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Art. III. Massachusetts Horlicultural Society. Saturday, July 3d, 1846.-A stated monthly meeting of the Society was held to-day,—the President in the chair.

The Finance Committee reported that they had sold ten shares of stock in the Shoe & Leather Dealers' Bank, which produced the sum of $ 1067 18. ONE THOUSAND dollars of this had been invested in the Massachusetts Hospital Life Insurance Co., on the 15th of May last, being the Lyman Fund. A certificate of deposit had been placed in the hands of the Treasurer, and the balance, $ 67 18, paid into the Treasury. The Report was accepted.

The following members were elected :— Nathaniel Dana, C. B. Dana, and John N. Turner, E. C. Emerson, James P. Oliver, and R. A. Richards, Boston.

Adjourned two weeks to July 17th.

[In our last report, we omitted to give the doings of the meeting on the 19th of June. At that meeting, the Fruit Committee made a Report on the Special Prize List for Fruits, as follows] :—

Early in the year 1846, a gentleman in the vicinity of Boston, desirous of promoting and advancing the science of Horticulture, placed at the disposal of the Massachusetts Horticultural Society, Three Hundred Dollars, to be expended at the rate of one hundred dollars per annum for three consecutive years, in special premiums for fruit, viz. : Twenty premiums of five dollars each to be awarded by the Committee on Fruits, under the direction of the Society, with the understanding that the Committee should publish a special report, stating the kinds and varieties of fruit to which the premiums were awarded, together with the names and residences of the cultivators. In accordance with the wish and desire of the donor, the Committee have awarded the following prizes to the finest specimens and best varieties of fruit which have been exhibited at the Hall of the Society during the past season, 1847.

[This Report has already been given in full, page 85.—Ed.]

To such other varieties of Fruit as may be presented at the Hall of the Society during the years 1847 and '8, and which shall prove equal or superior, in all respects, to the varieties which now constitute the prize list will be awarded the prizes under this donation, and they will be added to this list, but, as long as the above varieties shall continue to prove superior to all other kinds exhibited at the Hall, they will be considered as entitled to the special prizes, and will be designated in future reports as having received the prize for one, two, or three years, the object of the donor being to ascertain, and make known through the Society, the best varieties of Cherries, Plums, and Peaches which may have been exhibited before the Society for three consecutive years. Respectfully submitted.-S. WALKER, Chairman.

The above Report was accepted.

The following persons were elected members :-Anson Dexter, Edward Sayers, Boston ; H. H. Crapo, New Bedford ; Charles A. Hewins, Roxbury; Charles Spring, Brighton ; Thomas Willott, Roxbury; Royal Doug. lass, Cambridge; Benjamin W. Balch, Dedham.

Exhibited.-Flowers: From the President of the Society, ten plants of new Gladioli, as follows:-Duc d'Orleans, Lemanhii, Christianus No. 1, insignis, Wilhelmus, Spærshill, pyramidalis, Dohreii, Paulonia, and Queen Victoria ; some of them very beautiful ; also, new scarlet geraniums,, viz, Prince Albert, Cyrus, Queen, Shrubland superb, Brighton Hero, Gen. Tom Thumb, and Goliah, and cut roses of various kinds. From J. L. L. F. Warren, ten plants in pots, including Rondelètia speciosa, Erica ventricòsa álba, Ixdra rosea, Gardenia rádicans, &c. ; also, one round vase bouquet, one flat do., six flat hand do., and two round hand do. ; a fine display of Prairie Roses, and cut flowers in variety.

From Messrs. Hovey & Co., one large circular bouquet, two very fine large flat do., and six hand do. ; also a great variety of fine Roses, and other cut flowers. From John Kenrick, a fine flower of Magnolia macrophylla. From J. E. Teschemacher, a plant of Hæmánthus tenuifolius, a rare and very beautiful flower. From Joseph Breck & Co., one large circular bouquet ; Prairie and other Roses ; Pinks; and a great variety of perennial flowers, including Van Houtte's phlox. Bouquets and cut flowers from S. Needham, A. Aspinwall, W. Kenrick, S. Walker, P. Barnes, A. Bowditch, W. Mellar, B. V. French, and Messrs. Winships.

