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fruits. These specimens were exhibited by Wm. R. Prince, at the annual exhibition of the Massachusetts Horticultural Society, on the 22d of September. This only shows how cautious editors of horticultural journals should be, in inserting every notice of a new seedling fruit which may come to hand, before they have any evidence of its being so.

1.-Ed. Fruit Convention in the West.-By the Ohio Cultivator, we learn that a convention of fruit cultivators was to be held in Columbus, Ohio, on the 291h and 30th of September, in the Hall of Representatives in the State House. The objects of the convention are stated to be the discussion of all subjects connected with fruit-growing, to bring to notice new seedlings of Western origin, to correct erroneous names, &c. A full report will be given of the convention, which we shall notice when it comes to hand.-Ed.

Rockingham Horticultural Society, Portsmouth, N. H.-We have been gratified to hear of the formation of a society for the advancement of horticulture in Portsmouth. There are many fine gardens in and around the town, and, from the taste which exists among the many amateurs, some of whom are our readers—and we trust all will be-we do not doubt that the association will do much towards disseminating a greater love for trees and plants. The first annual exhibition took place on the 15th of September. -Ed.

Horticultural Exhibitions. - The Essex County Natural History Society, Salem, the New Bedford Horticultural Society, and the Rhode Island Hurticultural Society, held their annual exhibitions on the 29th and 30th of September, and October 1. We only segret that our engagements would not allow us to be present at either of them. Our thanks are due to the officers of each of the societies for their attention in sending us tickets.-Ed.

ART. III. Massachusetts Horticultural Society. Saturday, Seplember 4, 1847.Exhibited.-Flowers: From the President of the Society, a variety of fine phloxes, viz. : Półisii, Blanc de Neuilly, Princesse Marianne, Bourboniensis, speciosa, Nympbæ'a álba, vincaflora, rosea alba, Cromwell, Standard of Perfection, Richardson's dark red, Auguste, Candidissima nova, rosea superba, speciosissima, &c.; also Marchioness of Cornwallis, Princesse of Radzville, Captivation, La Polka, Arethusa, Cheltenham Queen dahlias, and others; Japan lilies grown in the open ground, roses and other cut flowers. From Joseph Breck & Co., dahlias, phloxes, verbenas, roses, delphinium, petunias, Argemone mexicana, antirrhinums in great variety, lavateras and other cut flowers. From P. Barnes, a very handsome seedling verbena, red, with a white eye, good shaped flower, and well formed cluster; also dahlias in variety, and other flowers.

From Messrs. Hovey & Co., several fine plants, viz. : Achimenes grandiflòra, Achimenes pedunculata, Achimenes ròsea, Achimenes longiflora, Maid of Orleans Jasmine, double and fragrant, Schubertia graveolens, Verónica epeciosa ; also six hand bouquets, one round table bouquet, and a

variety of dahlias. Bouquets, dahlias, and cut flowers were exhibited by
T. Needham, J. Robinson, J. L. L. F. Warren, A. Bowdiich, J. Nugent,
John Parker, J. Hovey, L. Davenport, S. R. Johnson, Messrs. Winships,
W. Kenrick. John Richardson, and W. B. Richards.

The award of premiums was as follows :-
PLANTs in Pots. For the best six plants, to Messrs. Hovey & Co., $2.
BOLQUET3.--For the best six hand houquets, to A. Bowdiich, $2.

For the second best, 10 J. Nugent, $ 1.
For the best pair of mantel bouquets, to J. L. L. F. Warren, $2.

For the second best, to J. Nugent, $1.
GRATUITY.–To Miss Russell, for a basket of flowers, $ 1.

