. Welcome Alverson, Johnston, Welcome and Peony Seedling apples ; Williams's Bon Chrétien pears. Mrs. M. Brownell, Duchesse d'Angoulême pears. D. H. Leonard, Seekonk, Westcott pears; Lemon Clingstone, Mammoth, White Magdalen, and two seedling varieties peaches. Robert Manton, Beurré Diel and Napoleon pears. George W. Chapin, Williams's Bon Chrétien and St. Michael pears; Miller's Spanish peaches; Isabella grapes. Henry Rogers, St. Michael pears. Edward Carrington, Capsheaf, Seckel; Gansel's Bergamot pears. George B. Peck, Williams's Bon Chrétien pears. George Hunt, Seckel pears. William Magee Snow, R. I. Greening apples; pears, for a name ; three varieties peaches, unknown; Isabella grapes, and Orange quinces. Ezra Bourn, Russet Pearmain, Sweeting, Tolman Sweeting apples ; Seedling peaches. David Ide, Smithfield, Gloria Mundi apples. Barton Whipple, Cumberland, Hollow Crown apples.

J. B. Leonard, North Providence, Warren Russet, Sapson, Black Gilliflower, American Nonpareil, and Russet Pearmain apples ; Seedling peaches. William S. King, North Providence, Gloria Mundi, Borden Russet, Tifft Sweeting, Crow's Egg, Black Gilliflower, Baldwin, l'nknown, and Blue Pearmain apples ; Orange quinces. J. A. Larkin, Cranston, Pumpkin Sweet, Ox, Vandevere (?), White Spanish Reinette, and Lady apples. J. J. Stimson, two varieties apples unknown; Bishop's Thumb, Golden Beurré of Bilboa, Julienne, Black of Worcester, Easter Beurre, Williams's Bon Chrétien, two varieties pears upknown ; Orange quinces. Wanton Vaughan, Gloria Mundi apples. Dyer's Nursery, White Gilliflower, American Nonpareil, Roxbury Russet, Cluster, Black Gilliflower, Gloria Mundi, and three varieties of apples not named. Moore's Eagle Nursery, Unknown apples; Williams's Bon Chrétien pears. Leander Fenner, Cranston, Chesborough Russet, Black Gilliflower, Esopus Spitzenburg, Long Slem, Roxbury Russet, New York Pippin, Spice, Pomme Water, Russet Pearmain, Knight's Pippin, Tim Sweeting, Smooth Pearmain, Gloria Mundi, Fall Pippin, Borden Russet, R. I. Greening, Dartmouth Sweeting, Peck's Pleasant, Cat Head Greening, Doozen, and Unknown apples ; Knight, Capsheaf, St. Michael, Seckel, Seedling, two kinds of pears unknown; Melocoton, Lemon Clingstone, Blood, three seedling varieties peaches.

Thomas Andrews, Smithfield, R. I. Greening, Roxbury Russet, and Pomme Water apples, for a name. A. L. Andrews, Smithfield, R. I. Greening apples. 0. Manchester, Fruit Hill, Rhode Island Greening apples. George Bartlett, Smithfield, Russet Pearmain, Roxbury Russet, Pomme Roi, Baldwin, and Peck's Pleasant apples; St. Michael, Buffum, Vicar of Winkfield, and Duchesse d'Angoulême (?) pears. R. H. Ives, Knight's Seedling pears.

Thomas W. Latham, Smithfield, Capsheaf,

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Isabella grapes.

Williams's Bon Chrétien pears. B. W. Comstock, Capsheaf, Williams's Bon Chrétien, Easter Beurré, St. Germain, and Unknown pears; White Nectarine peaches. W. H. Dart, White Doyenné pears. Rufus Sprague, Cranston, Remington pears ; Water and Citron melons. By the Society, Pratt Pears. Capt. S. Townsend, Duchesse d'Angoulême and Seckel pears ; Black Hamburgh grapes.

Mrs. Judge Burgess, Seckel pears; Isabella grapes. Moses B. Ives, Lemon Clingstone peaches. S. Metcalf, Seedling (free stone) peaches. J. Metcalf, Seedling (clingstone) peaches; Catawba and White Sweetwater (open culture) grapes. Thomas Read, Late Admirable peaches. James G. Fales, North Providence, Orange quinces. C. B. Manchester, nectarines. Miss P. Lippitt, figs. R. Dalglish, Black Hamburgh, Muscadine, and Chasselas d'Arboyce grapes. James Arnold, New Bedford, St. Peters, Royal Muscadine, Black Hamburgh, Horatio, and Victoria grapes. Charles Hayford, Isabella grapes. Richard Waterman, Isabella grapes. Peter Church, Catwaba grapes. Samuel Lewis,

Miss Frances Aplin, Seedling, resembling Catawba grapes.

