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Cartoni, rùbra, grandiflora, a seedling, and three pots of Achimenes; Eil de Lynx, Fleur de Virie, Lawrencii, candidissima nova, Nymphæ a alba, Standard of Perfection, speciosa, Eclipse, Egyptienne, and other phloxes, and several dahlias. From J. Breck & Co., a large collection of fine hollyhocks and balsams; fine specimens of Phlox picta, il de Lynx, Charles Kermesina álba, Wilderi, paniculata álba, anul decussata álba ; also a seedling raised by Mr. Richardson, the corolla of a purplish blue, flowers in dense corynıbs ; also another seedling of Mr. R. color of the Power approaching crimson-much darker than P. Richardsònii ; also cut flowers in great variety, including perennials and annuals. From William Quant, six fine plants of crimson Cockscomb.

From Messrs. Hovey & Co., six hand bouquets and iwo mantel bouquets. From J. L. L. F. Warren, six plants in pois as follows :—Stephanotus floribúndus, Achimenes longifòra and picta, Ardisia crenulàta, Fuchsia, Smith's Vesia, and Cròwea caniculàia, new ; also, a fine show of Gladiolus floribundus, gandavensis, and Belviderus ; a fine specinien of Yucca gloriosa, and a great variety of other cut flowers ; also two large and eight hand bouquets. From Samuel Walker, a fine seedling phlox, flowers pink, with purple eye, arranged in panicles. From G. Gilbert, Plymouth, a fine disp ay of native plants, including a profusion of Orchis blephariglottis, and fimbriàta, Sabbàlia chloruides, (pink and white,) Lubèlia cardinalis, &c. Bouquets, cut flowers, &c. from H. Hazeluine, A. Boudiich, Rev. Mr. Barry, James Nugent, W. Mellar, John Parker, and J. Tlomas.

Premiums were awarded as follows:-
BOUQUETS.–For the best six hand bouquets, to Hovey & Co., $2.

For the second best, 10 J. L L. F. Warren, $ 1.
For the best pair of mantel bouquets, to J. L. L. F. Warren, $2.
For the second best, io Hovey & Co., $ 1.
For the best large vase bouquet, to John Thomas, $ 2.

For the second best, to J. L. L. F. Warren, $ 1.
Plants in Pots.- For the best six, 10 J. L. L. F. Warren, $2.
GHATUITIES.—For six fine plants of cockscombs, to W. Quant, $3.
For a fine display of Gladiolus two weeks in succession, to J. L. L. F.

Warren, $3. For a vase of indigenous flowers, to J. Thomas, $2. Fruit.-From Messrs. Ilovey & Co., six varieties of grapes, as follows :-Black llamburgh, Bourdales, Pitmaston White Cluster, Muscat Blanc Hatif, Grizzly Frontignan, and White Frontignan; also, Doyenné d'Ele and Mabille pears the first a delicious summer pear, and the latter a desirable variciy, being very melting and juicy, but not high flavored.

From J. F. Allen, Black Hanburgh and Wortley Hall grapes, (well colored ;) Grosse Mignonne and Noblesse peaches, Franconia raspberries, Madeleine pears, Early Harvest apples, Black fig of St. Michael's, and Sweet Montmorency cherries: the cherries were of fine flavor. From A. D. Williams, Early Bough and Williams's Favorite apples; also Red and Whie currants. From J. Hovey, fine Early Harvest, annd Williams's Favorite apples. From E. M. Richards, Early Bough, Early Harvest,

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Early Nonsuch, and Early White Sweeting apples. From J. L. L. F.
Warren, Fastolff raspberries. From Charles C. Grant, Moorpark apricots,
White Dutch currants, and raspberries. From George Wilson, White
Dutch and Victoria currants; both varieties were fine, and some clusters of
the latter nearly six inches long. From J. Washburn, Red Astrachan
apples. Frum Anson Dexter, Red currants. From J. Lovett, Kneveut's
Giant raspberries, Red Warrington gooseberries, (!) fine, and Houghton's
Seedling; the latter variety very handsome. From Olis Johnson, Made-
leine pears of fine flavor.

