Allgemeine Literatur-Zeitung, Volumen3

C.A. Schwetschke, 1821

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Página 855 - Fell on me as a heavy load; It was as is a new-dug grave, Closing o'er one we sought to save, And yet my glance, too much opprest, Had almost need of such a rest.
Página 855 - And then there was a little isle, Which in my very face did smile, The only one in view; A small green isle, it seem'd no more, Scarce broader than my dungeon floor, But in it there were three tall trees, And o'er it blew the mountain breeze, And by it there were waters flowing, And on it there were young flowers growing Of gentle breath and hue.
Página 121 - Es ist daher offenbare Verwirrung der Grenzen, wenn man moralische Zweckmäßigkeit in ästhetischen Dingen fordert und, um das Reich der Vernunft zu erweitern, die Einbildungskraft aus ihrem rechtmäßigen Gebiete verdrängen will.
Página 213 - Fare thee well! and if for ever, Still for ever, fare thee well: Even though unforgiving, never 'Gainst thee shall my heart rebel. Would that breast were bared before thee Where thy head so oft hath lain, While that placid sleep came o'er thee Which thou ne'er canst know again: Would that breast, by thee glanced over, Every inmost thought could show!
Página 821 - A Dissertation showing the Identity of the Rivers Niger and Nile ; chiefly from the Authority of the Ancients. — By John Dudley, MA Vicar of Humberston and Sileby, in the county of Leicester ; and sometime Fellow and Tutor of Clare Hall, Cambridge. 12mo. London. 1821. '
Página 729 - Puhluvee, Durée, Zhund o Pazhund, Greek, Syriac, Arabic, Turkish, and other languages, with a short grammar prefixed by Moohummud Hoosuen Ibni Khuluf oot Tubreezee.
Página 825 - Rhoren et au docteur Vartan , avec d'autres pičces relatives ŕ l'histoire d'Arménie; le tout accompagné d'une traduction française, et de notes explicatives ; par MJ Saint Martin. Paris, 1818 et 1819, de l'imprimerie royale, 2 vol. in-8°; grand raisin ; broché.
Página 729 - Moolhuquat of the Boorhani Qatiu, the Khatimu, or appendix to the Furhungi Juhangeeree ; together with a collection of words, phrases, metaphors, and proper names, extracted from the Buhari Ujum and various other authorities.
Página 71 - Unterricht im Fechten und Voltigiren giebt Hr. Fechtmeifter Felmy. Unterricht im Reiten wird auf der Königl. Reitbahn ertheilt.
Página 167 - Chaussier, professeur de la Faculté de médecine de Paris, médecin en chef de l'hospice de la maternité , membre de la légion d'honneur, de l'ordre royal de Saint-Michel, etc.

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