Macaronéana Andra, overum: Nouveaux mêlanges de littérature macaronique

N. Trübner et Cie, 1862 - 179 páginas

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Página 17 - ON THE NATURE OF THE SCHOLAR, AND ITS MANIFESTATIONS. By Johann Gottlieb Fichte. Translated from the German by William Smith. Second Edition. Post 8vo, pp. vii. and 131, cloth.
Página 19 - New South Wales, Journal and Proceedings of the Royal Society of. Published annually. Price los.
Página 15 - FAC-SIMILES OF CERTAIN PORTIONS OF THE GOSPEL OF ST. MATTHEW, AND OF THE EPISTLES OF ST. JAMES AND ST. JUDE, Written on Papyrus in the First Century, and preserved in the Egyptian Museum of Joseph Mayer, Esq., Liverpool ; with a Portrait of St.
Página 76 - Semper cum coquis illum praäicare videbis Semper habet gulam propter magnare paratam Semper habet dentes multa de fame batentes Semper habet cordi macharonos et cavigiarum Semper fardellas et lucanicam de porco buellum Semper in canevis animum tenet atque lavezis Semper habet cordi coquinas atque tabernas Semper fornaros : femper cum carne becaros Sed macharonos fuper omnia fepe domandat. Qui fi porphirea foret ingens concha papalis Plena macharonis fmalzo fuperante falatum...
Página 80 - Poft tamen ad paulum memor tornabo lecardum Corpore qua parvam fed magnam dico putanam A caput incipiens nigros habet illa capillos Lendinibus plenos femper fudore covertos Et fcarpellatos habet omni tempore ocellos Inque oculorum gemino cantone puinas In vifo poteris porros plantare puzanti Nam femel in toto vifum...
Página 150 - Studentes chargebant policemen to take up Little boys, fed Charlies refufabant fo for to do, then Contemptim Studentes appellabant
Página 17 - THE CHARACTERISTICS OF THE PRESENT AGE. By Johann Gottlieb Fichte. Translated from the German by William Smith. Post 8vo, pp. xi. and 271, cloth. 1847. 6s. FICHTE.— MEMOIR OF JOHANN GOTTLIEB FICHTE. By William Smith. Second Edition. Post 8vo, pp. 168, cloth. 1848. 4s. FICHTE.— ON THE NATURE OF THE SCHOLAR, AND ITS MANIFESTATIONS.
Página 72 - Omnes credebant natantes in equore luzos. Sive hominem pingit poteris tu credere lignum In quo fartores ponunt fine capite veftes Seu nudos facit multo fudore...
Página 2 - A volume full of interest for the lover of old times ; while the form in which it is presented to us may incite many to think of art and look into its many wondrous influences with a curious earnestness unknown to them before. It points a moral also, in the knowledge that a people may be brought to take interest in what is chaste and beautiful as in what is coarse and degrading.
Página 81 - Illic continue cimices fecere viarum. Hic gambarelli pulices habitantque peochi Et quas producit piatolas locus ille malignus Non funt granceolis magnis mihi crede minores Hic fetor innumerus...

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