Premiums were awarded as follows:
Plants in Pots. For the best six plants, to J. L. L. F. Warren, $2.
Bouquets, &c.—For the best six hand bouquets, to Messrs. Hovey

& Co., $2.
For the second best, to Azell Bowditch, $ 1.
For the best pair flat Mantel bouquets, to Hovey & Co., $2.
For the second best, to Winships, $ 1.
For the best round bouquet, to Hovey & Co., $2.

For the second best, to J. L. L. F. Warren, $1.
Prairie Roses. For the best display, to Samuel Walker, of $ 4.

For the second best, to Messrs. Winship, 3.
GRATUITIES.—To M. P. Wilder, for ten new varieties of Gladioli, $ 5.

To J. E. Teschemacher, for a fine plant of Hæmanthus tenuifolius, $3. Fruit: The exhibition of Strawberries was one of the finest we have ever witnesseil, and presented a marked contrast with the display a few years since. The specimens of Hovey's Seedling and Boston Pine, of which the display was mostly composed, were the largest which have ever been seen, one basket of about four quarts by Mr. Richardson being filled with berries from five to five and a half inches in diameter. A variety of seedlings were shown, but none of them of any great merit.

From the President of the Society, a few specimens of Alice Maud, and Jenny's seedling, and one truss of Lizzie Randolph, one of Dr. Brinkle's seedlings, having upon it five or six berries of very ordinary appearance and size. From Josiah Richardson, two large baskets of Boston Pine, very fine, Swainstone, Richardson’s Seedlings, Nos. 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5, and the most magnificent basket of Hovey's Seedling, containing about four quarts, which we ever saw; six of the berries weighed three ounces and a half.

From Isaac Fay, Fay's Seedling, of good size. From Otis Johnson, Hovey's Seedling strawberries, and beautiful specimens of Cooledge's Favorite peaches. From W. T. G. Morton, M. D)., Hovey's Seedling.

From Messrs. Hovey & Co., Hovey's Seedling and Boston Pine strawberries. From E. Bowen, Lynn, Early White Heart cherries ? From J. L. L. F. Warren, Early White Heart cherries, (?) and Swainstone Seedling, Jenney's Seedling, Prince Albert, Stoddard's Pine, British Queen, White Wood, (beautiful specimens,) and Hovey’s Seedling strawberries. From John Fisk Allen, five varieties of Grapes; black Figs; and three varieties of peaches, viz., Royal George, (fine,) Grosse Mignonne of New Jersey, ? (small,) and Hoffman's Favorite ; also Black Tartarean and Elton cherries. From Samuel Downer, Jr., Cooledge's Favorite peaches, and fine specimens of Hovey's Seedling strawberries. From Samuel Walker, of Roxbury, Seedling Wood strawberries.

July 10th. Exhibited.-FLOWERS: From the President of the Society, three new phloxes, viz., Annais Chauviere, similar to il de Lynx, but more delicate ; Augusta and Delecta ; also Prairie and other Roses. From T. Needham, a fire plant of Buddlèa Lindleyana ; and cut flowers of Phlox Van Houtteii, very fine. From Jos. Breck & Co., a fine lot of perennial plants, including fine specimens of Delphinium Barlowii. From J. Thomas, six plants of the buff, white, and orange Thunbergias.

