Modern Achievement, Volumen8

University Soc., 1902

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Página 311 - Comely the creature is, but the comeliness is not of this world: the once worshipped beast is a deformity and a monster to this generation; and yet you can see that those lips, so thick and heavy, were fashioned according to some ancient mould of beauty...
Página 26 - ... ships, appeared by their attitudes and gestures to be lost in astonishment. Columbus made signal for the ships to cast anchor, and the boats to be manned and armed. He entered his own boat, richly attired in scarlet, and holding the royal standard; whilst Martin Alonzo Pinzon and Vincent Jafiez, his brother, put off in company in their boats, each with a banner of the enterprise, emblazoned with a green cross, having on either side the letters F and Y, the initials of the Castilian monarchs,...
Página 338 - Every part of these rocks is cut out by art, in the form of large and small chambers, each of which has its separate entrance ; and, though they are very close to each other, it is seldom that there is any interior communication from one to another. I can truly say, it is impossible to give any description sufficient to convey the smallest idea of those subterranean abodes, and their inhabitants.
Página 340 - It was choked with mummies, and I could not pass without putting my face in contact with that of some decayed Egyptian ; but as the passage inclined downwards, my own weight helped me on : however, I could not avoid being covered with bones, legs, arms, and heads rolling from above. Thus I proceeded from one cave to another, all full of mummies piled up in various ways, some standing, some lying, and some on their heads.
Página 343 - I cannot give an adequate idea of this beautiful and invaluable piece of antiquity, and can only say, that nothing has been brought into Europe from Egypt that can be compared with it. The cover was not there : it had been taken out, and broken into several pieces, which we found in digging before the first entrance.
Página 316 - I would have run to him, only I was a coward in the presence of such a mob— would have embraced him, only, he being an Englishman, I did not know how he would receive me; so I did what cowardice and false pride suggested was the best thing — walked deliberately to him, took off my hat, and said: "Dr. Livingstone, I presume?" "Yes," said he, with a kind smile, lifting his cap slightly.
Página 25 - What a bewildering crowd of conjectures must have thronged upon his mind as to the land which lay before him, covered with darkness. That it was fruitful was evident, from the vegetables which floated from its shores. He thought, too, that he perceived in the balmy air the fragrance of aromatic groves. The moving light which he had beheld had proved that it was the residence of man.
Página 339 - ... cannot be described. In such a situation I found myself several times, and often returned exhausted and fainting, till at last I became inured to it, and indifferent to what I suffered, except from the dust, which never failed to choke my throat and nose ; and though, fortunately, I am destitute of the sense of smelling, I could taste that the mummies were rather unpleasant to swallow.
Página 314 - I am Susi, the servant of Dr. Livingstone," said be, smiling, and showing a gleaming row of teeth. "What! Is Dr. Livingstone here?
Página 339 - I naturally had recourse to my hands to sustain my weight, but they found no better support, so that I...

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