Fruit: From the Pomological Garden, Rostiezer, and No. 1454 Van Mons pears; English Wheat plums; Lyscom, Yellow Summer, Salinas, Long ville's Kernel, Walpole, Garden Royal, Corse's apples : The Rostiezer pear proves to be one of the most delicious early pears, equal to the Seckel ; the Garden Royal apple is also a fine variety. From Cheever Newhall, Julienne and Beurré d'Amalis pears, and Royal Muscadine, St. Peter's, and White Frontignan grapes. From J. F. Allen, Aleppo, White and Grizzly Frontignan, Esperione, Wilmot's No. 16, Zinfindal, Black Hamburgh, and White and Rose Chasselas grapes ; figs; Crawford's Early, Bellegarde, Royal, (?) Snow, La Fayette, and Gros Mignonne peaches; (?) Peterburough, Roman, and Newington (?) nectarines ; Valleé Franche, Dearborn's Seedling, Passans du Portugal, Summer Franc Real, and Tyson pears,—the latter beautiful specimens. Handsome specimens of the Tyson pear were also shown by J. H. Welch, Durchester. From S. R. Johnson, superb specimens of the Washington and Imperial Gage plums. From John Hovey, Yellow Crab apples, and While Gage plums. From Oris Johnson, Wasbingion, Beurré Romain, Julienne, Dearborn's Seedling, and Williams's Bon Chrétien pears.

From Messrs. Hovey & Co., Black Hamburgh grapes, Julienne pears, and Washington, Cooper's Large Red, Green Gage, and Scarlet Gage (?) plums. From Samuel Walker, Belle de Bruxelles, Hampden’s Bergamot, Chenille, Andrews, St. Ghislain, fine, Belle Lucrative, Williams's Bon Chrétien, Summer Franc Real, and Beurré d'Amalis pears; Washington, Diamond, very large, and Green Gage plums; Seedling peaches, and Morello cherries. From J. L L. F. Warren, Maiden's Blush, Porter, and Grand Sachem apples; Julienne, and Dearborn's Seedling pears ; Yellow Siberian Crab apples; and Duane's Purple and Bingham plums, both fine.. From S. Duwner Jr., Early Ann peaches. From Azell Bowdiich, Black Hainburgh, and Royal Muscadine grapes. From Isaac Fay, Bingham, Duane's Purple, Breevort's Purple Gage, and Washington plums. From E. Brown, Williams's Bon Chrétien pears. From D. Lucke, figs. From Josiah Lovett, Yellow Gage plums, and Benoni apples, fiue. From Janies Paiten, Egg, and White Gage plums. Fruin William Quant, Murray, and Elruge nectarines, beautilul.

From Messrs. Ellwanger & Barry, Rochester, N. Y., fine specimens of the Early Jue apple. From W. Clapp, Summer Queen apples, one of the best of the season. From Peter Fay, Southboro', Greening Fay apples,

Chrétien pears.

(a seedling,) large, handsome, and good. From Galen Merriam, Cooledge's Favorite, and Crawford's Farly peaches; and Willianis's Bon

From John S. Sleeper, Prince's Yellow Gage, Cooper's Large Red, and Duane's Purple plums, fine. From E. E. Bradshaw, Wa

Washington and Bradshaw plums, large and beautiful. From Mrs. Geo. Ilalleit, two watermelons, weighing 301 and 32 pounds each. From Parker Barnes, Beurré d'Amalis pears, and Green Gage plums. From Thomas Needham, Chasselas de Fontainebleau, Black Hamburgh, fine, Frankindale, and White Frontignan grapes. From J. W. Sever, Green Gage and White Gage plums, and Dearborn's Seedling and Summer Rose pears. From Anson Dexter, Williams's Bon Chrétien and Summer Frınc Real pears. From E. M. Richards, Benoni, fine, Spice Sweeting, and Summer Pearmain apples, fine; Dearborn's Seedling pears. From F. W. Macondry, peaches for a name; Summer Franc Real, (?) pears; While Gage, and Duane's Purple (?) plums. From A. D. Williams, Harrison's Fall Baking, Orange, and Beurré d'Amalis pears ; Superb Sweet, and Williams apples; Field Marshal, Yellow Gage, and Orleans plums. From A. D. W. Williams, Black Hamburgh, and Royal Muscadine grapes. From Josiah Kichardson, Native grapes. From Henry l'audine. Huling's Superb, Pond's Seedling, (?) Italian Damask, Farly Black, Sweet Seedling, Wilmot's farly Orleans, Imperial Gage, and Cooper's Large Red plums, and Green Sugar of lloyerswerda pears.

