The Charter and Ordinances of Bay City with a Manual of the Common Council and of the Municipal Government

John P. Lambert Company, printers, 1909 - 602 páginas

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Página 169 - ... shall be appointed for one year, one for two years, one for three years, one for four years, and one for five years.
Página 81 - Ench of said appointive members shall, before entering upon the duties of his office, execute...
Página 269 - ... of such fine the court may make a further sentence that the offender be imprisoned in the Detroit House of Correction until such fine be paid, provided the term of imprisonment shall not exceed the period of six months Sec.
Página 61 - State superintendent of public instruction, who shall hold his office for four years and until his successor shall have been appointed and shall have qualified.
Página 134 - ... affidavit aforesaid, and rejected for that reason; or that the action or proceeding was brought before the council had a reasonable time to investigate and pass upon it.
Página 61 - He shall devote his entire time and attention to the duties of his office.
Página 158 - For the exercise of all municipal powers in the management and 'control of municipal property and in the administration of the municipal government, whether such powers be expressly enumerated or not...
Página 158 - ... through its regularly constituted authority, to pass all laws and ordinances relating to its municipal concerns, subject to the constitution and general laws of this state.
Página 112 - ... summons, and if he shall not appear accordingly, then (upon proof of the due service of the summons upon such person, by delivering the same to him personally, or by leaving the same at his usual place of abode) the justice may either proceed to hear and determine the case ex parte, or issue...
Página 150 - If any person so challenged shall refuse to take such oath, his vote shall be rejected ; and any person who shall willfully take a false oath, or make a false affirmation, under the provisions of this section, shall be deemed guilty of perjury...

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