The Medical Times and Gazette, Volumen2

J. & A. Churchill, 1863

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Página 123 - Certificate under the Seal of the University, and signed by the Chancellor, shall be delivered to each Candidate.
Página 180 - Last of all came an enthusiastic vote of thanks to the President, for his conduct in the chair, and the members of the Conference then separated, not without some misgivings as to the weather for the evening excursion.
Página 256 - Time, inexhaustible and ever accumulating his efficacy, can undoubtedly do much for the theorist in geology; but Force, whose limits we cannot measure, and whose nature we cannot fathom, is also a power never to be slighted: and to call in the one to protect us from the other, is equally presumptuous, to whichever of the two our superstition leans.
Página 210 - The transpiration ratios of gases appear to be in constant relation with no other known property of the same gases, and they form a •class of phenomena remarkably isolated from all else at present known of gases.
Página 235 - The combining atoms, hitherto spoken of, are not therefore the molecules of which the movement is sensibly affected by heat, with gaseous expansion as the result. The gaseous molecule must itself be viewed as composed of a group or system of the preceding inferior atoms, following, as a unit, laws similar to those which regulate its constituent atoms. We have, indeed, carried one step backward, and applied to the lower order of atoms, ideas suggested by the gaseous molecule, as views derived from...
Página 235 - It is conceivable that the various kinds of matter, now recognized as different elementary substances, may possess one and the same ultimate or atomic molecule existing in different conditions of movement. The essential unity of matter is an hypothesis in harmony with the equal action of gravity upon all bodies.
Página 291 - ... exposed for sale, or deposited in any place for the purpose of sale, or of preparation for sale, and intended for the food of man, the proof that the same was not exposed or deposited for any such purpose, or was not intended for the food of man, resting with the party charged...
Página 236 - ... the condition for the transference of heat, or the heat movement, from one to the other. The more rapid the molecular movement of the gas the more frequent the contact, with consequent communication of heat. Hence, probably, the great cooling power of hydrogen gas as compared with air or oxygen.
Página 295 - A Degree in Arts of any University of the United Kingdom, or of the Colonies, or of such other Universities as may be specially recognised from time to time by the Medical Council.
Página 122 - You must stand over them with a cane, or coax them by a promise of a halfpenny, etc. if they will stand a few more rubs. At first they will come back from their work with their arms and knees streaming with blood, and the knees looking as if the caps had been pulled off. Then they must be rubbed with brine again...

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