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Apple Trees may now be root-grafted, and placed in boxes, where they may remain in a cool place till the season for planting out in April.

Raspberry Plants and Strawberry beds may be uncovered the last part of the month, should the weather prove mild.

Scions may now be cut, and placed away in a cool place till wanted.

Pruning Trees may now be attended to where there are large quantities, in order to prevent the accumulation of too much work in April.

Pear, Apple and Quince Seeds should be planted as soon as the frost is out of the ground.


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Camellias will now begin to make their new growth ; keep them well watered, syringing the foliage twice a week ; pick off all decayed flowers ; and prune off dead wood, or crooked branches ; the Camellia bears the knife well, and its freer use would prevent the quantity of unsightly plants, which abound in every collection. Water onee a fortnight with weak guano. Inarching may now be performed.

Pelargoniums will now be coming forward in fine condition, if our remarks have been followed. If there are any plants which have not been potted, now is the time to do it ; and if any have not been properly trained, they should not be neglected any longer : keep down the green fly, and occasionally syringe the foliage.

Japan Lilies will now have grown 6 or 8 inches, and will require moderate quantities of water, and a good airy situation on the stage.

Gloxinias should now be potted and placed in a hot-bed, or warm situation, to start them into growth.

Calceolarias will require another shift into larger pots.
Verbenus and Petunias will require repotting now.

Fuchsias. The old plants may now be turned out of the pots, the earth partially rubbed off, and repotted again into a suitable compost.

Roses will now be coming into bloom, and will now require occasional syringing over the foliage.

Cinerarias should now be shifted into larger pots.

Gesnera zebrina should now be placed in a hot-bed, to give the little corms a rapid start.

Dahlias for early blooming may still be potted.
Heaths which appear stunted for want of room should now be repotted.

Hyacinths and Tulip beds will require attention the latter part of the month ; if the weather is very mild, part of the covering may be removed.

Annual flower seeds, such as 10-week Stock, Brachycome, Phlox Drummondii, Verbena, Petunia, Lotus jacolæus, and other choice varieties, may now be planted, for early blooming in the open

Plants in frames will now need airing every fair day.
Veronica speciosa may now be propagated from cuttings.
Cactuses hould be more liberally watered after they show their flower buds.

Heliotropes, salvias, scarlet geraniums, and other showy plants, should now be propagated for a stock, for bedding out in spring.


We are gratified in presenting our readers with another most valuable number. The articles are all so good that it would be invidious to name any particular one. Having now disposed of our Reviews, we shall bring up oar arrears of Miscellaneous Intelligence in our next number, the List of PREMIUMS of the Massachusetts Horticultural Society having excluded it from the present one.

Saxton & Miles are no longer our agents in New York,

James Hogg, Seedsman, Broadway, will act as our Agent in New York.

Received - Manuscript communications from T. S. Humrickhouse, C. Springer, S. Walker, J. W. Bissell, E. W. Leavenworth, A. Fahnestock, M. A. Ward, W. R. Prince, Turnsole, X.. J. H. Watts, R. Buist, An Admirer of all Seasons.

Payments for the Magazine, from Feb. 1, to March 1, 1847: John L. Gardner, sub. to T. H. Perkins, vol, 12,". $3 00 vol. 12,

$3 00 H. H. Crapo, vol. 13, 3 00 John Cadness, vol. 13, 3 00 Lyman Tiffany, vol. 13,. 3 00 J. H. Wilkins, bal, vols. 11 John Taylor, vol. 13, 3 00 and 12,

5 00 Mrs. B. C. Howard, vols. James Taylor, vol. 12,. 3 00 10, 11, 12 and 13, 12 00 H. S. Waldo, vol. 13, 3 00 John R. Lee, vol. 13, . 3 00 Chas. Downing, 11, 12, 13, 9 00 James A. Merriwether, 12, 3 00 Dr. Rhea Barton, vol. 13, 3 00 Dr. G. W. Andrews, v. 12, 3 00 H. W. Beecher, on ac. 9, 10,5 50 Dr. W. Clute, sub. to vols Capt. Geo. Lee, vol. 13,. 3 00 8, 9, and 10,

9 00 Parsons & Co., vol. 12,. 3 00 Robert Meiklehaught,v. 13,3 00 Wm. R. Austin, vol. 12, 300 Wm. S. Rockwell, vol. 13, 3 00 Prof. J.P. Waddel, 10, 11, 6 00 J. R. Cotting, vol. 12, 3 00 Dr. M. A. Ward, vol. 12,3 00 Harlow Case, vols. 11 & 12, 6 00 Sam'l Downer, vol. 12, . 3 00 Dr. Ira Burrowes, vol. 13, 3 00 Sam'l Downer, Jr. vol. 12, 3 00 P. Smith, vol. 13,

3 00 G. F. T. Reed, vol. 13, 3 00 Rev. Mr. Pope, vol. 13, .300

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AGENTS FOR THE MAGAZINE.-C. C. Little & Brown, Otis, Broaders & Co, and Jordan & Co. Boston. F. Putnam, Salem, G. H. Carleton & Co. Lowell. Geo. C. Daniels, Providence, R. I. J. F. Shores & Son, Portsmouth, N. H. Dr. E. W. Bull, Hart. ford, Conn. J. M. Thorburn & Co., New York. D. Landreth & Munns, and R. Buist, Philadelphia. R. Sinclair, Jr. & Co. Baltimore. J. F. Callan, Washington, D. C. J. R. Cotting, Milledgeville, Ga. C. M. Dewey, Rochester, N. Y.

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