The Committee on Fruit have awarded the following Prizes :-
STRAWBERRIES. For the best specimens, Hovey's Seedling, to S.

Richardson, $6.
For the second best, Hovey's seedling, to A. Aspinwall, $4.

For the third best, Hovey's Seedling, to I. Fay, $3.
Cherries. For the best specimen, Black Tartarian, to 0. Johnson, $ 6.

For the second best, Downer's late Red, to S. Walker, $ 4.
RASPBERRIES.— For the best specimen, Knevett's Giant, to J. Lovett, $5.

For the second best, Fastolff, to Hovey & Co., $3.
GRATUITY.-For a seedling cherry, to S. & G. Hyde, $ 6.
SPECIAL PREMIUMS FOR CHERRIES.– To. M. P. Wilder, for the Black

Eagle, $ 5.
To S. Walker, for Downer's late Red, $5.
VEGETABLES.–From R. Williams, three splendid varieties of wheat,
with a specimen of chess from St. Joseph County, Michigan. From A.
D. Williams, some fine Drumhead cabbages. From John Munroe, fine
Marrow squash. From James Nugent, tomatoes.

August 14th. Exhibited.-FLOWERS: From Messrs. Hovey & Co., six plants in pots, comprising the following, inost of them entirely new :Trachèlium cæruleum, Gloxinia Cariòni, Céstrum ròseum, (new,) Maid of Orleans Jasmine, (double and beautiful,) and Erica versicolor and vågans; also six hand and one pyramidal bouquet, and fine double balsams. From Cheever Newhall, a plant of Lagerstræ'mia indica, ten feet high, and six feet in diameter, full of bloom. From Joseph Breck & Co., fine double balsams, and a great variety of other cut flowers. From James Nugent, six hand bouquets, and fine double balsams. From J. L. L. F. Warren, two mantel and six hand bouquets, fine double balsams, gladiolus, and other cut flowers. From F. R. Bigelow, three flowers of Cèreus triangularis on one stem. From T. H. Perkins by William Quant, splendid double balsams. From S. R. Johnson, fine double balsams and other cut flowers. From 0. H. Mathers by Thomas Needham, very fine double balsams. From G. C. Crowninshield by John Quant, very fine double balsams. Bouquets, &c., from A. Bowdiich, A. Dexter, John Parker, J. Thomas, Messrs. Winships, and W. Kenrick.

Premiums were awarded as follows:-
Double BALSAM8.–For the best display, 10 William Quant, $3.

For the second best, to Thomas Needham, $2.
For the third best, to John Quant, $1.

Bouquets, &c.—For the best six hand bouquets, to Hovey & Co., $2.

For the next best, to James Nugent, $1.
For the best mantel, to J. L. L. F. Warren, $2.

For the best pyramidal, to Hovey & Co., $2.
PLANTS IN Pots.-For sis plants, 10 J. Thomas, $2.

For six plants, to Hovey & Co., $1.
Gratuities.—The Committee recommend a gratuity of $3 to Cheever

Newhall for a fine plant of Lagerstræ'mia indica.
For a moss vase and bouquet, to J. Thomas, $2.

For a pyramid of Flowers, to Miss Russell, $ 1.
The Committee give notice that no premiums will hereafter be given for
designs, nor for any other than hand or mantel bouquets until the Anual

Fruit.–From J. F Allen, Black Hamburgh grapes; Grosse Mignonne and Cooledge's Favorite peaches ; Franconia raspberries; Black figs; Montmorency cherries ; the Montmorency cherries were picked two weeks previous and laid aside, fully exposed to light and air, and were in a fine state of preservation. From C. F. Putnam, Jolimont pears. From T. H. Perkins, by W. Quant, green Persian melons. From the Pomological Garden, Charlomonski and Tetofsky apples, and Rivers's Early No. 1 plums. From E. M. Richards, Summer, (of England,) Summer Rose, Early Bough, Early Harvest, and fine Red Astrachan apples; also a fine Christiana melon. From J. Owen, handsome Early Harvest apples, and Jargonelle (of the French) pears. From H. Vandine, three kinds of plurns, and Sopsavine apples.

