Alicia Grey, or, To be useful is to be happy

John W. Parker, 1837 - 133 páginas

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Página 132 - THE design of this little work is, by means of easy rhymes, to attract the attention of young children, and to impress upon their memories various elementary facts and moral sentiments which they would not otherwise remember; for, " What will a child learn sooner than a song?
Página 134 - READINGS in ENGLISH PROSE LITERATURE; containing choice Specimens of the "Works of the best English "Writers, from LORD BACON to the Present Time. With ESSAYS on the PROGRESS of ENGLISH LITERATURE.
Página 134 - Notes. 4s. 6d. •READINGS IN BIOGRAPHY; a Selection of the Lives of the most Eminent Men of all Nations. 4s.
Página 135 - LIVRE DE CLASSE; with ENGLISH NOTES, by the late LT VENTOUILLAC, Professor of French Literature in King's College, London.
Página 129 - REAPKR is, to exert a direct and powerful moral influence upon the hearts of children; such an influence as shall make them faithful and industrious in the improvement of their time, obedient and affectionate to their parents, kind towards their playmates, and upright and honest in their intercourse with others.
Página 134 - HISTORY. — Containing the Political History, Geographical Position, and Social State of the Principal Nations of Antiquity, carefully digested from the Ancient Writers, and illustrated by the Discoveries of Modern Scholars and Travelers.
Página 133 - Is. 6d. •PERSIAN FABLES, for Young and Old. By the Rev. HG KEENE, MA Price Is., with Eighteen Engravings ; also, by the same Author, •PERSIAN STORIES ^illustrative of Eastern MANNERS and CUSTOMS. Price Is., with Engravings. •SISTER MARY'S TALES in NATURAL HISTORY. 2*.
Página 130 - The leading events of English History are related with simplicity, and their connexion traced with clearness. The narratives are confined to the most memorable and important events; and those circumstances particularly marked, which have led to the gradual formation of the British system of government. The work is illustrated with many Engravings of Costumes, Views, &c.
Página 134 - SCENES, EVENTS, and CHARACTERS, from the Times of the Crusades. By THOMAS KEIGHTLEY, Esq. Two Volumes, with Engravings, 11*. *TI!E HISTORY OF MOHAMMEDANISM, and the Principal MOHAMMEDAN SECTS. By WC TAYLOR. LL.D., MRAS,, &c.
Página 136 - ... BUILDING. FURNITURE. FOOD and CLOTHING. VOLUME III. (or in Nos. 13 to 18.) The UNIVERSE. The THREE KINGDOMS of NATURE. The HUMAN FORM. LESSONS on HEALTH. VOLUME IV. (or in Nos. 19 to 24.) The CALENDAR; The Year, Months, Weeks, Days. The SEASONS. APPEARANCES of NATURE. Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn. VOLUME V. (or in Nos. 25 to 30.) DESCRIPTIVE GEOGRAPHY: The various Divisions of the World ; their People and Productions ; with MAPS. VOLUME VI. (or in Nos. 31 to 36.) GENERAL HISTORY. First Volume.

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