Premiums awarded : To L. C. Eaton, for finest specimens of most approved varieties of fall

and winter apples, $4. Stephen H. Smith, for second best, $2. Preserved Arnold, Smithfield, for best specimens of finest varieties of

winter apples, $3. Thomas Andrews, Smithfield, for second best, $ 1. Welcome Alverson, Johnston, for finest dish of fall apples, $ 1. J. B. Leonard, North Providence, for finest dish of winter apples, $1. E. Carrington, for second finest specimen of best autumn pears, $ 1. R. Dalglish, for finest dish of autumn pears, $ 1. B. W. Comstock, for finest dish of winter pears, $ 1. W. M. Snow, for second best specimens of finest varieties of peaches, $ 1. D. H. Leonard, Seekonk, for best dish of peaches, $ 1. James G. Fales, North Providence, for best specimens of quinces, $2. J. Kingsbury, for best specimens of most approved varieties of native

grapes, $2. W. M. Snow, for second best, $1. J. C. Dodge, Attleborough, for finest specimens of most approved varie

ties of grapes, grown under glass, $3. R. Dalglish, for second best, $ 1. C. B. Manchester, for nectarines, $1. L. C. Eaton, for best varieties of water melons, $ 1. S. B. Halliday, for best varieties of citron melons, $1. Leander Fenner, Cranston, for fine display of apples, pears, and

peaches, $2. Flowers.—Mrs. H. Ives, by Robert Dalglish, Bouquet, Gladiolus, Colchicum-Dahlias, Nonpareil, Charles XII., Cleopatra, Painted Lady, and others. R. Dalglish, bouquet of Verbenas and Perpetual roses, fine. S. Moore, Eagle Nurseries, dahlias, two bouquets. Wm. Magee Snow,

a great variety of dahlias, under names. Ezra Hubbard, Amaranths, three varieties, one striped ; German Asters, (fine,) Zinnias, Coxcombs, Balsams, (good,) Dahlias, Ithuriel and other varieties; Helianthus Perennis, and other flowers. Mrs. Peter Church, Marigolds. Mrs. George Hunt, bouquet of German Asters. C. L. Bowler, Dahlias, a number of varieties not named. Miss E. A. Bowler, three fine bouquets. J. Kingsbury, bouquet of dahlias. J. J. Kelton, Coventry, a number of good dahlias. Stephen Cornell, a great variety of fine dahlias, under names. Mrs. Lewis P. Mead, fine bouquet of dahlias. Mrs. Lieut. Paine, fine bouquet of dahlias. Mrs. Lucy McLellan, Wickford, two fine hand bouquets. A. L. Andrews, Smithfield, bouquet of dahlias and Gentiana crinita, (fringed Gentian.) E. L. Edwards, Cactus Jenkinsonia, with three other varieties engrafted thereon, a large plant. Mrs. William P. Rathbone, Night blooming Jasmine. Thomas J. Carpenter, a fine wall bouquet, harp sharped. Daniel E. Carpenter, a great variety of fine dahlias, under names. L. C. Eaton, a great variety of named dahlias. L. Mitchell, a stand of dahlias, but not enough varieties for competition.

Premiums awarded : For Daulias.—The first premium, for the best twelve dissimilar blooms,

to Levi C. Eaton, $5.
The second premium, for the second best twelve dissimilar blooms, to

Stephen Cornell, $2 50.
The best dahlia exhibited, to Levi C. Eaton, $2 50.
For BOUQUETS.-To Silas E. Moore, for a bouquet, $ 1 50.

To Robert Dalglish, for a hand bouquet, $ 1 50.

A gratuity to Ezra Hubbard, for fine German Asters, $2. VEGETABLES.-A great variety of vegetables were exhibited, but the report does not possess sufficient interest to name the particular sorts. The premiums were awarded as follows:For articles at the July exhibition, viz :

To Mrs. Ives, by R. Dalglish, for the best cauliflower, $1 50.
Rev. J. W. Cook, Bristol, for the best rhubarb, $2 50.
Richard Waterman, Warwick, for early potatoes, $ 2.

J.J. Stimson, for best lettuce, $ 1.
For articles exhibited September 1:-

Levi C. Eaton, for best sweet corn, $ 1 50.