The Committee awarded the following Prizes.-
Apples.-For the best Summer apple, to E. M. Richards, for the Be-

nuni, the first premium of $ 6
For the next best, to John Hovey, lor the Early Harvest, the second

premium of $4. Special PREMIUM FOR APPLES.—To E. M. Richards, for the Benoni, $5.

To John Hovey, for the Early Harvesi, $5. Being for the iwo best varieties and specimens of Summer apples exhibited previous to September 1st.

Septeiner Ilth.-An adjourned meeting of the Society was held to daythe President in the chair.

Letters were read from the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society, American Agricultural Association, New Haven Horlicultural Society, and Long Island Ilorticultural Society, inviting the Massachuselis Horucultural Sucity to send delegates to their respective exhibitions.

Voted, That a delegation cousisting of two, to be chosen by the chair, be appointed to attend the Exhibition of the New Haven Horticultural Society, and Messrs. F. W. Macondray and S. Duwner, Jr., were appointed that Committee, with power to fill vacancies.

The Vice Presidents of the Society were appointed a Commiitee to wait upon Delegates from other Socienes.

A Committee of three was chosen by the chair, to nominate a list of officers of the Society for the coming year, viz., Messrs. E. Wight, F. W. Macondray, and Oris Johnson.

Adjuurned for one week.

Exhibited.-Flowers : From the President of the Society, one hundred and fifty dahlias ; among them were Madame Dresser, Sir Edward Antrobus, Dawn of Day, Marchioness of Cornwallis, Mimosa, Golden Rule, Arethusa, Princesse Radziville, Cleopatra, Beauty of England, Fuluood Scarlet, Captivation, &c. From P. Barnes, fifty dahlias ; among the new varieries Princesse Radziville, Essex Goldfinch, La Polka, Marquis of Aylesbury, and other fine varieties; Essex Primrose, Isis, Smith's Lady Sale, Great Western, King of the West, Cheltenham Queen, &c. From Joseph Breck & Co., fisty dahlias, German asters, Euphorbia variegata, and a great variety of other cut flowers.

From Messrs. Hovey & Co., a great number of splendid German asters in ten or twelve varieties ; also six hand bouquets, and two mantel bouquets. From John L. Gardiner, by J. Thomas, seven pot plants, viz. : one Justicia coccinea, two of J. carnea, Manettia glabra, Erica multiflora, Efrica densiflora, Fuchsia ; also a collection of German asters, and two mantel bouquets. From G. C. Crowninshield, by John Quant, fine German asters. From T. H. Perkins, by William Quant, two mantel bouquets. From J. L. L. F. Warren, seven hand and two mantel bouquets ; a plant of Anémone ja pónica, a new hardy variety, not before exhibited at the Society's rooms ; German asters, dahlias, gladiolus, and other cut flowers. Bouquets, dahlias and cut flowers, from J. Robinson, S. R. Johnson, T. Needham, James Nugent, W. B. Richards, A. Bowditch, and A. Reed.

Award of Primiums :-
German Asters.—For the best display of flowers, to Hovey & Co., $4.

For the second best, to John Quant, $ 3.

For the third best, to J. Thomas, $2.
Plants in Pots. For the best six plants, to J. Thomas, $2.
BOUQUETS.-For the best hand bouquets, to J. Nugent, $2.

For the second best, to Hovey & Co., $ 1.
For the best pair of mantel bouquets, to W. Quant, $2.