Messrs. Hovey & Co. exhibited eleven kinds of grapes, as follows: Black Hamburgh, Wilmot's Black Hainburgh, Bourdales, White Frontignan, Muscat Blanc Haris, Pitmasion White Cluster, Red Chasselas, Chasselas of Fontainebleau, Macready's Early White, Grizzly Frontignan, and Chaptal, the last a new grape received from France, very handsome; also Doyenné d'Fie pears, and Lemercier cherries. From J. Hovey, fine Early Harvest, and Williams's apples. From J. Lovett, Red Astrachan apples, gooseberries, and beauuful black berries. From S. Walker, Early Harvest apples. From J. L. L. F. Warren, Franconia raspberries, and Sopsavine apples. From J. Washburn, Red Astrachan apples; plums for

From B. V. French, large and fine blackberries. From Olis Johnson, White Dutch currants.

August 21.-An adjourned meeting of the Society was held to-dayVice President Richards in the chair.

The following gentlemen were elected members of the Society :- Jesse Hall, James Ingersoll, William H. Milion, Boston ; Hiram Brooks, Cambridge. Adjourned one week, 10 August 28th.

Exhibited.-FLOWERS: Froin Messrs. J. Breck & Co., a great variety of fine phloxes, including Eclipse, picta, Charles, Nymphæ'a álba, paniculata álba, grandiflòra nòva, Richardsònii, Wilderi, Frelinghuysen, rosea superba, Eil de Lynx, Fleur de Marie, &c.; also double balsams, verbenas, Didiscus cærulea, and a variety of other annuals and perennials. From

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Thomas Needham, a variety of fine phloxes, viz: Princesse Marianne, Van Houtti, Cromwell, Fleur de Marie, bicolor, &c.; also dahlias, inarigolds, balsams, and other cut flowers. From Parker Barnes, phloxes and dahlias in variety, and cut flowers ; also two superb specimens of Ipomópsis picta.

From Messrs. Hovey & Co., several new and fine phloxes, viz: Princesse Marianne, El de Lynx, Kermesina, Nymphæ'a álba, Goethe, a new and elegant striped variety, Blanc de Neuilly, Apollo, &c., these came too late for competition ; also, plants of Achimenes picta, longiflora, grandiflora and pàtens, and Gesnéru tubiflora ; six hand bouquets. From J. L. L. F. Warren, six hand and two mantel bouquets; Gladiolus floribúndus, gandaréosis, natalensis hybrida, balsams, phloxes, and cut flowers in variety. Bouquets and cut flowers from S. Walker, S. R. Johnson, Anson Dexter, Messrs. Winship, John Hovey, Jas. Nugent and W. Kenrick.

Award of Premiums :-
Phloxes. For the best 10 varieties, to J. Breck & Co., $6.

For the second best 10 varieties, to S. Walker, $4.

For the third best 10 varieties, to Parker Barnes, $3.
Plants in Pot3.-For the best six pot plants, to Hovey & Co., $2.
BOUQUETS.--For the best six hand bouquets, to Hovey & Co., $2.

For the second best six, to J. L. L. F. Warren, $1.
For the best pair of mantel bouquets, to J. L. L. F. Warren, $2.

For the second best pair, to James Nugent, $1.
GRATUITIES.-To Hovey & Co., for two plants of Gésnera tubifòra, $3.

To Parker Barnes, for two fine specimens of Ipomópsis picia, $2.

To Miss Russell for a basket of flowers, $1. Fruit.-From J. F. Allen, Crawford's Early, Noblesse, variety unknown, Grosse Mignonne, Lafayette, Cooledge's Favorite, and Belle Garde peaches; Hunt's Tawny Nectarine, Sugar Top, Summer Francreal, and Jargonelle pears; Black Hamburgh, Gascoigne, Grizzly Frontignan, and Wortly Hall Seedling grapes, and Black Fig. From the Pomological Garden, Cheston or Matchless plums, and Sparhawk's apples. From Otis Johnson, Jargonelle, and Bloodgood pears; and Early Bough apples, fine. From J. L. L. F. Warren, English Jargonelle, and French Jargonelle pears; Sopsavine, and River apples. From A. D. Williams & Son, Williams' Fa. vorite, and other apples; Jargonelle, and other pears. From J. S. Sleeper, Apricot plums. From 0. H. Mathers, by T. Needham, Black Hamburgh, Chasselas Musque, White Frontignan, Frankendale, and Chasselas de Fontainebleau grapes.

