Debates in Parliament: Nov. 19, 1740-April 16, 1741

J. Stockdale, 1787

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Página 221 - I may perhaps have some ambition to please this gentleman I shall not lay myself under any restraint, nor very solicitously copy his diction, or his mien, however matured by age or modelled by experience.
Página 220 - He will learn, sir, that to accuse and prove are very different, and that reproaches unsupported by evidence affect only the character of him that utters them. Excursions of fancy, and flights of oratory, are indeed, pardonable in young...
Página 220 - Sir, the atrocious crime of being a young man, which the honourable gentleman has with such spirit and decency charged upon me, I shall neither attempt to palliate nor deny, but content myself with wishing that I may be one of those whose follies may cease with their youth, and not of that number, who are ignorant in spite of experience.
Página 221 - I should have avoided their censure: the heat that offended them is the ardour of conviction, and that zeal for the service of my country, which neither hope nor fear shall influence me to suppress.
Página 212 - ... the advocates for the bill before us ; a bill in which such cruelties are proposed as are yet unknown among the most savage nations, such as slavery has not yet borne, or tyranny invented, such as cannot be heard without resentment, nor thought of without horrour.
Página 222 - Happy would it be for mankind if every one knew his own province ; we should not then see the same...
Página 220 - Much more, sir, is he to be abhorred, who, as he has advanced in age, has receded from virtue, and becomes more wicked with less temptation, who prostitutes himself for money which he cannot enjoy, and spends the remains of his life in the ruin of his country.
Página 221 - thing but age reftrain my refentment. Age, which always ' brings one privilege, that of being infolent and fupercilious
Página 221 - ... that zeal for the service of my country which neither hope nor fear shall influence me to suppress. I will not sit unconcerned while my liberty is invaded, nor look in silence upon public robbery. I will exert my endeavours, at whatever hazard, to repel the aggressor, and drag the thief to justice, whoever may protect them in their villainy, and whoever may partake of their plunder.
Página 220 - ... this assembly is called together; how little the discovery of truth is promoted, and the security of the nation established by pompous diction and theatrical emotions.

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