Roman Antiquities: Or, An Account of the Manners and Customs of the Romans ...

Collins & Hannay, 1830 - 496 páginas

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Página 320 - Afterwards a spear with a cross piece of wood on the top, sometimes the figure of a hand above, probably in allusion to the word manipulus ; and below, a small round or oval shield, commonly of silver, Plin.
Página 425 - Egypt having fallen under the dominion of the Arabs in the seventh century, and its commerce with Europe and the Constantinopolitan empire being stopped, the manufacture of paper from the papyrus ceased. The art of making paper from cotton or silk...
Página 187 - The purpose of it was, to create a decemvirate, or ten commissioners, with absolute power for five years over all the revenues of the republic ; to distribute them at pleasure to the citizens ; to sell and buy what lands they thought fit ; to...
Página 103 - ... be permitted to speak for himself: upon which Cicero, who was never at a loss, instead of pronouncing the ordinary form of the oath, exalting the tone of his voice, swore out aloud, so as all the people might hear him, that he had saved the Republic and the city from ruin...
Página 244 - ... herself into an eagle. After this transformation the goddess pursued the god with apparent ferocity, and Jupiter fled for refuge into the arms of Leda, who was bathing in the Eurotas. Jupiter took advantage of his situation, and nine...
Página 293 - Fuscïna, and in his right a net (RETE), with which he attempted to entangle (irretire) his adversary, by casting it over his head and suddenly drawing it together, and then with his trident he usually slew him. But if he missed his aim, by either throwing the net too short or too far, he instantly betook himself to flight, and endeavoured to prepare his net for a second cast ; while his antagonist as swiftly pursued (whence the name Secutar), to prevent his design by despatching him.
Página 125 - Page. t)g afterwards enjoy any other magistracy ; that there should be no appeal to the tribunes ; that they should not be allowed to assemble the people and make harangues to them, nor propose laws, but should only retain the right of intercession.
Página 184 - By these laws the method of trial was altered, and the length of them limited : Three days were allowed for the examination of witnesses, and the fourth for the sentence ; on which the accuser was to have two hours only to enforce the charge ; the criminal three for his defence, ibid.
Página 273 - Calig. 32.) the animal was led by a slack rope, that it might not seem to be brought by force, which was reckoned a bad omen. For the same reason it was allowed to stand loose before the altar ; and it was a very bad omen if

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