From Messrs. Hovey & Co., eleven varieties of grapes, as follows:Bourdales, Chaptal, Chasselas de Fontainebleau, Grizzly Frontignan, Black Prince, Pitrnaston White Cluster, Esperione, Black Hamburgh, Muscat Blanc Hatif, Wilmot's Black Hamburgh, White Frontignan. From A. Bowditch, Black Hamburgh, and Royal Muscadine grapes. From H. Vandine, Early Black, Royal de Tours, . Wilmot's Early Orleans, and Early Yellow Gage plums; also, a Seedling peach and Sopsavine apples. From E. M. Richards, Summer apple, Red Astrachan, Early Bough, Benoni, Red Juneating, and River, (fine) apples; also, Christiana

melon. From Josiah Lovett, 2d, Jargonelle pears; Early Cross plum; extra fine blackberries, and Red Astrachan apples, fine. From J. Hovey, Williams' Favorite apples, fine; and plums. From James Nugent, Sweetwater grapes. From James W. Sever, pears. From Samuel Tufts, Moorpark apricot. From Anson Dexter, Summer Francreal pears.

August 28th.-An adjourned meeting of the Society was held to-dayVice President, E. M. Richards in the chair.

A communication was read from the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society, extending an invitation for delegates to attend their Exhibition to be held in September next.

Voted, That it be placed in the hands of the Corresponding Secretary, to reply 1o.

Voted, to adjourn for two weeks.

Exhibited.—Flowers: From J. Breck & Co., cut flowers in great variety. From Messrs. Hovey & Co., a great variety of Noisette, Tea and Bengal roses, and six hand bouquets. From W. Mellar, a variety of dahlias, among which we noticed fine flowers of Punch, Marchioness of Cornwallis. Arethusa, La Polka, &c. Cut flowers, dahlias and bouquets from J. Thomas, W. B. Richards, S. R. Johnson, P. Barnes, S. Walker, A. Bowditch, J. L. L. F. Warren, T. Needham, Jas. Nugent, H. S. Waldo, E. M. Richards, Messrs. Winships, W. Kenrick, and P. Barnes. From J. Quant, six plants of very fine cockscombs.

Premiums were awarded as follows:-
BOUQUETS.–For the best six hard bouquets, to Hovey & Co., $2.

For the second best sıx hand bouquets, to A. Bowditch, $1.
For the best pair of mantel bouquets, to J. L. L. F. Warren, $2.

For the second best pair of mantel bouquets, to James Nngent, $ 1. GratuitIES.—The Committee recomiend a gratuity of $3 to John

Quant, for six fine dwarf cockscombs. To Miss Russell, for a basket of flowers, $1. Fruit: From the Pomological Garden of R. Manning, No. 1454 Van Mons, and Rostiezer pears,—the latter of the very first quality. Froin C. F. Putnam, Elizabeth, (Van Mons,) has continued to prove excellent and handsome. From J. F. Allen, five varieties of grapes, Hardwick Seedling, and Newington (?) nectarines, Crawford's Early, very fine, variety unknown, and a Seedling peach of delicious quality, Sugar top, and Summer Franc real pears, and Washington figs.

From E. Brown, Lady llaley apples, and Dearborn's Seedling pears. From Eben Wight, Red Astrachan, Benoni, and High top Sweeting apples. From Josiah Lovett, Bluodgood pears, Early Bough apples, and very fine blackberries. From A. D. Williams, Williams's and other sorts of apples; also Beurré d'Amalis pears. From Messrs. Winship, Winship’s Seedling pear, which proves to be a fine variety. From L. M. Weld, Benoni apples, and St. Ghislain pears.

From Messrs. Hovey & Co., ten varieties of grapes, as follows:- Black Hamburgh, Bourdales, Muscat Blanc Hatif, Esperione, Zinfindal, Chasselas of Fontainebleau, White Frontignan, Black Prince, Grizzly Frontig

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