A Dictionary of Biography: Comprising the Most Eminent Characters of All Ages, Nations, and Professions ...

Gray and Bowen, 1832 - 527 páginas

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Página 277 - Of other care they little reckoning make Than how to scramble at the shearers' feast, And shove away the worthy bidden guest. Blind mouths! that scarce themselves know how to hold A sheep-hook, or have learned aught else the least That to the faithful herdman's art belongs!
Página 283 - It was at Rome, on the 15th of October 1764, as I sat musing amidst the ruins of the Capitol, while the bare-footed friars were singing vespers in the Temple of Jupiter, that the idea of writing the decline and fall of the city first started to my mind.
Página 170 - Upon the whole, there was in this man something that could create, subvert, or reform ; an understanding, a spirit, and an eloquence, to summon mankind to society, or to break the bonds of slavery asunder, and to rule the wilderness of free minds with unbounded authority ; something that could establish or overwhelm empire, and strike a blow in the world that should resound through the universe.
Página 116 - that he had been incarcerated in thirty-two prisons, in some of which he could not see his hand at noonday.
Página 325 - ... to dive into the depths of dungeons, to plunge into the infection of hospitals, to survey the mansions of sorrow and pain, to take the gauge and dimensions of misery, depression and contempt, to remember the forgotten, to attend to the neglected, to visit the forsaken, and to compare and collate the distresses of all men in all countries.
Página 61 - Sherman was a member of the convention which formed the constitution of the United States ; and he was chosen a representative from this State to the first Congress under this constitution.
Página 20 - B. c. 323, in the thirtythird year of his age, and the thirteenth of his reign. His remains were interred at Alexandria. The praise of valour, military genius, extensive views, a love of learning, and, occasionally, noble feelings, must be awarded to Alexander; but...
Página 167 - Peace, and some verses prefixed to her friend Miss Carter's Epictetus, were among her earliest printed efforts. In 1760 she married Mr. Chapone, but he was snatched from her by death in less than ten months.
Página 10 - Whoever wishes to attain an English style, familiar but not coarse, and elegant but not ostentatious, must give his days and nights to the volumes of Addison.
Página 59 - BADGER, Louis, a native of Lyons, has immortalized his memory by an heroic instance of fraternal affection. To save his brother, who had assisted in defending Lyons against the republicans, and who was consequently exposed to the penalty of death after the surrender, he assumed his name, and cheerfully suffered for him.

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