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SIXTH AND FIFTH FORMS. Greek Testament, S. John, chaps. 1-11.-Scripture History, Student's Old Testament, chaps. 19—the end.—Demosthenes : De Falsa Legatione (VI. Form only), chaps. 1–41.-Homer: Iliad, Book XXIV., 468—the end; Book XI., 1–335.—Sophocles : Edipus Coloneus, 729-to end.--Aristophanes: Knights, 490—to end.—Thucydides: Book I.. chaps. 44-97.—Euripides : Medea (Iambic lines only), 1–575.-Cicero: Pro Archia; Philippic II., $$ 1–58.—Horace: Odes, Book III., 6—the end. ; Book IV., 1--3; Epistles, Book II., 2; Ars Poetica, 1—305.Virgil: Æneid, Book VI., 212–836.-Greek History: Earliest Times to 466 B.C.—Butler's Ancient Geography: Africa, Italy. -Repetitions from Christian Year, Virgil, Horace, Euripides. — Compositions in English, Greek and Latin, Prose and Verse.


Homer: Iliad, Liber 23, lines 488—889. Horace: Epistles, Liber I., Ep. XV.–Liber II., Ep. I., line 133. Virgil : Æneid, Liber X., lines 1–444. Euripides : Orestes, lines 683—1322. Calvert's Selections from Livy, VIII.—XVIII. Xenophon: Anabasis, Liber VI., chap. vi.; Liber VII., chap. ii., § 29. Greek Testament: Acts, chap. xv.-XX.

Maclear's New Testament History, pp. 388—514. Freeman's European History, pp. 1-64. Creighton's Roman History, pp. 90 to end. Classical Geography, pp. 1–44.

Oxenham's Latin Elegiacs. Beatson's Greek Tambics. Kennedy's Curriculum. Public School Latin Primer. Parry's Greek Grammar. Repetition from Virgil and Livy and Horace.

THIRD FORM. Virgil, Æneid, Book III., line 355 to end. Livy_(Wright's Selections), chap. i–xvi. Ovid, Eton Selections, X., XVII., XVIII., XIX. 1-114. Alcestis, Rugby Edition, $$ 4, 5, 6. Xenophon, Anabasis, Book I., chap. i.-iii. Greek Testamenti 8. Luke, chap. ix., x., v. 1—30. Latin Grammar, Public Schoo, Latin Primer-passim. Notes on Latin Syntax from Abbot's Latin Prose through English Idiom. Greek Grammar (Parry), to end of verbs in jl. Syntax from “Sidgwick's First Greek Writer." Latin Exercises. Collins', 1-28. Latin Verse, Penrose. Greek Prose, from Sidgwick's First Greek Writer, 1–6. [The Upper Form have done short connected pieces of Latin Prose.] Unseen Translations. Roman History (Creighton), from Gracchi to Tiberius. Greek History (Fyffe), chap. i.--v. English Essays. Maps. Repetitions from Ovid, Virgil, Livy. Scripture History. Old Testament (Maclear), from Creation to end of Judges.

SECOND FORM. Frost's Eclogæ Ovidianæ. Aditus Faciliores; ditto, Græci. Parry's Greek Grammar. Public School Latin Primer. Notabilia Quædam, Irregular Greek Verbs. Bradley's Latin Prose Exercises. Blomfield Jackson's Elementary Exercises in Greek Prose. Frost's Latin Verse Book. Cornwell's Geography, , North America. Collier's British Empire, A.D. 1702–1820. Maclear's Old Testament History, Adam to Joseph. Repetitions. Maps. .

Bradley's Selections from Phædrus, by White.

Book I., Fables 1—26; Book II., Fables 3, 5, 6, 7; Book III., Fables 4, 7, 13-26. Belcher's Latin Prose Exercises, 1-22. Collis's Card of Irregular Verbs. Latin Grammar (Primer), pages 5–52 and 64—72. Maclear's Old Testament History, Books I-IV. Cornwell's Geography: Africa, North and South America. Collier’s British Empire, William I. to Edward VI. Adam's Greek Delectus, by Holden, pages 14—39 and 45—58. Parry's Greek Grammar, to end of Avomat. Selected Easy Exercises in Greek. Repetitions. Catechism. Maps.

LOWER FIRST FORM. Old Testament History, from the Creation to the Death of Moses. From Text Book by Rev. C. Ivens, Books of Genesis and Exodus. English History, from “ Outlines” by Gardiner, from earliest times to Edward I. Cornwell's Geography: British Isles and North and South America. Selections from English Poetry by Curtis. Analysis of Easy English Sentences. Maps. Latin : Public School Latin Primer, Declensions and pages 12–15; adjectives, pronouns and verbs to end of Utor. Irregular verbs on pages 64, 65. Rules on pages 95–97. Fowle's Short and Easy Exercises, I–XXXVI." Vocabularies and principal parts of verbs on pages 79-82, also pages 100-102. Gradatim by Heatley and Kingdon, pieces 1-25, 51–67. Translation and Parsing. LOWER DIVISION.-Latin Primer : Declensions, adjectives, pronouns, active and passive verbs. Fowle's Short and Easy Latin Book: Exercises 1—23, with vocabularies and verbs on pages 79—82.

MODERN DEPARTMENT. FIRST DIVISION.–Virgil : Æneid, Book IV., 296—to end. Ovid: Phyllis, Demophoonti, Ænone, Paridi. Latin Exercises. Arnold's Prose Composition, Part I., 30-55. SECOND DIvI. SION.-Aditus Faciliores, pp. 1-20, and White's Eutropius, Book I., with Exercises in Smith's Principia Latina on the Passive and Deponent Verbs. Latin Grammar. P.S.L.P. Accidence. French translation, Gil Blas, pp. 50—90. Exercises in Arnold's First French Book, 25 – 50. Milton's Paradise Lost, Book I. Shakespeare, the Tempest. Balfour Stewart's Primer on Physics. Dr. Morris's Primer on English Grammar. O.T. History (Maclear's): from beginning to Kings. In Student's Hume and Collier's English History, the period from 1702 to 1820. North America in Cornwell's Geography, with map drawing and English Composition.


FIRST DIVISION. Euclid, Algebra, Trigonometry, Geometrical and Analytical Conics, Statics and Dynamics. University and Civil Service Examination Papers.

SECOND DIVISION. Euclid, Books I.-IV., VI. to prop. 16. Algebra to end of Permutations. Arithmetic.

THIRD DIVISION. Euclid, Books I.-II. Algebra to Quadratics. Arithmetic.

FOURTH DIVISION. Euclid, Book I. Algebra, Hamblin Smith, to Simple Equations. Arithmetic, Colenso.

FIFTH DIVISION. Euclid, I., 1–20. Algebra to Division with Easy Equations. Arithmetic to end of Decimals.

SIXTH DIVISION. Euclid, Book I., props. 1–6; 9—12; 16–19. Arithmetic, Reduction, Vulgar and Decimal Fractions.

FRENCH SUBJECTS. CLASS I.--"Demogeot's histoire de la Littérature française." Translation into French: Blouet's Class Book of French Composition. Grammar: Brachet's Public School French Grammar. Accidence and Syntax. Dictation. Conversation. Original French Composition. Comparative Philology. Recitation of model style French Passages.

CLASS II.–Molière's Bourgeois Gentilhomme. Translation into French. Blouet. Grammar: Brachet. Accidence and Syntax. Dictation. Conversation. Original French Composition. Recitation of passages of Classical French. Comparative Philology.

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