From Messrs. Hovey & Co., Ten kinds of Perpetual Roses, including some new and fine sorts, viz., Queen of the Prairie, Perpetual Pink, Superba, Eva Corinne, Anne Maria, Jane, Pallida, Miss Gunnell, Pride of Washington, and 'Triumphant; also the following Picotees and Carnations : Duke of Newcastle, Princess Victoria, Lady Peel, Lady Campbell, Meteor, Victoria, Chiswell Beauty, &c.; also two new seedling picotees, six hand bouquets, two table bouquets, one round bouquet, and a plant of the beautiful new Achimenes pàtens. From J. L. L. F. Warren, six plants, viz., Zàmia elephántipes, Gardenia rádicans, Anigozánthus coccineus, Sólıya heterophylla, Echinocactus múltiplex, and Mammillaria sp.; also bouquets and cut flowers. Bouquets, dahlias, &c., from Messrs. Winship, A. Bowditch, James Nugent, P. Barnes, W. Kenrick, W. Mellar, and A. Aspinwall.

Premiums were awarded as follows:-
BOUQUETS.–For the best six hand bouquets, to A. Bowditch, $2.

For the next best, to J. L. L. F. Warren, $ 1.
For the best pair of mantel bouquets, to Messrs. Winship, $ 2.
For the next best, to J. Thomas, $1.
For the best round pyramidal bouquet, to Messrs. Hovey & Co., $2.

For the second best, to J. Thomas, $ 1.
GRATUITIES — For seven plants of Thunbergias, to J. Thomas, $ 2.

For a fine plant of Buddlèa Lindleydna, to T. Needham, $ 1.

For Echinocactus múltiplex in bloom, to J. L. L. F. Warren, $ 1. Fruit.- From the President of the Society, Black Eagle and Bigarreau cherries. From 0. Johnson, Bigarreau Colouer de Chair, Bigarreau, Sparhawk's Honey heart and Black Tartarian cherries, fine specimens ; also Cooledge's Favorite peaches, and British Queen, Prince Albert and Alice

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Maud strawberries. From F. W. Macondry, Cooledge's Favorite peaches. From Jos. Richardson, Black Tartarian cherries; also Hovey's Seedling, Deptford Pine, Prince Albert, and Richardson's Seedlings, Nos. 1 and 2. From J. F. Allen, seven varieties of Grapes, and Black Figs.

Messrs. Hovey & Co. exhibited Myatt’s new Hautbois Strawberry, one of the most delicious of this class which has been produced; the plants having been obtained of Mr. Myatt, in 1844; also Buist's Prize, Deptford Pine, Alice Maud, and Hovey's Seedling. From Capt. Lovett, Prolific Hautbois and Hovey's Seedling strawberries. From P. Barnes, Bigarreau cherries. From Isaac Fay, Seedling strawberries, which the Committee consider “ large and handsome, but they lack the essential quality of a good strawberry, viz., delicious flavor” ; White and Red Wood Strawberries from J. Owen and J. L. L. F. Warren. In deciding the qualities of new Seedling strawberries, the Committee used Hovey's Seedling as the Standard. We had the opportunity of tasting the various Seedlings presented, but none of them can be considered as having any remarkable qualities.

July 17.-An adjourned meeting of the Society was held to-day,-the President in the Chair.

A delegation of three members was appointed to attend the next annual Exhibition of the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society, and extend the invitation to them to attend the coming Exhibition of the Massachusetts Horticnltural Society. Messrs. M. P. Wilder, B. V. French, and S. Walker were chosen.

William H. Parker was elected a member.
Adjourned two weeks to August 7.

Exhibited.- Flowers : From the President of the Society, four Seedling Japan Lilies, resembling the L. speciosum, but not so dark. From Messrs. Winship, a variety of shrubs and trees, such as U·lmus variegata, crispa, and viminalis, Bécula fasciniata, péndula, &c.; also bouquets and cut flowers. From J. Thomas, plants of Achimenes longifòra, Gardenia radicans, and a species of Dendrobium. From Dr. C. F. Chaplin, Cambridgeport, very fine double China Pinks.