For the second best to Hovey & Co., $1. Fruit: From R. Manning, Krzenetzen, Van Mons, No. 1434, and Hampden's Bergamot pears. From J. F. Allen, Green Gage plums; Black Hamburgh, Aleppo, Rose, and White Chasselas grapes ; also a sniall cluster of the August Muscat, a new early Muscat grape, which will probably prove a valuable kind ; Elizabeth of Van Mons, Passans du Portugal, Cabot, Julienne, and Hannas pears; Crawford and Bellegarde peaches : Elruge nectarines; Brunswick figs. Froni James Nugent, Williams's Bon Chrétien pears ; Black Hamburgh and Chasselas grapes. From W. R. Austin, Summer Francreal, Williams's Bon Chrétien pears ; Cooledge's Favorite, and Bellegarde peaches. From S. R. Johnson, fine Washington plums. From Messrs Hovey & Co , fine Wilmoi's Black Blamburgh, PJack Hanburgh, and Chasselas grapes. From Olis Johnson, Belle et Bonne, Asion Town, and Dearborn's Seedling pears, the latter very fine ; also Summer Pearmain apples. From George Wilson, Green Gage, Goliah, Cooper's Large, and Kirke’s plums, the latter a superior variety, and quite rare. From Col. T. H. Perkins, by William Quant, Persian Green-fleshed melons, fine ; Elruge and Golden nectarines, very fine ; Vangoard, Noblesse, and late Heath peaches, beautiful specimens.

From E. E. Bradshaw, Wa:hington, Imperial Gage, and Bradshaw plums, beautiful specimens; also seedling peaches, handsome, and of fair quality. From F. W. Macondry, Duane's Purple, Prune Plum, and Green Gage plums; Black Hamburgh grapes. From J. Stickney, Early Crawford peaches. From A. D. Williams, Andrews, Williams's Bon Chrétien, Dearborn's Seedling, Julienne, and Beurré d'Amalis pears ; Golden Pippin and Ram's Horn apples. From Josiah Lovett 2d, Diamond plums. From James H. Watts, Rochester, N. Y., Kensington rareripe (?) peaches. From Moses B. Seward, Rochester, N. Y., Hawley apple, a new, large, and exceedingly fine autumn apple. From 0. H. Mathers, hy T. Needham, Chasselas, Frankindale, (?) White Frontignan, Black Flamburgh, and Chasselas Musque grapes, fine. From J. L. L. F. Warren, Belle et Bonne, Napoleon, Dearborn's Seedling, and Julienne pears ; Green and White Gage, Duane's Purple, Diamond, and other plums; Grand Sachem, and Porter apples. From Elisha Park, Morello cherries. From Eben Wight, Julienne, Valle Franche, Williams's Bon Chrétien pears; Orange Sweeting and Pumpkin Sweeting (?) apples. From Lewis Slack, Westboro', Garden Royal apple, a very fine fruit. From A Dexter, Williams's Bon Chrétien and other pears. From H. A. Dyer, Brooklyn, Conn., Mexico, Sugar Sweeting, and Golden Orange apples. From Galen Merriam, Jacques, Cooledge's Favorite, and Hastings's peaches. From Henry Rice, the Bruce apple, a native fruit, handsome, and of fine quality. From S. Downer, Jr., Groc Roi Louis pears. From A. Bowditch, Black Hamburgh and Chasselas grapes. From J. J. Stimpson, Providence, Julienne pears.

From the President of the Society, Knight's Seedling pears, a Rhode Island variety, of superior quality, large and handsome.

VEGETABLES.- From Azell Bowditch, Dwarf Russian beans, and Lima beans. From A. D. Williams, Canada and Marrow squash, Sweet corn. From P. Barnes, Couvé Tronchuda. From S. Walker, Snake cucumber.


The Annual Exhibition was held at the Society's Hall, in School Street, on Wednes lay, Thursday, and Friday, September 22d, 23d, and 24th.

In consequence of the backward season, the late period at which the exhibition took place was highly favorable to exhibitors, whose specimens of fruits and Mowers, especially the former, had but just attained a good growth. A wet and cool summer had brought forward the dahlias, and they were seen in much greater profusion than at either of the last two annual exhibitions. Of other flowers, the show was rather meagre; the roses were quite destroyed by the deluge of rain of the week preceding the show, and flowers of most kinds were so much damaged as to render it difficult to make a good selection. The bouquets were not numerous, nor, with sew exceptions, very remarkable for beauty, and the display of plants in pots was of the most meagre description. Indeed, we hope, for the credit of the Soci

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