S. B. Halliday, for best blood beets, $1.
For articles exhibited September 30 :-

W. C. Snow, for best drum-head cabbage, $2.
W. C. Snow, for best celery, $ 1 50.

S. B. Halliday, for best tomatoes, $1.
The committee also recommend that gratuities be given as follows:-

To T. Andrews, Smithfield, for three specimens of potatoes, $1.
T. Edwards, North Providence, for handsome squashes and cab-

bages, $1.
S. E. Moore, Cranston, for handsome squashes, $1 50.
S. B. Halliday, by A. Reid, for a variety of fine vegetables, $3.

A. G. Millard, Warwick, for potatoes and string beans, $2.
Richard Waterman, Warwick, for a fine article of seedling pota-

toes, $3. CLEVELAND HORTICULTURAL Society.—This society held its annual exhibition and fair at the Empire Hall, in Cleveland, on Thursday, September 16, 1847. The committee, in the report sent to us, state that “the season, which has been backward throughout, prevented the exhibition of many fruits which are generally mature at this time. Nevertheless, the show was exceedingly fine; the favorable spirit evinced towards the society was never more flattering ; the increased zeal of the public was truly gratifying to its friends, and the ardent competition for the luscious prizes at the sales was never equalled at previous meetings. So may it ever be until we can boast with confidence that Cleveland is the garden of the West.”

Fruits : The President, George Hoadly, exhibited the Stroat, Gravenstein, Porter, Early Bough, Early Strawberry or Red Juneating, Autumn Strawberry (of Thomas), Summer Pearmain, Kerry Pippin, Pryor's Red, Norfolk Beaufin, Nonpareil, and Danvers' Winter Sweet apples ; Seckel, White Doyenné, Heathcot, Frederick of Wurtemburg, Marie Louise, Napoleon, and Rousselet of Rheims pears ; President, Pine Apple Clingstone, and Crawford's Late Melocoton peaches. Prof. J. P. Kirtland exhibited, Newark King, Parson's Early, Pryor's Late Red, Fall Harvey, Porter, Pound by weight, Hubbardston, Kerry Pippin, Putnam Russet of Marietta, Roxbury Russet as cultivated by him for thirty-five years, Cathead, Holland Pippin, Yellow Bellfleur, Domine, Beauty of the West, Swaar, Jonathan, White Pippin of Cincinnati apples ; Charles d'Austria, Louise Bonne de Jersey, Bon Chrétien d'Ete, Autumn Bergamotte, Chaumontelle, Brown Beurré, Heathcot, Duchesse d’Angouleme, Tilton, Winter Nelis, Beurré Van Marum pears ; Catawba, Alexander, Isabella, Ohio or Segar Box grapes ; Blood and Lemon Clingstone peaches.

McIntosh & Co., Belmont, Ribston Pippin, Esopus Spitzenburg, Holland Pippin, Pomme de Neige, Green Everlasting, Red Everlasting, Flower of Kent, Norfolk Beaufin, Pumpkin Sweet, Summer Queen, Gravenstein, Danvers' Winter Sweet, Mela Carle, Pennock's Red Winter, Summer Pearmain, Rambo, Newtown Pippin, Rox. Russet, Black Gilliflower apples ; Williams's Bon Chrétien, Beurré Diel, Cabot, Beurré d'Aremberg, Stevens' Genesee, Surpasse Virgoulouse, Passe Colmar, Napoleon, Foster's St. Michael, Greene Sylvange, White Doyenné, Rousselet de Rheims, Beurré Gris, Cumberland, Frederic of Wurtemberg, Marie Louise, St. Germain, Wilkinson, Winter Nelis, Cushing, Newtown Virgoulouse, Seckel, Compte de Lamy, Brown Beurré, Urbaniste, Rushmore's Bon Chrétien, Doyenné Gris, Lewis, Fortunee, Heathcott, Summer Doyenné, St. Ghislain, Glout Morceau, Charles X., Prince's St. Germain, Aston Town, Duchesse d'Angouleme, Uvedale's St. Germain, Beurré Aurora, Dix, King's Bon Chrétien, Easter Buerré pears; Snow, Lemon Cling, Red Cheeked Melocoton, President, Red Rare Ripe, Old Mixon Free peaches; Isabella, Catawba, Alexander, Seedling grapes ; Orange quince.

Elliott & Co., Isabella, Catawba, and Winslow's Seedling grapes ; Passe

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