Messrs. Hovey & Co. exhibited several very large specimens of Japan lilies. One plant of L. lancifolium álbum had five main stems, and upwards of thiriy buds and flowers; one of L. rùbrum (or specidsum) had fourteen buds and flowers, and a most magnificent object ; Achimnenes picta, grandiflora and påtens, (new); Nutrála grandiflora, Platycodon grandiflòrum and Fuchsia Nymph ; also ten varieties of five carnations and picotees, in all upwards of 80 blooms, six hand bouquets, two table bouquets, and one round bouquet, carnations, cut flowers, dahlias, &c., from J. Breek & Co., N. Stetson, J. L. L. F. Warren, J. Nugent, W. Mellar, S. R. Johnson, A. Bowditch, P. Barnes, and W.Quant

The award of premiums was as follows:-
BOUQUETS.- For the best sıx hand bouquets, to Hovey & Co., $2.

For the second besi, to A. Bowditch, $ 1.
A gratuity for six do., to J. Nugent, $ 1.
For the best pair of mantel bouquets, 10 Messrs. Winship $2.
For the second best do., lo Hovey & Co., $1.


For the best large oval bouquet, to William Quant, $2.

For the second best do., to Hovey & Co., $1.
PLANTS IN Pots.-For the best six plants, to John Thomas, $2.

A gratuity to Hovey & Co. of $5.
CARNATIONS AND Picotees.-For the best ten varieties of flowers, to

Hovey & Co., $5.
For the second best, to S. R. Johnson, $ 4.
A gratuity to Hovey & Co., for the best display.

A gratuity to Parker Barnes, for fine secdlings, of 2.
Double HOLLYHOCKS.- .- For the best display, to Messrs. Winship, $2.

Fruit.-From J. F. Allen, ten varieties of Grapes, including some good specimens of Wilmot's Black Hamburgh, and a fine cluster of the White Nice; also fine peaches. From Messrs. Hovey & Co., very fine specimens of Fastolff raspberries. From Messrs. Hyde, a seedling, cherry, somewhat resembling the Black Eagle. From J. S. Sleeper, a seedling cherry, similar to the Downer. From 0. Johnson, Black Tartarian, Florence, Napoleon Bigarreau, and Black Heart cherries. From S. Walker, fine specimens of the Downer cherry. New large black Bigarreau from Mrs. Walsh. From S. A. Walker, handsome red and white Dutch cur

N. Stetson, of Bridgewater, sent some very splendid Figs, large, but not quite ripe. From W. Quant, a fine Melon, and cherries called the Harback Cherry. From Messrs. Winship, handsome mulberries from the Canton or Alpine variety. From Capt. Macondry, very handsome peaches. From J. L. L. F. Warren, Franconia, Fastolff, and new Victoria raspberries and thimbleberries. From C. Newhall, Knevett's Giant raspberries. White and Red Dutch currants from Jos. Richardson, Anson Dexter, and W. & R. Williams. From B. V. French, fine Black Eagle cherries.

July 24th. Exhibited.-Flowers: From the President of the Society, fifty pots of seedling Japan Lilies, having from one to three blooms on each; also Verónica Lindleyana, new and pretty, and V. speciòsa, both good specimens, and Gladiolus gandavensis and Liebnitzii. From W. Mellar, a fine plant of Clivia nóbilis, and cut flowers. From Jos. Breck & Co., a quantity of cut flowers, including Lilium longiflòrum and chalcedonica. W. Kenrick exhibited a pretty specimen of the double rose brainble, with small pink flowers ; also bouquets. From Hovey & Co., plants of Gloxinia Cartòni, and a seedling, fuchsias, Majestica, Enchantress, and Salter's 41, and Vinca álba ; also bouquets of various kinds, and carnations. From J. Thomas, Achimenes longiflora, a seedliny gloxinia, and other plants and bouquets. From W. Quant, Achimenes longiflora, Japan lilies, Vinca álba, and ròsea, and Agapanthus umbellatus. Cut flowers and bouquets from P. Barnes, S. R Johnson, E. M. Richards, A. Bowditch, C. F. Chaplin, J. L. L. F. Warren, John Ilovey, and Messrs. Winship.

Award of premiums :-
BOUQUETS AND Designs.—For the best six hand bouquets, to Messrs.

Hovey & Co., $2.
For the second best, to Azell Bowditch, $1.

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