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On motion of Mr. Noffsinger, the following named persons were elected as officers of the House :

J. P. Gandy, Speaker Pro-Temı; Amos A. Ewing, Chief Clerk; Thomas Bassler, first assistant clerk; A. G. Crews, second assistant clerk; G. W. Hall, third assistant clerk; Thomas P. Braidwood, fourth assistant clerk; C. W. Bugbee, fifth assistant clerk; William Baird, sixth assistant clerk; J. S. Fisher, seventh assistant clerk; D. W. Jones, reading clerk; Ernest Jones, chief enrolling clerk; Edward Southwick, first assistant enrolling clerk; Louis Mattingly, second assistant enrolling clerk; R. J. Calkins, third assistant enrolling clerk; Florence Headley, fourth assistant enrolling clerk; J. E. Munhall, fifth assistant enrolling clerk; N. E. Taylor, sixth assistant enrolling clerk; Ray Farrell, seventh assistant enrolling clerk; Mrs. B. B. Bone, eighth assistant enrolling clerk; W. J. French, sergeant-at-arms; J. M. Hay, first assistant; G. Dockerty, second assistant; I. W. Rush, third assistant; Miss Stella Roberts, stenographer; B. W. Hall, messenger; the Rev. H. L.. Holt, chaplain; Henry Calwell, watchman; Frank Fegan, first assistant watchman; John Grey, doorkeeper; B. Mahoney, first assistant doorkeeper; T. E. Phillips, second assistant doorkeeper; Willis Jones, chief janitor; W. A. Howard, assistant; S. Andrews, assistant; F. H. Bell, assistant; W. Flenoyd, assistant; Robert Johnson, assisstant; Robert Claypool, custodian of cloak room; Earl Lockwood, page; R. D. Ambrose, page; Lester Gandy, page; Harry Ballinger, page.

Each subscribed to the oath of office.

A committee from the Council presented the following report :

Mr. Speaker:

The committee from the Council have the honor to notify the House through you that the Council of the Eighth Legislative Assembly is now organized, and ready to proceed to business.


On motion of Mr. Daniels, the Speaker appointed a committee consisting of Mr. Fuller, Mr. Walker and Mr. Ballinger, to notify the Council that the House was organized and ready for business.

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The Speaker appointed Mr. McBride, Mr. Wood and Mr. Levy as a committee to meet with a like committee from the Council to notify the Governor that the Eighth Legislative Assembly was organized and ready for business.

The Rules governing the Seventh Legislative Assembly were adopted until others could be formulated and adopted.

On motion of Mr. Becker, a committee consisting of Mr. Gandy, Mr. Daniels and Mr. Hogg was appointed on mileage and per diem.

On motion, the Speaker appointed Mr. Becker, Mr. Ferris, Mr. Gayman, Mr. Noffsinger and Mr. Logan.

Mr. Ferris moved that the following persons be substituted as officers of the House :

J. I. Howard, chief clerk; C. C. Tolbert, assistant chief clerk; A. C. Root, enrolling and engrossing clerk; W. W. Bixby, assistant enrolling and engrossing clerk; J. A. Jenkins, sergeant-at-arms; J. N. Shepler, doorkeeper; W. J. Moore, watchman; John Williams, messenger.

The motion was declared lost by a vote of 15 ayes, 10 nays.
The House adjourned until Wednesday morning at 10 o'clock.




Guthrie, Oklahoma Territory,

Wednesday, January 11, 1905.


The House convened at 10 o'clock A. M. pursuant to adjournment with the Speaker in the chair.

Prayer was offered by the Chaplain.

The roll call showed all members present except Jester, Washita, excused by the Speaker.

• The Journal of the first day was read and corrected.

Gayman of Lincoln, in behalf of the School Land Lessoes, presented House ('oncurrent Resolution No. 1, being a memorial from the Eighth Legislative Assembly of the Territory of Oklahoma, to the Senate of the United States.

Memorial from the Eighth Legislative Assembly of the Territory of

Oklahoma to the Senate of the United States:

Be it Resolved by the House of the Eighth Legislative Assembly of the Territory of Oklahoma, the Council concurring therein, that

Whereas, the Senate Committee of the United States has stricken from the Ilamilton Statehood Bill the preference right to purchase to the lessees on school lands when such lands shall be sold, and Whereas, Such action by the Senate (Committee works

great in. justice and hardship on the people who settled on the school lands of Oklahoma and have in good faith and under the authority and protection of an Act of Congress providing for the leasing of all school land, public lands of the Territory of Oklahoma, improved said lands and made their homes thereon.

Resolvell. That the Legislature of the Territory of Oklahoma here

by memorialize the Congress of the United States to re-insert said clause in said Hamilton Statehood Bill now pending in Congress.

Resolved, That a copy of these resolutions be transmitted to our Delegate in Congress, the Hon. B. S. McGuire.

Mr. Ballinger moved that the rules be suspended, and the resolution alopted.

Mr. Bryan explained his vote as follows:

Mr. Speaker:

“I vote Vo' for the reason that there will be other resolutions introduced in the same line."

Roll call on suspension of rules :

Ayes: Ballinger, Becker, Bone, Fuller, Daniels, Ferris, Gandy Gayman, Ingmire, Levy, Logan, McBride, Prouty, Ross, Taylor, Walker, Wood, Mr. Speaker 18; nays: Bryan, Craig, Fuller, Hogg, Lydick,

, Maxwell, Noffsinger, Robinson, 7; absent: Jester, excused, 1.

The ayes prevailed, and the Speaker declared the rules suspended.

The Speaker appointed Claud B. Baker as Secretary to the Speaker.

Mr. Gayman moved the adoption of the Memorial.

The roll call on the passage of the House Concurrent Resolution No. 1, resulted as follows:

Ayes: Ballinger, Becker, Bone, Bryan, Craig, Daniels, Ferris, Fuller, Gandy, Gayman, Hogg, Ingmire, Levy, Logan, McBride, Noffsinger, Prouty, Ross, Taylor, Walker, Wood, Mr. Speaker, 22; nays: Lydick, Maxwell, Robinson, 3; absent: Jester, excused, 1.

The aves prevailed and the Speaker declared Memorial adopted.

The following appointees, previously appointed and not sworn in, were sworn in by the Speaker: Miss Florence Headley, Mrs. B. B. Bone, D. W. Jones, Miss Stella Roberts, Ray Ambrose, Robert Johnson.

Mr. Gandy of Woodward presented the report of the coinmittee on mileage, as follows:

Mr. Speaker:

Your committee having been appointed to confer with the members and report the amount of mileage due each, would most respectfully beg leave to make the following report:



Two Ways.


[blocks in formation]


Wesley Taylor, Perry.
J. B. Norton, Ponca..
J. T. Craig, Pawnee..
Wm. N. Walker...
Frank G. Prouty, Fallis.
Isaac B. Levy, Guthrie.
R. R. Fuller, Oklahoma City
John J. Gayman, Chandler..
Milton Bryan, Shawnee..
J. D. Lydick, Lexington.
J. P. Becker, Medford...
John Ingmire, Garber..
W. W. Noffsinger, Kingfisher.
Wm. A. Maxwell, Yukon...
Clarence E. Wood Cherokee.
A. J. Ross, Alva...
A. McBride, Watonga.
B. B. Bone, Arapaho.
James P. Gandy, Supply..
Wilbur W. Daniels, Seiling
Dyke Ballinger, Anadarko..
Scott Ferris, Lawton
J. A. Jester, Foss....
0. J. Logan, Mountain View.
David Hogg, Grand......
T. M. Robinson, Mangum..

[blocks in formation]
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